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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Tim Howard (Getty Images) 

Today is the big day.

This is effectively the last weekend of the European club season (of the major leagues at least) and also the last weekend for some Americans to bring home some silverware.

U.S. national team goalkeeper Tim Howard will be at the front of that line today as he tries to lead Everton to an FA Cup victory against Chelsea (10am, Fox Soccer Channel). Rangers duo Maurice Edu and DaMarcus Beasley will also be trying to win a trophy as Rangers plays in the Scottish Cup final.

There is also a full slate of MLS action. Check back in later today for posts on those matches.

If you will be watching today's action please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Woah, some people here are overly sensitive. Timmy had a bad game and does choke at times, but his team wasn’t helping him out with the defending and scoring. Many of you need to stop being so overly protective of the nats. I’ve been called un American just because I criticize them because of their Anti-Football style, but seriously I just want the best from my team.

  2. I think Howard lost sight of the ball. After Lampard went back to his left there was only one spot to go for because of the congestion, and Tim never closed it down.

  3. I hate that I predicted it to go that way, but Everton are not that class.

    Tim Howard will need to shake this off, but better keepers have been beaten by the likes of Drogba and Lampard, so let’s not be too harsh on the guy. Without him, Everton are lower half of the table no question.

  4. You guys need me for some reality check, lol. When it’s time to give credit Kizz is there. I call a spade a spade, and he choked on the game that counted more; United saves was important, but no one remembers that Chelsea played Everton in five years. If I insulted Howard, that’s a different case, it was his ball to save, rather than Lampard’s to score

  5. ^ true, howard has had some great performances in big games like argentina and the semi vs united…but hes had some not so great ones like today and fa cup tie at anfield where gerrard scored on a shot he shouldve saved.

  6. Steve– Howard made 2 TWO saves in the penalty shootout against ManUnited just to get to the FA Final. So the answer is NO he doesn’t choke in big games.

    Whats happening to SBI man? So many critical, perfectionist whining beeches on this site now.

    FA Cup Final = 1 team wins and the other loses

    Choke on it.

    not u steve

  7. I was at the USA-Argentina match and remember that was a friendly and Messi came off at half-time and Tevez did not play. That said, the 4 breakaways he saved against Cruz was first class. I am not saying I am right with my assumption but, pass performances in “big games,” Howard has not done well.

  8. I really hate to say this as I am a die hard USMNT supporter but does Tim Howard choke in big games? Today is a fine example in the FA Cup Final and The Champions League with ManU. I really hope I am wrong but it makes you wonder for the World Cup approaching.

  9. @ Ives,

    It was Tim Howard’s ball; that is a goalkeeper’s ball from that far out, come on, please take the blinders off, that was a poor attempt at a save, reason why he is inconsistent

  10. Timmy is going to have trouble sleeping tonight – rightly or wrongly.

    But you can argue that Lampard had a great moment there.


  11. Chelsea dominant and Howard stunk it up!! From that far out make a real save not a crummy attempt lol. I thought Howard was going to somehow win the game, yeah right

  12. deserved win for chelski today — clearly the better team. cole and malouda shredding the everton wings repeatedly. for what it’s worth, i thought chelski were better than barca too — unlucky not to have been in the champions league final. and i’m an arsenal supporter. bleh

  13. Screw this Setanta announcer. He takes shots at Timmy every chance he gets. I bet he’s a Man United fan still bitter about the semifinal.


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