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Obama discusses American Soccer and a USA World Cup

You have read about U.S. president Barack Obama's support of soccer and for a USA World Cup bid. Now you can see him discussing the beautiful game, as well as a potential USA World Cup, courtesy of Univision (via U.S. Soccer):

What do you think of Obama's comments? Starting to think he's serious about backing a U.S. World Cup bid? Will we see him at any World Cup qualifiers this year?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Is it possible for Obama to serve his two terms in DC then you know…maybe run for PM in Canada? lol. I have such a man crush on this dude. (no homo)

  2. Torture, according to the United Nations Convention Against Torture, is: “any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him, or a third person, information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity. It does not include pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in, or incidental to, lawful sanctions.”

    What we did (whatever you call it) was torture and should be investigated.

  3. SS-it’s not real waterboarding analyze that. good pts. aristotle, the mere mention of “the right” makes “the left” defensive, if the right are such ninkompoops why the vitriol?

  4. Hannity said he’d undergo waterboarding for charity. Olberman offered $1000 a second for Iraq war families victims. Hannity has not responded.

    I’m going to analyze words here. The argument made by aristotle is not wrong, but insufficient. “They” are being accused of accusing others. Is that me? Is that Chavez? Is that Obama? Who are “they”? Are you afraid of my liberal Grandma taking away your freedom of speech, Obama or a lefty like Specter? Who are “they”?

    This is like when bad reporters (FOX) use “some people say”. If the reporter says “some people say that the world is made of cheese” then he’s right, because the reporter is saying it. It’s a trick used by reporters who are either lazy or can’t factually back up their story.

    I think you have a good argument in there, aristotle, but please clarify. When you use “they”, “left” or slang (“haters”) your argument gets muddled.

    For the record “I” (as in sammysounder) hate nobody. I’m the guy trying to stop the killing and torture.

  5. Given Obama’s tendency to want to make us all one world nation, so to speak, it’s not surprising to see him talking about soccer. Whether he likes it or not I don’t know, but it’s politically savvy to show an interest in soccer if you want world wide popularity. If he shows himself to be a fan I wonder how that will be reconciled with so many soccer haters here in the U.S. that must also be fans of Obama?

    Since everyone’s doing it, I’ll foolishly join in too!

    Is it possible to not be right or left?

    Looking through the posts it would seem, as is quite often the case, that the “left” won the “hate” contest. Which is odd because they are always accusing others of hate where there is none. I have to say I’m FAR more concerned about the “left” infringing on freedom of speech than I am with the so called torture. Who volunteers for “torture?” A LOT of reporters and the military were waterboarded. How many people would volunteer for the real torture that American POW’s suffered during WWII? I also noticed that the “left” tend towards calling everyone who disagrees with them, or disagrees with Obama, a “a hater”. The posts here started out with “left wing” posters “hating” by “hating” “right wingers” before they even posted. It would seem the “left” has changed the meaning of many words just to suit them and their agenda. Conservative, racist, hate, diversity, torture, and many more words now have new meanings to help the “left” “hate” more. Saddest of all though, is the fact that there cannot be any other category other than left or right. I guess we all have to know who to hate.

  6. i’m sure that debate is pure genius.big difference between the waterboarding done by the asians and “our technique”. They would fill the stomachs of the person being questioned with seawater then stomp on the person …the water came out, along with their stomach,entrails, and anything else along the way. they didn’t really worry about an answer, they already knew it, then they died. now that’s torture. Last time i checked, all of our prize prisoners are still recieving three squares a day.
    as for football you sounders will have a field day on that central defense(used lightly)of the galaxians

  7. I like arguing though 😉

    I have family Eastern Washington, which is very conservative. FOX News and Limbaugh are the norm and they’re still amazed when they meet an actual Democrat.

    I argue with my father-in-law, just so my brother-in-law can see that there’s people out there who disagree aren’t necessarily the unpatriotic, communist, kool-aid drinking characature painted by Tommy, FOX and the party of Limbaugh. aka, maybe Tommy won’t change his mind, but he’s not the only one reading Ives.

    Thanks for the book recommendation Blasito, I’ll check that out.

  8. I thought his criticism of the failure of MLS to become a top tier league was interesting. It is clear he loves the sport and hopes that the US can host the games again soon. Maybe he can be pressured into helping the league out in other ways. It would be great to see him take the kids to a game or two this summer.

    I enjoyed Mr Foer’s book too, sammysounder, and also highly recommend ‘Soccer in Sun and Shadow” by Eduardo Galeano.

    It’s sad to see so much hatred for a president who has tried so hard to bring this country together and work constructively towards the common goals that we all share. I assume if you are posting here it is for your love of the game. He said he wanted to help improve it. I was thrilled when GHW Bush went to those games, and love that Henry Kissinger is still out there stumping for the game, and I HATE both of them. So take a deep breath, hold two opposing ideas in your head at the same time, and focus on how great it will be next year when OUR president can congratulate OUR national team on a job well done at WC South Africa!

  9. It kinda sounds like Obama is unaware that the United States has hosted a World Cup.

    He’s a shrewd guy and one of his main agendas has been to repair the USA’s image on the global level. The “commoner” doesn’t want apologies or smugness, they want relatability.

    Obama is cool. You hear that Europe, Asia, and everwhere else… He likes football. Now like us and help us pay off our debts by buying our old weapons.

  10. Tommy H, if you know nothing, say nothing. Sammy Sounder you’re wasting your time with wingnuts twats like this. Bush wrecked the country, their God of the Marketplace is dead as a smoked Oyster, and it will take generations to fix their incompetence in all things. I’m amazed so many dead enders, the 22%, are football fans.

  11. I am a proud right-winger who is equally as proud a soccer/futbol fanatic-and think this guy will prove to be a disaster of a president.

    Having said that-if he makes a difference in bringing one more World Cup to the USA, I’ll be his biggest supporter (on that issue only!)

  12. Joey L.,

    President O is no busier than any other president has been. He has probably traveled more than the usual president this early in the tenure, but he’s not a hands-on, detail-oriented guy either. Never has been, even by his own admission in his books. He’s more of a presenter of ideas and a relationship-maker, while Rahm Emanuel (and others) handle the details and the ideology. Perhaps that’s how things should be at that level.

    If he wants to attend a qualifier, he can do so without bringing the country to a halt. He probably won’t though, because it might convey the image that he’s being cavalier about the statist-created economic crisis.

    I remember seeing Obama before a debate in Time. He was kicking a ball against the wall when he had about 25 basketballs sitting there and one soccer ball available. He definitely didn’t look like he was very good, but when he got into a stressful situation he preferred the soccer ball.

    I think he’ll help, but I don’t think it’ll be a deciding factor. The question is how greedy FIFA is to capture the US market. Last time they came here, we got the MLS, what can we offer them next time?

    Tommy – I am promoting an investigation into whether or not international law was broken and bringing up other issues does not change the fact that Bush should be investigated. If I remember correctly, Clinton was investigated. I was young during the Clinton years.

    I did not want to bring that up because what happened to Clinton should have no bearing as to what happens to Bush. The arguments should not be muddled together.

    Finally, the days of comparing all liberals to Chavez and Castro and expecting America to buy it are over. I’m making an argument that there is reason to investigate what happened with regards to torture. It has nothing to do with Chavez or Castro.

    I’ve heard high ranking CIA members told the Bush administration waterboarding is torture. Don’t we deserve to find out?

    Who’s your squad by the way?

  14. It’s cool he’s a bit into soccer, but I don’t think you’ll see the new president attending any world cup qualifiers. He’s pretty much a work-o-holic who only stops for the Occasional (b-)ball game. He always looks super busy so I hope he can manage it all without blowing his top. The previous guy spent over two years at the ranch and camp David, but he wasn’t really a details kind of guy so I don’t think it mattered much.

  15. Personal bias aside, I’ll admit I was wrong and take back my statement of disappointment in the previous entry about his letter a few weeks back. I hope he keeps this up and adds the pressure on FIFA he’s uniquely capable of.

  16. Once again your very selective outrage speaks volumes. Let the show trials begin. Perhaps Castro and Chavez can lend their expertise.

  17. War crimes. I’ll say it again. This things not over and you will hear that phrase a lot more as time goes on.

    Can I add war of aggression to the list? War crimes.

  18. Of course you’re not talking about Pelosi or Clinton(D next to their names). Your outrage is very selective. Were you calling for the “rule of law” when a President committed perjury? Nah, didn’t think so. Get off your high horse, it’s partisan politics.
    War crimes??? Listen to yourself. This is Mai Lai or Malmedy? What a shame.

  19. (ignoring everything political)

    I think its great that we have a president who is promoting the sport and trying to make it larger, anybody who says George Bush cared anything about soccer is a liar.

  20. Rightwinger calls opposition unpatriotic. News at 11.

    I’m not talking about Clinton or Pelosi. I’m saying America deserves the truth. Torture is illegal and this should be in front of a jury.

    How’s this for non-partisan. Leadership of any country has a moral obligation to pursue war crimes of a previous administration.

    If he hampers an investigation than Obama could be an accessory as well.


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