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Onyewu’s Standard Liege repeats as Belgian champion

OguchiOnyewu (Reuters) 

Add U.S. national team defender Oguchi Onyewu to the list, with Glasgow Rangers' Maurice Edu and DaMarcus Beasley, of American players to win European league titles this season.

Onyewu and Standard Liege won the Belgian Jupiler League title after beating Anderlecth in a two-leg series after the team's finished the regular season tied in the standings. Standard Liege won the second leg of the series, 1-0, on Sunday to clinch the title, the club's second straight.

The victory caps a great run at Standard Liege for Onyewu, who heads into the summer a free agent who is all but certain to move on to a bigger league.

What do you think of Onyewu's second straight title? Where would you like to see him wind up?

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  1. That’s a great picture of him.

    Gooch can play in any European league. He is a good player. I hope he goes to either Italy or Spain, to work on his technical ability.

    The most important thing though is for him to play consistently for a club leading up to the World Cup.

  2. I am pretty scundered on the Gooch transfer/move story. I will laugh if he moves to a team which is relegation fodder or he is otherwise not an automatic 1st team selection.

    I am thinking that he is better off where he is. He is an automatic selection at Standard, he is winning championships and he will be playing in the CL next season. A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush!

  3. Why is that fan giving Onyewu a titie twister? I am pretty sure that is not some weird Belgian version of a handshake, but you can never be sure with those Belgians

  4. he should stay at standard. hes a hero there and they have 6+ CL games next season. why go to a relegation favorite where minutes are not assured?

  5. Standard qualifies directly for the group stages this year. They didn’t last year, but this year, with United and Barca already qualified automatically qualified for the CL next year as a result of being league champs, UEFA does not have to reserve an automatic qualification bid to next year’s CL for this year’s winner, thus freeing up an extra automatic bid to the group phases. Belgium was next league down in their coefficient table. So this year, the Belgian champs qualify automatically for the group phase.

    UEFA announced this earlier this week on their website, and if you read the comments of Standard’s coach on, he talks about this and how great it is that this year as champs they are already in the group phase. So while I still think Gooch needs to move to a bigger league (though I’m not crazy about him joining a newly promoted team in England), it’s kind of bummer that he’ll miss out on the Champions League experience, unless moves to Marseille or something.

  6. Love the Rick Ross beard. But he should really get himself over to a good team in France, like PSG or Marseille. The league fits his style, plus he would be in European competition.

  7. Actually, I think this year, the Belgian winner goes straight into the group stages. I remember seeing that at some point a couple of weeks ago.

    Wikipedia is my source at the moment (so take it with a grain of salt), but it does list Standard as being in the group stages.

  8. @ sonicdeathmonkey – Standard do still have to go through qualifying, which round they start in though I’m not sure.

    A move to a French team seems to make the most sense, to me at least. It’s a good step up in quality without being overwhelming, he speaks French, and it is physical league that suits his game.

    Germany could work too, but for some reason I just don’t see him making the move to England.

  9. Are you sure they get an automatic bid? They won the league last year and still had to qualify. Does anyone know?

  10. It’s time for Gooch to move on, but it’s a shame that he will be gone next year with Standard winning automatic qualification into the CL this time around.

  11. I would love to see him at Fulham. I think the rumor is that Birmingham is the Prem team most interested. I don’t think that would be good because Birmingham is destined to bounce back to the Cola-ship next year. It’ll be a one year thing. Better that he get on a team for a while and get better with the consistency.

    I think he’ll end up in France for one of the big teams like PSG, Marsaille, or Lyon.

  12. Everton have a long season again next year. Better for us if he works with Howard year-round.

    ‘Grats to Liege and Gooch. Good day for our Yanks.

  13. I am pretty sure Onyewu is smiling because he just spotted the 4 year old he is going to eat for dinner that night.

    ‘Cause that’s just how he rolls.

  14. If Brede Hangeland leaves Fulham, then I hope Oguchi slides in next to Hughes…
    Oguch to Fulham!
    Fulham onto Oguchi!
    We will need him in the Europa league….oooh, Brede and Oguchi side by side, or oguchi and another big transfer…ooooh. Hughes is an unsung hero, I do think he is capable of playing at a top level against next year, so oguchi to fulham if brede leaves… or oguchi to fulham and hughes to sub…lots of games next year… Ok

  15. good for him! that is great news. can’t wait to see where he ends up.

    ives, do you if there is an online video of tim howard’s interview?

  16. I love Belgium. My wife studied there for a year, and one of her host-brothers is an Anderlecht season ticket holder who will be absolutely GUTTED that Liege won again. Ha ha…I’m going to send him an e-mail right now.


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