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Manuel Almunia (AP)


A light day today as we prepare for a weekend full of matches across the world.  More poor refereeing (this time in Africa), a critical look at MLS youth development, a review of what was at one time a "Cinderella story" and more.  Enjoy:

Phil Schoen takes a look at MLS youth development, and doesn't like what he sees [GolTV]

Almunia For England? [When Saturday Comes]

Hoffenheim's Cinderella Story Turns Sour [Reuters]

How football can bring hope to Uganda [Guardian]

A look at a Dutch sports broadcaster, and his tribute [Financial Times]

Counting penalties: easier said than done for referee in Malawi [Unprofessional Foul]

Thoughts on Almunia playing for England?  Agree with Schoen's take on developing youth players in the US?  Sad to see Hoffenheim fall?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I would value this guys opinion if he actually showed he gave a sh** about the league to begin with.

    Posted by: Alex | May 01, 2009 at 06:31 PM

    Alex, the dude hosted the show “American Soccer”, which was for a time the only weekly show that did in-depth MLS wrap-up, until it got cancelled for bismally low ratings that made it too expensive production wise to be worth it. Also, he doesn’t do MLS games because his network has no rights to them. The dude “gives a sh**”, that’s why he’s sort of calling out the way we do things, his desire to see us improve.

  2. “Is there anyone on the continent of Africa who can do simple addition?”

    Does anybody else see something wrong with that?

  3. “Is there anyone on the continent of Africa who can do simple addition?”

    Nick, does that account for the “partly”?

    I’ll come down off my high horse provided disembark from your SUV.

  4. I agree with Shoen and with Alex, concerning plane trips and such. I would like to see these kids signed earlier and getting rid of the reserve league was a mistake. However, wasn’t the reserve league pulled for not only money but because it was disorganised and uneven and just a mess in general?

  5. It’s obvious England needs to look outside their footy box at different sports other than those in the UK. They don’t even show other soccer leagues on tv other than their own. If the youth grew up with something other than foot-eye coordination they would produce quality goalies. They haven’t had a world class goalie since Seaman made the ponytail/mustache combo cool. It also doesn’t help that all the imports are taking England-born goalie spots in the Championship and Premier League.

    They have some of the best field players in the world, but have mediocre to above average goalies. If the goalies could use their feet to save shots they would be world class *please note the sarcasm*.

  6. It’s funny how much “soul-searching” has to be done by countries like England about possibly having a non-English born player on their team.

    Whereas we have such a rich tradition of immigration to our country, we’ll happily take anyone without batting an eye. (*cough*Regis*cough*).

  7. The Malawian report is a disgrace and aspires to Fox News standards in ethics and reporting.

    You should be ashamed to have linked to it, and you should remove it immediately.

    It makes me doubt if Mr. Rubio reads the links he suggests; for if he does, he strikes me as a morally confused person.

  8. My problem with people like schoen and other channels is that they show zero coverage of US soccer or MLS. Maybe these u17 in the US haven’t signed with a pro team because they need to get their high school diploma!! unlike their south american counterparts. Secondly, I doubt very much any of those kids could come in and play right away, this league is different,its not bus rides, its plane trips and you’ve got to be able to handle the rigors, thats something I think a lot of people don’t factor in when they talk about the league. I would value this guys opinion if he actually showed he gave a sh** about the league to begin with.

  9. Lletget has been tracked by West Ham for a while now. If he signs with any pro club I’m sure he’d chose West Ham over MLS.


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