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UEFA Champions League: Your Running Commentary


The final four spots in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals will be decided today as some of Europe's best do battle in second-leg Round of 16 match-ups.

Manchester United plays host to Inter today in a crucial showdown at Old Trafford. The sides tied, 0-0 at the San Siro, meaning today's winner will advance. Barcelona will look to avoid the upset against a strong Lyon side that played a very good first-leg to go into the return meeting tied, 1-1. Arsenal and Roma clash in another EPL-Serie A battle.

Here is today's TV schedule for the Round of 16:

3:30pm– ESPN2/ESPN360- Inter Milan at Manchester United (first leg finished tied, 0-0)

3:30pm– ESPN Deportes/ESPN360- Lyon at Barcelona (first leg finished tied, 1-1)

3:45pm– Setanta USA/ESPN360- Arsenal at AS Roma (Arsenal won first leg, 1-0)

3:45pm– ESPN360- Atletico Madrid at FC Porto (first leg finished tied, 2-2)

If you will be watching today's matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. How great would it be for Clint to be on fire for the rest of the season and end up going to Liverpool on a transfer. He could step right into Kuyt’s role.

    You can’t tell me an American run club hasn’t thought about it, and Clint scored his first ever EPL goal against Liverpool. It would be fitting.

  2. Felix: Direct your gripe towards the other leagues, not at the one that is dominating.

    Italy is overrated, and even moreso this year now that AC has become second class to Inter.

    The Spanish clubs will still contend, but expect yet another all EPL final this year. The other leagues need to step up. Want to see lower quality teams winning? Watch the UEFA cup.

    Moving on – Dempsey was SICK for Fulham up top tonight. Hodgson has a dilemma on his hands because at this point Clint is his most dynamic midfielder AND his best striker. Clint will be climbing up the ladder for sure after his stint at Fulham. The goal was fantastic, but he also set up at least 3 should-have-been goals with brilliant passes.

  3. With all 4 English clubs getting through, this competition has gotten real boring to me this year. If I want to see the Big Four dominate, I’ll watch FSC or Setanta on the weekends, to have to watch it now in the CL is monotonous.
    I accept that the Premier League is the top in the world right now with the massive loot coming in from their TV deals, but I don’t have to watch it.

  4. As an Aston Villa fan, I’m happy to see Arsenal through to the next round. We need all the help we can get to stay in fourth spot.

  5. McBride’s best league season was 05-06. Had 10goals in 36 matches.

    For 06-07 he had 9 league goals and 3 cup goals in 39matches in all competitions.

    Dempsey isn’t a striker but he had 1 goal in 10matches his first season. 6 goals on 36matches, but 18 of those was as a striker in the first half of the season. And so far has 5 goals in 22 appearances. Not bad

  6. Liverpool will smash any club outside of Man and Barca. I rather have Liverpool beat Barca or Man U in the finals for GLORY.

  7. and Arsenal are through. Serie A crashes out in the quarters.

    so what do we have left?

    4 english clubs
    2 spanish clubs (although if you called Barca spanish they would not be happy, same league though)
    1 Portuguese club
    1 German club.

    who will get the draw of death? nightmare draws for the tournament would include any two of Bayern, ManU, Liverpool, Barca. statistically, two of those teams will likely meet. although i bet UEFA is pulling for two all-english ties.

  8. So, I just got home from work and, my DVR says “UEFA Champions League” but, for some reason, I’m watching “The worlds strongest man”. The icing on a fantastic day.

  9. Spain has guys like Torres and Villa and Guiza and Llorente for their WC ambitions.

    England has Rooney, Agbonlahor, Crouch, Defoe and Heskey.

    We only have Donovan and Altidore who are match fit. Though Altidore doesnt get regular PT. And we have Ching who is good for CONCACAF, but nowhere near WC level. EJ is a possible standby if he can start scoring again. Charlie Davies is at best a super-sub. Cooper is a big target man but needs to work on his touch. We got time to get them all ready though.

  10. Dempsey has 5 league goals and 1 in the FA Cup for a total of 6. Dempsey has missed 2 or 3 games and quite a few he came on with less than 15mins to play. He’s a better striker for Fulham than AJ.

    AJ has 6 leagues goals and 3 in the FA Cup for a total of 9. AJ has missed just 4 games this season i believe.

    AJ has 6 league goals in 24 appearances. That’s McBride numbers. But AJ is faster and a better eye for goal but just can’t score. £10.5million for a 8goal a season striker is shite.

  11. “Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney!… Stick one in for England, Wayne Rooney!”

    What a cross! United were in control from the start. OT is a goddam fortress!

  12. Is Dempsey underrated or overrated? I hear occasional positive things from commentators or fans on his play but it seems as if his brace against Chelsea went unnoticed? Or his goal off the bench against Portsmouth back in October that saved Fulham from defeat.

    I believe he should be parterned up top with AJ every game. Zamora is shite. EJ is faster and just as bad, but draws more attention from the defenders. Dempsey easily gets several shots on goal every game.

  13. Good day for Dempsey and USMNT….not so good for Fulham…

    Lets hope Dempsey is getting the recognition he deserves for playing well and being second on the team in scoring, after spending much of the first half of the season on the bench and not playing as striker like you expect most top scorers to.

  14. Remember that brace against Chelsea on Dec28th. Those were beautiful. I look forward to when Dempsey hits a brace again or a hat-trick. Would be f¤ckin awesome.

  15. curly Neale (Ronaldo)…does it again!!!

    wooop! Wooop! Wooop!….watch me dribble the ball…give me a break!

    Good Luck Manu!

  16. Fulham clear a corner and it’s headed back in by Tugay and Samba heads it across goal and Diouf scores with a tap-in at the far post! He was offside! But the ref allows it! He was around five yards behind the last defender when the initial header went in! That was the same phase of play so still offside. Maybe I missed something but that is a poor decision in my book.

  17. Julio Cesar deserves a massive raise. against your average mortal keeper, this is 5-0 or 6-0.

    so where’s the Special One next season?


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