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World Cup Qualifying: Your Running Commentary

Lionel Messi (AP)

With all the world Cup qualifiers today, it only makes sense to have a post where folks can discuss all the action.

If you are watching today and tonight's World Cup qualifiers, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy all the action (Go to the jump for the schedule of today's matches):

Today's World Cup Qualifiers

  • Hungary v. Malta
  • Denmark v. Albania
  • Latvia v. Luxembourg
  • Switzerland v. Moldova
  • Greece v. Israel (4pm, Setanta USA-delayed)
  • Czech Republic v. Slovakia (2:30pm, FSC)
  • Northern Ireland v. Slovenia
  • Poland v. San Marino
  • Liectenstein v. Russia
  • Wales v. Germany (2:45pm, GolTV/ESPN360)
  • Estonia v. Armenia
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina v. Belgium
  • Turkey v. Spain (2pm, Setanta USA)
  • Kazakhstan v. Belarus
  • England v. Ukraine
  • Andorra v. Croatia
  • Austria v. Romania
  • France v. Lithuania (5:45pm, Setanta USA)
  • Bulgaria v. Cyprus
  • Italy v. Ireland (2:30pm, RAI)
  • Georgia v. Montenegro
  • Netherlands v. Macedonia (2:45pm, ESPN360)
  • Scotland v. Iceland (2:30pm, ESPN360)
  • Bolivia v. Argentina
  • Chile v. Uruguay
  • Ecuador v. Paraguay
  • Brazil v. Peru
  • United States v. Trinidad and Tobago (7:30pm, ESPN2/Galavision)
  • Costa Rica v. El Salvador
  • Honduras v. Mexico (9:30pm, Telemundo)
  • Australia v. Uzbekistan
  • Bahrain v. Qatar
  • South Korea v. Korea DPR (8pm, FSC-delayed)
  • Saudi Arabia v. United Arab Emirates


  1. Brillant club strikers but horrible for country.

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored 2 goals for sweden at euro2008, which were his first goals in nearly 2 years. that is atrocious. He can score 16goals a season in Italy but goes years without a goal for Sweden.

    Fernando torres is similiar. He has a ratio of 1 goal every 3 international matches which is pretty similar to most strikers playing for their country. But he is frustrating to watch for Spain. David Villa nearly scores on every attempt. Torres often comes close but screws up.

  2. I have Altidore, Donovan and Davies and Cooper. Most teams bring 5 strikers to the WC and i can see us following suit. Maybe EJ. He’s just like Ching but faster.

  3. Altidore is our star striker. Ching’s days are now over. He will be lucky if he even be on the bench for the WC. Cooper, Davies and EJ fighting him for a spot in the WC.

  4. Castillo has been embarassing since he came on. He could easily have been carded twice. The pk was a dive. His ok (which he straight refused to let pardo take) should have and would have been saved by the keeper if dude wasn’t injured. Castillo is a disgrace. Palacios owns him. Pavon and Costly own mexico’s defense. At this point I’m more worried about Honduras than el tri

  5. Honduras really roughing up Nery at 75 minutes, playing to his temper. Just scored again 3-0. Getting Mexico worried about fouls is pasying dividends.

    PS. Honduras are thugs.

  6. 6-1!!! No way in hell can you blame that on the altitude. The game could have been played on Himalayas, and it wouldn’t have made a difference. Bolivia outplayed Argentina, and Maradona just did a horrible coaching job.

    Furthermore, Maradona shouldn’t even think of blaming the altitude, especially because against the ban by FIFA. To the point where he agreed to play alongside the Bolivian president in an exhibition match in an even higher elevation that La Paz.

    Argentina just choked, that’s all.

    GO USA!!!!

  7. Half time at Honduras, Hon 2 Mex 0.
    Honduras is a very physical club, borderline thugs. Coach Bradley will need his heavy hitters, those who can take and give back, Frankie, Gooch, and Pablo.


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