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Afternoon Ticker: Ribery gives Bayern ultimatum, Hill heads to Portugal and Spector discusses injury

Franck Ribery (AP)



Days after head coach Juergen Klinsmann was relieved of his coaching duties, Franck Ribery has warned Bayern Munich that he too could leave the German club if they fail to qualify for next season's Champions League.

"It would be difficult for me to stay if we do not reach this goal," Ribery told French sports daily L'Equipe. "It is why the club must, at all cost, finish at least in second place."

Ribery, who has scored seven goals and tallied six assists this season, has been linked with moves to Barcelona and Manchester United, both of which played in yesterday's Champions League semifinals.

Ribery and Bayern Munich currently stand in third place in the German Bundesliga and host relegation-threatened Borussia Moenchengladbach this Saturday.

Here are some other stories to get you through the rest of the day:

Hill heads to Portugal

Former UCLA standout Kamani Hill is currently on trial with Portuguese club Vitoria de Guimaraes.

Hill, who is currently under contract with Bundesliga side VfL Wolfsburg, joined the club on Monday for an extended trial and is hoping he can land a spot with the club that finished third in the Portuguese last season.

Spector discusses latest injury

After missing several weeks of action due to a concussion he suffered in a league match against Sunderland, Jonathan Spector spoke with West Ham United's website on Wednesday to discuss the horrid events that transpired after being stretchered off the field.

Spector goes in depth about his injury – even mentioning that he swallowed his tongue which in turn blocked his airway - and credits his speedy recovery to West Ham's medical staff.


Do you see RIbery leaving Bayern Munich regardless of if they qualify for the Champions League? Is Kamani Hill still on your U.S. Soccer radar? Hoping Spector gets called into the U.S. camp next month?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Actually, TK, Hill played extensively in Olympics qualifying and the Toulon tournament last summer.

    He showed an ability to play anywhere on the field, and while not dazzling by any stretch, showed SOME composure and creativity, skills that the National team lacks.

    At his age, and with an expanded role on a decent team he could develop.

    I don’t know exactly how often you saw in Germany, but he looked capable (at the least) while playing with his peers.

  2. TK,

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t really concentrate on what you were talking about because I was too busy thinking about how big a douche you are. No one cares kid.

  3. I hope Hill can make it Portugal. I’ve often wondered if some of our younger players would be better off playing in places like Portugal or Spain rather than Germany or England. Sounds like Alex Costa thinks Hill is one such player. I think Hill is off the radar of the US for now, but if he can make it at a top club in Portugal, I think he deserves another look…

  4. The story on Spector was amazing.

    I’ve only ever had a very minor concussion, but knew there was a risk of slipping into a coma. I never knew there were other serious dangers like swallowing your tongue involved.

    I really like Spector, he is my favorite defensive player behind Super-Frank on the MNT. I hope he stays with the big London club and gets back into the starting XI. I also hope to see him on both the Confed. Cup and Gold Cup rosters. We need him next year in South Africa in full fitness. His injuries lately have been devastating, but for him to get back on to the bench in 3 weeks after that collision is impressive.

    Spector was born in Chicago, but you can hear he talks like a Briton even through reading the article, without the accent obviously. I’m feeling a Spector appearance in front of his home crowd against Honduras June 6th.

    I also hope Hill continues to improve and hopefully gives the MNT some depth up top.

  5. Hill and the Nats. LOL.

    Never ceases to amaze the cluelessness/desperation of US fans.

    We know little about him, he never plays anywhere as a pro, but he must be quality.

    The stupidity factor is staggering. Just like those who worship lower league English Yanks who are fatally flawed.

    Skill/evaluation ability is still not a US fan strength. That is for certian. Unreal.

    I’ve seen Hill in Germany. Only MLS expansion gets him a job. Not a very good player. Some of the desperate/clueless/insecure US fans need toget a clue, and grow a pair mentally.

    We have much better players in MLS performing who most wouldn’t consider Nat material. A guy with zero track record is considered because he sucks in Europe. Wonderfull.

  6. After seeing the picture I was sure the ultimatum was going to be for Bayern to take him to a good dentist…or else

  7. Ribery is not winning any beauty contests for sure. I did not know the story about his accident, or that he was a muslim. I appreciate the post. I love to watch him play as much as any player. Brilliant, skillful, quick, speedy, often unpredictable. As noted in a previous post, He does try to do too much on his own.

    By the way, do not kid yourself. Landon D. is good enough to play for and impact any team in the world if he is used properly. It seems like it is kinda cool to bash LD, and I am not particularly a fan, but I do recognize that he has world class ability.

    Would not be surprised if Ribery left. Sort of unprofessional/immature to threaten to “take my ball and leave”! Better ways to motivate the team w/o sounding elitist!

    I would like to see Spector get healthy long enough for him to get some substantial minutes with MNT and regular play w/club!

  8. Serie A is boring and are all divers, Kamani Hill’s national team career is over at 23, we have some real geniuses here today.

  9. “When Ribéry was two years old, he and his family were involved in an automobile accident in Boulogne-sur-Mer after colliding with a truck. Ribéry suffered serious facial injuries that resulted in over one hundred stitches and left two long scars down the right side of his face.

    His wife, Wahiba, is a French national of Algerian descent, and the couple have two daughters, Hizya and Shakinez. Ribéry is a convert to Islam.”

    Who knew Ribéry was a muslim?

  10. First thing, Donovan was irrelavant with Bayern for a reason, not good enough. Ribery tries to do too much by himself on the field sometimes. They need to get rid of Toni once and for all. He’s not Bayerns type of striker. They’ll rebound nicely and make the ChampLeag. Ribery will be gone after this year and they’ll probably be better off after all is said and done.

  11. god, he really is one hella ugly and hella talented bastich ,that ribery.

    im sure he still gets more perfect 10 ladies than anyone here will ever see, so i guess its gods way of being fair.

  12. “he acts like its the board out there playing these games instead of he and his teammates. ” But that’s his point. The board is playing games. They played them with Klinnsmen over Donavan, and now Klinsman is gone at a precipitous time in the season. I think he’s probably frustrated with the meddling.

  13. If Kamani Hill gets consistent playing in the Portuguese Superliga, whether as a forward or right back, I just don’t see how he would not be an option for the National Team. Frankly, if and when Hill signs with Vitoria, I would be as pleasantly surprised by that move as I had ever been involving an American player outside of maybe when Arguez signed with Hertha and Hill himself signed with Wolfsburg.

  14. Absolutely want to see Spector playing for the MNT this summer. I think we could use him in any of the back line positions.

  15. Kamani Hills Nats Days are over!!I can’t beleive Ribery’s ultimatum he acts like its the board out there playing these games instead of he and his teammates. absolutley ridiculous. I don’t think any bayern player can make ultimatums the way they lost to barcelona.

  16. Sounds like a scary experince for Spector but a quick recovery which is good. We really could use him being healty and getting some playing time this summer to see if he can be a part of the 2010 backline. I think if he is healty he would make the team but we really need to see how he fits in.

  17. Serie A football is definitely not boring, quite the opposite in fact. I’m interested to see how this plays out. Kaiser, I’m sure you and I would both agree that the EPL and Bundesliga offer more pace to the game, but Italian teams get up and down the pitch.


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