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Vancouver to be introduced as 17th MLS team


Two weeks after being identified as the new front-runner for MLS expansion, the Canadian city of Vancouver has been awarded a franchise that will become the 17th team in Major League Soccer.

MLS officials are in Vancouver this morning for the announcement, which is set for 1pm ET.

Vancouver has edged out remaining finalists Portland, St. Louis and Ottawa for one of the two 2011 expansion berths expected to be awarded. Portland and St. Louis are the favorites for the remaining bid, with various reports identifying Portland as the favorite to join Vancouver.

You can follow today's expansion announcement here.

What do you think of Vancouver being chosen? Who are you hoping is the second expansion team for 2011?

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  1. Ulrich


    You are telling us what our labour laws are, and are actually saying that the laws allow any member of the “British Commonwealth” to work anywhere in the commonwealth?

    You have just proved you don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

  2. Seriously, Scott. Without Toronto’s example, Seattle might never have happened like it did (and Vancouver and Portland likely will).

    To everyone balking at the possibility of three Northwest teams: get a grip. Seeing what we’ve built in Seattle has left our neighbors salivating at the prospect of having one of their own. In whichever year the Timbers and Whitecaps begin MLS play, the NW will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in ticket sales.

  3. @ Xander Crews
    I was going to say that some of the things you said took away your credibility about other things you said. But then I realized that every single thing you said was BS and that’s just you apparently. Check back in 10 years…I guarantee those three times will not only be present but thriving. They’re not even that close. Do you realize how many teams are in London?
    Blah blah about MLS. If it was truly bad, people wouldn’t feel the need to bash it. It’s kind of entertaining
    And your comments about Canada are 101% stupid. Can’t we all help each other? We started the league, and Toronto helped show us how to support a team. It’s all good


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