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Toronto FC TV kicks off new season


Toronto FC kicked off its third season in winning style, posting a 3-2 win vs. the Kansas City Wizards. The week also marked the season debut of Toronto FC TV, the team-produced TV show that is easily the best of its kind in MLS.

Even if you aren't a Toronto FC fan, you can appreciate the quality of the segments. And if you are a TFC fan? Then you'll be in heaven.

Here is the first episode of Toronto FC TV:

What did you think of the segment? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Stephen / Branden,

    While Gol did put together the broadcast we saw in Canada on Saturday night, they have zero involvement with TFC – TV.

    It is produced specifically for the team’s web site by the team’s shooter / editor. Gol has nothing at all to do with it. Zero.

    It’s all Claudio! No shooting or editing from Gol. None!


  2. No wonder TFC fans are so arrogant, they have excellent mgmt, great stadium, all they need now is a championship. I believe they are due in a few years.

  3. Ives,

    To be clear, I think it’s likely that there are a lot of fans and club FOs that feel they are caught in a catch 22. If their team is more successful first, than the atmosphere would improve during games second… but if the atmosphere improved during games first, than the team could be more successful second…

  4. That video was quality. It just makes me wonder why more teams in MLS cannot put together shows centered around the team. This is how fans become closer to their team and really get to know their players who work their butts off for 90 minutes.

  5. Ives,

    I think there are a lot of fans and club FOs looking at the success Toronto and Seattle have had and wondering what they can do to bring that level of success and attendance to their franchises.

    I know success breeds success and some organizations have better cultures than others, but I think there are a lot of people who are looking for some direction on how to make their clubs look more like Toronto and Seattle off the pitch.

    I think it would make a good piece.

  6. danny boy .. the sounders have a weekly show on Kiro i believe i watched it on last night at 10:30 .. which sucked because i was flipping back and forth between that and the unit.

  7. GOOD STUFF TFC! I hope Sounders get something like this. NOT COMPLAINING THOUGH! So far Sounders have done everything right, now all we need is a program like this and we shall make Timbers fans even more pissed off. Being the Corporate demons that we are!

  8. Since MLSE owns TFC, it’s probably done by the same team that does promos and work on LeafsTV and RaptorsTV, so they have had a lot of practice doing this. Since it’s the Leafs and Raptors we’re talking about, the guys in the television studios have had quite a few springs and summers to practice, and have been itching to do this for a real team.

  9. I love the fact that TFC cares about the team enough to put together quality squad/segments/coaching staff/manager/training gear/etc. etc.

    I hate the fact that NYRB is a “team” if I can call them that, who does NONE of these things. I just hope someday that I can see a team on the pitch that tries as hard as TFC/KC/SFC/DCU/FIRE/CHIVASUSA/RAPIDS/CREW/FCD/DYNAMO/LAG/REVS/RSL/EARTHQUAKES do (And yes RBNY i listed EVERY other team!!!!)

    Do the Red Bulls even care about what is going on in the league, or any blog that mentions their name, or is it just as much no quality bull**** as they have put onto the field so far, There needs to be something done to revamp this team, not by RBNY (couldn’t do it even if they wanted to) but by MLS.

    Garber please take the whole staff and get some people who care, there are soccer fans in NY!!

    At least I can watch the other MLS games and see a football match!

  10. now tfc just needs to get rid of chad barrett…did anyone see his first shot on goal in that game? my word…i guess he is probably a cheap roster spot though, so i guess it works.

  11. I just started watching it this year and I knew about it, but for some reason I just assumed it would be crappy. But now I find myself watching every episode, it is truly very informative and quite entertaining.

  12. I am looking forward to the TFC vs SSFC battle in two weeks. There seems to be much discussion on who is cooler and that should be a good on the field battle. First road game for SSFC and first home game for TFC.

  13. I’ve gotta give props to them for putting that together. It’s a great watch and I commend their development of the MLS brand.

  14. Justin TFC, you are way way off. GolTV has nothing to do with TFC TV, absolutely nothing. It is produced for the team by the team’s videographer/editor … all by himself!

  15. justin:

    TFC didn’t partner with GOLTV, MLSE bought GolTV, but, they were making show segments with this production quality before the purchase last year and the year before. MLSE has Leafs TV and Raptors TV, they know how to produce television segments, now if they could get rid of those player profiles during the matches they show….

  16. Absolutely great production! its even better than what puts on via extra time with shep messing….

    Keep up the great work Toronto!! Hopefully you win a supporters sheild you deserve it!!

  17. It helps ALOT when the segments are being produced by GOL TV in Canada.

    TFC partnered with them in the off-season and THEY are putting the segments together – NOT the team itself.

    If EVERY team partnered with a fledgling TV network, they’d likely have good segments as well.

  18. all i can say is wow and hats off to tfc. I’m tired of people saying toronto and seattle are just great soccer markets and that is why they draw so well in the fan department. The real reason is they care about the fans they do things like this or scarving or marches down the street to draw the casual fans, on the flip side the coutnry’s largest market rarely gets over 15 or 16 thousand to games why you may ask, simple they don’t care. If you want a good laugh go to the mls team blogs on the side of this page and click the red bulls and watch some of the videos entitled “are you in” simply rediculous. They consist of a bunch of kids slow motion walking around new york in an attempt to get new fans to come to games. than you can read the comments of the fans that suggest great ideas as an alternative to this marketing blunder and what does red bulls reader blog do, they don’t even respond to our comments that they asked for so we have no idea if our input it being valued. Once again keep it up seattle, toronto, dc (although i despise them), LA (even though most of your fans are fakes) keep it so that maybe one day the red bulls management and marketing will wake up and finally get how to market a friggen team.

  19. So Ali-G was based on Rohan Ricketts. Who knew?

    BTW, if you haven’t been to the Three Lions Pub in Charleston, you should. It is, as the kids say (or used to), bomb-diggity.

  20. Make someone in the Sounders FO watch this and get their ass in gear to replace the piece of crap that is the locally produced Sounders Insider.

  21. I actually have to chime in again – it’s awesome that TFC is putting stuff up like this.

    But it makes me cringe, yet again, at what Red Bull does. Their “big” pre-season marketing is having 10 staffers wearing bulls horns go around NYC (on St. Patricks day?), and basically confusing people??

    And our Official Blog puts up very amateur videos of the team having a “dance off” or swimming in the pool?

    Someone needs to seriously revamp the Red Bulls relationship with the fans, both electronically and in person (they just let us know TODAY, via the blog, that players would be signing autographs at ESPNZone. Nice advance warning, guys).

    We keep hearing how Red Bull is an amazing organization. Let’s see it already.

    Again – huge kudos to TFC for doing it right.

  22. Remind me again why the USA’s largest city and biggest media market cant manage something liek this? Hell even Metro had the weekly show on MSG on Thursday nights. Wasnt as good production wise but it was something.


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