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No April Fool’s joke this year

If you were waiting for us to hit you with an April Fool's Day joke today, we must apologize because it isn't going to happen.

We felt like it was only right to take this year off because we weren't able to come up with a better one than our April Fool's Joke from last year. In case you can't recall, the picture above might help you remember.

Since we weren't able to find the perfect combination of timing and believability for a story, we decided to pass this year, and leave it to others to try and pull off.

Did anyone get you this April Fool's Day? What was the best soccer-related April Fool's Day joke you heard today? Were you one of the people we got with last year's joke?

Shre your thoughts below.


  1. I thought that was the greatest April fool joke i ever saw in the soccer world….at least in th CONCACAF region…..This time last year when i saw that… heart raced, not even thinking that it was April fool’s day…..i was like….NO WAY….literally peed my pants laughing when it came out as a joke

  2. When my Dad called me telling me Bolivia destoryed Argentina 6-1, I thought it was April Fool’s joke. Haven’t heard my dad so happy since they qualified for USA ’94.

  3. In peru we have our “fool’s day” on december…

    one day before of that day was the final of the peruvian tournament… my team lost in penalties.. so one of my friends call me and told me that the game was cancel and have to play again because a problem with a couple of players… I was happy for 2 seconds.. and then …. I was a fool!!!

  4. ————–ching


    torres—john o’brien—bradley—dempsey



  5. Ives that was priceless last year. I think I was so mad and shocked that I both swore and pissed my pants at the same time. That was a classic

  6. My sister had a baby yesterday and didn’t name the baby until today. They told everybody the baby’s name was Brett Elway. As in George Brett/John Elway. Dad’s a big sports fan so we all bit hook line and sinker. They let it go for a couple hours before telling us the real name.

  7. Hey Chosun, I too am not a big fan of Donovan, and I also support Park on Man U, even though I am not that big a Man U fan. Park is my favorite Man U player though…

  8. oh come on get creative. I think all Red Bull fans would appreciate a joke such as ” Juan Pietrovala loaned out to Real Madrid or something like that……

  9. United States joining the Oceanic qualifying Group for WC 2014 to make it even easier to get to the World Cup.

    Sunil Gulati reasoned that “This has been brewing for quite a few hours after the El Salvador game in which our team’s lack of attacking strength was once again exposed by a Salvadoran U-16 amateur squad in the parking lot after the game with a goaless 0-0 draw”

  10. Weak sauce Ives, weak sauce.

    With Qualifiers all over the globe today and tonight, the possibilities were endless. I’m disappointed in you.

  11. This marks the 1 year anniversary of me visiting your site!

    I don’t post much, but i do visit the site multiple times a day and it always satisfies my soccer craving. Keep up the great work, Ives!

  12. Someone told me that in his last game, Frankie Hejduk had an assist, scored the game-tying goal, and used his left foot successfully. As if I could believe anything that insane.

  13. I was just talking about last year’s April Fools Day joke about Arena w/ my friend. We were both surprised not to see anything happen, so he started sending me fake links to the SBI site. For instance:

    He knows I’m not a big fan of Donovan or the Galaxy, and that I support Park at Man Utd. What an ass…

  14. G-mail claimed to have developed G-Mail Autopilot…an email service that answers your emails for you using past messages to “figure out” how youd respond.

    I didn’t get it was a joke, until I read that two email accounts with Autopilot engaged would write emails to each other.

    Then I laughed.


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