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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Happy Mother's Day everybody. While today is a day to celebrate the mothers, wives, sisters and daughters in our life, it is also a day with a LOT of quality soccer matches to watch. You might have to TIVO some of them as you celebrate the holiday, but chances are you will eventually see some top notch soccer.

The Manchester Derby already took place earlier this morning, but Arsenal and Chelsea are set to clash in a battle of London at 11am on FSC. If the Bundesliga is more your speed then you can watch Hamburg and Werder Bremen in a UEFA Cup semifinal rematch (11am, GolTV). Barcelona-Villarreal (1pm, GolTV), AC Milan-Juventus (2:30pm, FSC) and San Lorenzo-Boca Junior (4:30pm, GolTV) are just some of the other quality games on display (as well as LA-Seattle at 3pm on Telefutura).

If you will be watching today's action, or watched this morning's games, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action and have a Happy Mother's Day.


  1. I loved how freddie jumped up to draw the yellow card. The league should review the play and revoke the card. And to say we support a bad team is ok. Because I have been a true fan for many years. I didnt jump on the bandwagon like most seatle fans did when they won their first game.

  2. I am really surprised the Galaxy just don’t pull Cobi out of retirement so he can play his corner flag routine for the last 5 minutes.

    Sean, you support a sad team

  3. I love that even if the goalie was truly injured, the rest of the Galaxy team went downfield and then all of the sudden one of them “realizes” that they needed to take the goal kick and slowly walks back. It happened three times and chewed up significant chunks of time. What a negative and boring way to play. Even if you don’t buy the penalty, there were plenty of missed calls (including on Berhalter) to go around. Plus, Kovalenko makes it his business to rape anyone he’s marking. I was relieved to unload that guy as an RSL fan.

  4. sadly I hate to say it,but we do really miss golden balls in the the midfield,we lack creativity, and Miglioranzi isn’t good enough to start

  5. “We” keep drawing because our defense is no longer horrible but our midfield can’t string together passes to teammates. The few goals L.A. has scored are largely due to someone (usually Landon) upfront stumbling upon a chance. It is tough to watch Miglioranzi make pass after pass to the sideline or an opposing player. Yes there’s an increased emphasis on defense this year,(after last season how could there not be?) but they are trying to score.

    The ref was terrible, but after watching a replay of the game it probably didn’t help that Ljungberg would spastically leap into the air at the slightest contact to muddle the calls further.

  6. I agree with Josh on #3…its tough to watch sometimes (most). But this is why you support a team, for the good and the bad.

    and Jared…if he cant take the kick someone else would have to take it….so they would get booked for not running over to take it

  7. A few thoughts on Sounders vs Galaxy.

    1. Jacqua went down way too easy. I actually thought that the “no call” was actually the best call the ref made the whole game.

    2.This ref needs to face serious reprimands for his officiating. Absolutely horrendous. Game was way out of hand.

    3. Galaxy play is boring to watch and very hard to play against. This is why they have been involved in so many draws. They are a tough veteran led team who play conservative soccer.

  8. Yeah, you can give him a card, once he stands up then proceeds to wait another 90 seconds while a galaxy player comes to make the kick for him…yeah, that’s bookable. My favorite was Donovan post-game gushing about how the atmosphere of the game was terrific and mostly fair. No wonder why Carver left this league

  9. Whether or not you like it the referee can’t book a player who is on the ground for an injury, whether he is “faking it” (Look at the replay on the last one he was down one…Dunivants studs got Ricketts in the leg) or whether he really in injured.

    Did you watch the US El Salvador game?Perfact example,atleast 9 different times Salvadorians went down, and the only time the referee gave a card was when the goalie was time wasting taking the goal kick,not lying on the ground

  10. “Everytime a goalie gets injured”??? Are you serious? Let me tell you what, if the injury is bad enough where he needs to have two extended (two minutes plus) lay down on the ground, writhing in pain, sessions, you either need to get him off the field and sub in a new keeper, or you need to give him a card for time wasting.

    I’ll buy it once a game, but twice, especially the last one lasting longer than 3 minutes, and within the last 10 minutes of the match, you give him a card. It was blatant time wasting plain and simple, despite being a man-up, the Galaxy can’t help but to chew up an inordinate amount of clock. I think Carlos Ruiz must have been dressed up as Ricketts or something for this one.

  11. ” the 10 minutes Ricketts spent rolling on the ground with no card and no cart”

    This is a joke right? Wait no…. I totally see your point…everytime a goalie gets injured we should book him….whats he thinking getting hurt?!?!?!

    However I do agree,the ref let the game get way out of hand (again…just like the chivas game, where he sent off two galaxy players)

  12. Like I said earlier, my argument with the officiating has nothing to do with the call in the box, it might have been minimal contact, but LA (aka “your team”) earned similar calls for absolutely nothing. My argument was the gross lack of consistency by the officials. Fouls that were called against the Sounders were waived off two minutes later against the Galaxy. Or, the 10 minutes Ricketts spent rolling on the ground with no card and no cart, or the two minutes it took the referee to waive Hurtado back on to the field of play after he went down, but Donovan made it back on in seconds. Or Berhalter obstructing play and avoiding any sort of card or caution, while Riley gets a yellow then a red. Had the ref actually been on top of things instead of having his hands down his pants the whole match, that whole scrum, and the ugly mess that the entire game was, could have been much different. And vastly more enjoyable to watch, whether your an LA fan, a Seattle fan, or just someone that doesn’t like watching a sorry excuse for a match.

    Can you honestly argue that the game today was called evenly? Honestly? Just a thought, maybe you should actually watch games without your Galaxy goggles then try to make pithy comments with capitalized words to show emphasis.


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