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Rep the SBI Mafia with your own white tee


Attention all SBI readers, if you are an avid follower of Soccer By Ives, and consider yourself a member of the SBI Mafia, then please be sure to get your Limited Edition SBI Mafia t-shirt from Objectivo Apparel. Order yours today.

We want to thank those of you who are repping SBI with your white and navy t-shirts so we want all of you who have purchased t-shirts to submit a photo of yourself wearing the shirt. Whether it's at an MLS game, a local U-6 game, or even just chilling at the beach, snap your pic and send it to and we will select photos to post on SBI.

Thanks for all the support and for continuing to help make SBI the go-to news spot for American soccer fans from coast to coast.


  1. SG, feedback is one thing, unwarranted pot-shots and name-calling is another. I would also say that posts like Michael’s, where he spouts bad information about the SBI shirts, is also out of line.

    I’m selling these shirts as a side deal in order to make some money so that I can keep this site going. I can respect it if people don’t want to buy the shirt but some of the comments are pretty unnecessary.

  2. The T-shirts are American Apparel. Retail for $15 blank. Objectivo ships in the USA for free. Canada and Mexico are $5. I think it’s still free, not 100% sure.

    At 5-10 175 I wear a Large. I have the white shirt and it’s simple yet represents the SBI!

    The screening is done in Los Angeles as it says on the back of the shirt.

    Keep up the great site Ives, dig the shirts.


    Michael, go back to bigsoccer where the other un-informed soccer dorks spew mis-informed garbage.

  3. yea i agree that its a bit pricey. I would think that Ives would want some diverse feedback on his shirts since the people are obviously people who visit the site often.

  4. There really are fanbois for everything these days…

    Never thought I’d get ripped for “bashing” because I wouldn’t pay 20 bucks for a white tee just so I can rep a soccer blog.

    Comments like mine and the others who agree with me are the reason companies improve their products to win over consumers who may be ‘on the fence’.

  5. Edward,

    We’re the same height, but definitely not the same weight! I got the 2X one.

    I don’t have a pic of me in the shirt and I’m computer illiterate, so I wouldn’t know how to post one on here. When I get around to it, I’ll prolly send one to Ives.

  6. Love my blue one, even wore it to a wedding rehersal this past weekend. Hope someone got a photo of that so I can submit.

  7. I just went to McDonald’s and bought a Quarter Pounder. Then I went through every menu item and told the manager that I wasn’t going to buy those and why.

  8. Can you post a link of you in the shirt inkedAG? I’m thinking about getting one but I’m not sure what size to get (S/M). I’m 5’9″ 155lbs, so hopefully you are somewhere around there.

  9. Jeez. If you don’t want the shirt, don’t buy it. Do you walk around stores and tell clerks what you don’t want to buy?

  10. I’m not bashing Ives. I really do love the site.
    But there’s no way I would pay 20 bucks for an uninspired white t-shirt.

  11. midwesterner here, hopefully i can offset the vitrol…

    dig the shirt. graduated last week… waiting for for first paycheck… will be making purchase and pimpin’ the tee by late June…

  12. Wow……why all the bashin’?

    I think a shirt with the logo in the top right of the page would be a nice one.

    All these New Yorkers and there tough talk. MidWest and WestCoast start waking up and the comments will turn more positive.

  13. With all due respect to the site, you can’t expect anyone to buy this for 20 dollars. You can buy high quality/well designed shirts for about 5 dollars more.

    Get someone to actually design the shirt instead of using WordArt and put it on a reputable shirt manufacturer like American Apparel instead of the 5 pack of Fruit of the Loom and make it worth people’s hard earned dollar.


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