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WPS Week 3: A Look Back

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Great play and key match-ups made for an incredible third week of WPS competition. As Boston edged out St. Louis 2-0, Washington against Chicago and Jersey at the Bay Area both ended in a 1-1 draw.

These tied results mark the first stalemates of the season and produced some intriguing drama along the way.

After a red card left Chicago down for much of the second half, a strong defensive effort kept the Red Stars from conceding to an impressive Freedom attack. Then, in battle back from behind, Sky Blue FC made a second half effort to meet the challenge of FC Gold Pride.

In case you missed the action, here are some highlights:

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The league and FSC definitely chose the best game to televise this week.

For starters, both teams really maintained quality possession and created some spectacular opportunities.

The Red Stars’ Lindsay Tarpley goal caught everyone by surprise when a Chicago midfielder completely sold the dummy for Tarpley to get in behind. At best, most fans were expecting a touch end line and a cross into the box. Instead, Tarpley struck it first-time from an impossible angle.

Tarpley has done well to give Chicago the advantage in both games. After finishing the first half this week, the Red Stars maintained a 1-0 edge over the Freedom.

Almost 10 minutes into the second half, Sonia Bompastor took a set piece and found Becky Sauerbrunn’s head for the finish. At that point, the momentum shifted in Washington’s favor. Now tied at 1-1, play went back and forth until a red card put Chicago a player down.

Frida Ostberg was charged with a yellow early in the second half and then found herself in a must-foul situation against Washington’s Lisa De Vana. When a player is obviously beat, makes no attempt on the ball and then clotheslines the opposition, the call is automatic.

In Ostberg’s defense, Ifeoma Dieke (the nearest centerback) is not in a position to cover her overcommitted outside back. By stopping the play, Ostberg prevents a more dangerous scenario from developing closer to goal. After analyzing the replay, the foul was probably necessary and it warrants the penalty. The back-line should have made the shift that would give the center back (Dieke) a chance to get there and the outside back (Ostberg) a chance to recover back into her line.

Although this match-up ended in a tie, it proved exactly what it needed to prove. The Washington Freedom had a poor showing in the league opener and is a much better team than first advertised. It took a bye week to work the kinks out but this team is starting to play great soccer. As for Chicago, the Red Stars are still one of the best teams up to this point. They’ve scored first in two consecutive games and held off an attacking powerhouse for nearly three quarters of the second half. If someone other than Tarpley can score some goals, they may finish in the top three. Washington deserved the victory in this one but, but Chicago played well enough to keep the draw.

In the only match-up that did come away with a clear winner, both the Boston Breakers and St. Louis Athletica came into the game with a season opening loss and a great deal to prove. DayPortPlayer.newPlayer({articleID:"5312",playerInstanceID:"FA4BADDF-1121-2521-A713-8B4A46F1280D",fileTypeID:"7",domain:"",rootCategory:"23",categoryID:"3"});

For much of the first half, St. Louis had more dangerous scoring opportunities but could not capitalize and score. Tied at zero after the first, Boston found its rhythm and owned the second half.

As predicted, the Breakers made the right move in starting Kelly Smith who contributed to both goals in a 2-0 win over St. Louis. She scored the first goal in the 53rd and then had some great combination play to assist Kristine Lily’s first goal of the season.

In the match-up of FCGP (Bay Area) and SBFC (NJ), play went back and forth and remained level for most of the first half. FCGP scored in the 33rd off of a corner and held the 1-0 advantage at the half. As play progressed in the second half, SBFC finally found its stride when Heather O’Reilly netted Jersey’s first goal of the season in the 76th minute.

From a weekend where teams showed signs of coming into their own, here’s a breakdown of how the seven teams in WPS stack up after three weeks of action:


1. LA Sol (2-0)

Boasting a perfect record, which includes having yet to allow a goal, the Sol deserve the top spot.

2. Chicago Red Stars (1-0-1)

The Red Stars attack teams rights out of the gate and have scored first in both games. Not to mention, they held a strong Freedom team to a 1-1 tie with only 10 players and have yet to play at home.

3. FC Gold Pride (1-0-1)

FCGP defeated Boston in the season opener on two great run of play goals. Arakawa and Wiemer up top are constantly around the ball and create dangerous plays in the attacking third. FCGP also has Buehler to hold down the back-line as an enforcer and as an experienced USWNT player. It will be interesting to see how this team matches up against Chicago and Washington. 

4. Washington Freedom (0-1-1)

The bye week gave this team a chance to become more comfortable offensively and utilize every player up top and in the midfield. After playing two strong teams early on, the Freedom has faced more of a challenge than Boston and therefore earns a higher ranking.

5. Boston Breakers (1-1)

Though it was a decisive victory, the team is still coming into its own and hasn’t been tested by L.A., Chicago, or Washington. With Smith and Schmedes around the ball, goals will come consistently with some key play out of Lily. The shutout over St. Louis is noted, but a win against Chicago would better validate a higher position. (Chicago beat St. Louis in the season opener)

6. Sky Blue FC (1-1)

Taking the sixth spot, SBFC scored its first goal of the season this week and brought itself out of another losing scenario. It will take a decisive win to move this team any higher than fifth.

7. St. Louis Athletica (0-2)

After conceding all three goals all in the second half after somehow out-shooting the opposition, the Athletica should have at least one goal recorded.


What did you think of the action in Week Three? Agree or disagree with the rankings? Share your thoughts below.


  1. i speak for everyone when i say ‘i wish that diving header went in!’ it looked so right… awesome

    i’d luv to catch a game in the soccer-specific stadium Home Depot Center this weekend! FC Gold Pride v LA sol

    i’ll wait til May 24 to catch the game at Buck Shaw @my alma mater SCU! (santa clara)

    woo hoo

  2. Brokenbil: Yeah, I don’t think either team was really comfortable on the turf– a lot of errant passes and funny bounces were, IMO, the result of the surface rather than player mistakes.

    The second half was a treat for the home fans– Smith really is a lot of fun to watch, she likes to go on adventurous runs and try to hold off two or more defenders to create opportunities. Time will tell if that’s a lasting strategy. Lilly’s goal was an absolute laser beam from the top of the box.

    One thing that surprised me: Hope Solo played really, really high for St. Louis. Like, almost always at the top of the 18, and very aggressively coming out to claim and distribute the ball. Interesting to see, much more of a keeper/sweeper role than her more conservative play for the USWNT.

    I can’t wait for warmer weather. 5000 packed into what amounted to a freezing cinderblock for the opener. In June, the place is going to be a paradise full of fans. Hopefully we’ll see a few sellout crowds.

  3. I really enjoy watching Lindsay Tarpley! She went to HS very near me so I’ve been following her career forever, it’s really cool to see her do so well.

  4. oh and for sky blue Heather O’Reilly’s goal was the first for the whole corporation not only the season. Let’s go sky blue!

  5. I enjoyed the Breakers-Athletica game despite the cold, wet weather. I was surprised that the Harvard Stadium field was turf instead of grass. The ball really moved fast on that surface. Both teams struggled with the pace in the first half. Most through balls just sailed past the players and off the pitch. I think that ended up being the difference in this game. The Breakers controlled the ball better on their scoring chances in the second half.

  6. I appreciate the WPS coverage on this site. Unfortunately, I worry that the quality of the writing might be poor enough to not even merit use in a high school newspaper.

  7. I’m really glad the Freedom is starting to improve their game. They don’t look confused anymore. Abby and Bompastor have the potential to be a great goal-scoring duo. The crosses that Bompastor gives to Abby are ridonkulous. Now if Abby can fully recover from her injury and start scoring goals, the Freedom will be a dangerous team to beat.

    Next up for the Freedom – home game against the Boston Breakers on Saturday. Let’s see what you got Kelly Smith haha.

  8. While Chicago has not lost a game yet, I have been pretty unimpressed with their offense. They have so many attacking options on that team yet Tarpley seems to be the only one that can really get it going. Hopefully Christiane coming back will help out. On the other hand, their defense and goalkeeping have been better than I could have imagined so thats great.

  9. The best play of the Chi-Wash game was a magnificent running header by Abby Wambach in the second half, racing right into the box. Sadly, the keeper made the save.

  10. great goal by Tarpley and the WWE clothes line by Chicago makes for an interesting game. Keep up the good work ladies.

    Ives got my Mafia shirt last night. I love it.


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