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Woe is Me-xico: Another ‘El Tri’ team loses

MexicoLoses (AP)

What is going on with the state of Mexican national team soccer?

A year ago, the Mexicans failed to qualify for the Olympics, which led to the firing of Hugo Sanchez.

This past fall and into this winter, the Mexican senior national team has hit a rut, going winless in four straight World Cup qualifiers and barely surviving past the second round to reach the CONCACAF Hexagonal.

And now? The Mexican Under-20 national team saw its hopes of qualifying for the Under-20 World Cup ended on Monday at the hands of Canada. Mexico lost, 2-0, to go 0-2 for the tournament, ending 'El Tri's' chances of winning a spot in the U-20 World Cup.

Dos a Cero: It's not just for the U.S. national team against Mexico anymore.

What in the name if Cuauhtemoc Blanco is going on here?

Are you concerned for the state of Mexican soccer? Ready to send some coaches down there to help straighten things out and show them the way? Will another CONCACAF nation step up to fill the void left by the fading former power? (and yes, this is mostly sarcasm, but still).

Share your thoughts below.


  1. It’s no less than what they deserve for chanting “Osama” when they eliminated us from the Olympics. Now, it sucked being eliminated… especially by them, but that s**t went way beyond crossing the line. Say what you want about my mother, throw batteries/ bags of piss, and burn effigy’s of our players. I understand that, but what they did was ignorant and classless. I don’t want to go as far as saying that that incident epitomizes all of them but I have a hard time not feeling that way. Anyone who can do that doesn’t deserve to be on this planet. Failing to qualify is, as has been mentioned before, karma. I try my best to respect El Tri but their and their fans’ behavior makes that a challenge.

    That said, I’m as tired of listening to arrogant Euros as the next guy and I do want a strong CONCACAF. I believe that a strong Mexico team is part of that… although a strong everybody else BUT Mexico, however unrealistic, would be nice.

  2. I LUV IT!

    Mexico still has the better individual players over the US. But as a team, they don’t have it anymore.

    They need a renaissance.

  3. I know why Mexican soccer sucks. The reason is that they always make excuses when they lose (“the field was too bumpy, etc.) instead of taking it like men and trying to figure out what went wrong and working harder. A team or a person that blames their faults on other people are bound to fail.

  4. I really think that Mexico as a country has more problems than losing soccer games. I hope they can get things under control down there. Mexico is a lot closer than Columbia.

    Chris Tucker,

    What a horrible thing to post. I would never wish any of what you said on anyone. Shame on you, sir.

  5. Mexico is fine, they are in a down point. the fmf do import to many players to the fmf but the only way to show that the mls is better is to have L.D. go down there and score 20 gols. that would wake them up

  6. Mexico’s league has too many imports, which weakens the domestic pool, and their players don’t have the same tradition in Europe, except for H. Sancez. Both Mexico and the US need caps in order to develop top quality pools for their selecciones. Both leagues are too much about money.

  7. This isn’t good

    I have no connections to Mexico, but I root for them all the time UNLESS they are playing the US. These are our neighbors to the south and in that sense we are forever linked to one another. What’s good for Mexico is good for the US, and vice versa.

    Unless of course they are playing us, then I want to kick their ass b/c they act like little b!tches

  8. Valentine, recent results would suggest that if the USA is mediocre as you say, Mexico is, what, way below mediocre? It would appear so

  9. How does a struggling Mexico hurt CONCACAF? This simply means other teams are getting better and CONCACAF is getting more competetive.

  10. Ha if they send Bruce to Mexico, they’ll come in last place like the US. They would hang Bruce for that, but it’s the norm for the US to come in last anyways.

    Man you Americans have become as arrogant as the Mexicans, can’t wait to laugh in you faces when this happens to you.

    By the way, the US golden generation, how are they doing? Seems like once they turn 19 the mediocre train hits them. The US has some development problems and you all know this but keep ignoring it.

    Also, I laugh at how hard you guys get seeing Mexico suffer, when your team is just as mediocre. Is being mediocre become an American standard? It would appear so.

  11. Love it
    And I don’t really agree that the US needs Mexico to be strong for our own success, like Greg Lalas argued here
    I have no problem with Canada or a Central American country supplanting Mexico as a power
    In all seriousness though, I do not see Mexico getting weaker. They have a fairly developed country, with a big population, which is crazy about soccer. They’ll be fine…this rivalry would never fade

  12. Mexico has dug its on grave. I know the US needs a strong CONCACAF. But seriously, is that happening? No! I can’t get over that fact that we get 3.5 spots for the World Cup. How bad is the rest of the world for that to happen.

    Mexico will get it together, they always do. So will Costa Rica, whichever other team steps up this year.

  13. This is a blip. The generation before this is better than what the US has and that includes jozy and adu. Now that mexican players are playing and doing well in europe i actually expect a re-surgance in time for 2010 and most definitely in time for 2014.

    We’ll have to see what the generation after this does to really pass any judgement.

  14. I think the FMF would rather never qualify for the World Cup again than be forced to turn to an American coach to ‘save’ them.


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