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With a few days to catch up, Recommeded Reading comes to you chock full of stories, including entries related to Argentina, Mexico, the former Soviet republics, Greece, and more:

The Special One's "special" goal and celebration [The Beautiful Game]

Mexican player suspended for coughing at another player [New York Post]

Football Manager 2010 Wish List [Soccerlens]

Kansas City Wizards fan immortalized on Special1TV [Hillcrest Road]

Roundup of soccer leagues in the former Soviet republics [FourFourtwo]

Video highlights from a wild contest in the Greek Cup Final [Objectivo]

Brazilian cup celebration goes up in flames [Reuters] [Video]

An interview with Peppe Pinton – the current owner of the Cosmos brand [This Is American Soccer]

Ariel Ortega: The Anti-Messi [Mad About Futbol]

A look at youth soccer coaches and in-match communication techniques [Evansville Courier & Press]

Blind EPL fans find solace in commentating geared towards them [OleOle]

Why U.S. sports fans sit and European fans stand [Wall Street Journal]

Happy to see more coverage of some obscure leagues, such as the Eastern bloc?  Surprised to see Pinton offer the Cosmos name to MLS Philly?  Think an MLS team could use Jose Mourinho's finishing ability?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Pepe Pinton couldn’t run a pizzeria. He was Giorgio’s gofer. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him sell his mother.

  2. good to see the barra brava presidente getting recognition. They bring the pain, and the SE’s tend to go about it at a slower pace.

  3. great stuff,

    the standing/sitting article – i am waiting for a team to have a GA standing section, maybe above the goal line, that would embrace those of us that would prefer to be drunk and rowdy at games. similar to a student section at a college game.

    the cosmos article – this has got to be the NYFC in a few years! playing at Icahn Stadium, wearing cosmos throwbacks, maybe a intercity derby at giant stadium! that would be incredible.

    the cosmos article and the reintroduction of sounders, whitecaps, timbers, etc made me (to young to remember the NASL) do some reading about the history of the NASL and it really puts the MLS in prospective. I have to say i understand what Garber is doing much more now, with fees, sss, and dp’s. Ives – a few articles about the profitability of mls clubs would be a great segment.

  4. The bit about standing/sitting is a good read, and the reasoning is logical. That said, the crowd at the T&T game never sat. Even the people behind me with children in the second row never asked us to sit down or anything. Also, in the NBA playoffs, the upper levels are usually the more “blue collar” fans, and even though you can’t see them, they’re likely standing.

  5. Thanks for the links. At risk of invoking something almost resembling political correctness, I do look forward to a time when terms besides “former Soviet republics” are more widely used. These have been real live independent countries for almost 20 years.


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