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Moreno named MLS Player of the Week

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Just when you think Jaime Moreno is slowing down, he steps up and delivers a performance like the one on Saturday.

Moreno scored both goals in D.C. United's 2-1 comeback victory against FC Dallas, upping his league-record career total to 124. The brace helped earn Moreno MLS Player of the Week honors. It is the seventh time in his career that Moreno has won that prize.

In case you missed Moreno's brace, here it is:

What did you think of Moreno's performance on Saturday? Starting to believe that D.C. United is for real? Can Moreno and Ben Olsen lead D.C. to a fifth MLS Cup title?

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  1. I would’ve considered it justified if either goal had been scored while defenders were on the field.

    What? What’s what you say? Dallas’s central defense WAS on the field for those plays? Really?

    Well, I’ll be.

  2. Pure class!

    btw, the Dallas goalkeeper made a good number of excellent reaction saves during the game. Moreno only made him look weak…

  3. Well done, Jaime — pure class!

    > Can Moreno and Ben Olsen lead D.C. to a fifth MLS Cup title?

    Yes, but not alone. Through these classy moments, Ben’s work ethic, etc. these guys can teach and inspire. But ultimately it’s up to the new kids to carry the team forward. So far, so good!

  4. Giving anyone a “player of the week” award for their performance against Dallas is like giving Michael Phelps a gold medal for competing in the special Olympics.

  5. The scary thing was he scored in the run of play on speed runs like the Moreno of 1998-99. I think if Soehn can manage Jaime’s minutes and Jaime understands he can’t go 90 minutes for 40 games this year, Jaime will keep on trucking.

  6. Good for him, but really those were confident, professional finishes created by the excellent passes to set him up. It was good stuff – and lord I wish the Quakes had some of that – but not spectacular. Nonetheless, I’m happy for him.


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