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Report: Real Madrid to face Toronto FC

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According to a report out of Toronto on Thursday, Toronto FC will be the second opponent for Real Madrid in their mini North American tour this summer. Toronto’s Globe and Mail reported today that the game would take place Friday, Aug. 7th at BMO Field.

A temporary grass surface will be installed at BMO Field to accommodate the Spanish power. Although no official word has come out, it’s being suggested that it may be possible to leave the grass surface in for the duration of the season.

The scheduling of the game has forced TFC to move its Aug. 9th MLS game against New York Red Bulls to June 13th. TFC fans are burning up the message boards with complaints about the short notice. They say that they have already made plans for that weekend and will now have to miss the game with Red Bulls. Additionally, the fans are upset that the Real Madrid game will not be included in their season ticket package. Toronto is expected to announce a second friendly opponent to meet their requirement to season ticket holders for a single international game.

With the move to June 13th, Toronto now only plays four home games during the summer months.

What do you think of the news? Plan on making the road trip? Are you a Red Bulls fan who had made plans to go to Toronto in August? Are you a TFC fan who already scheduled other plans for June 13th?

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  1. After reading most of the comments I’m pissed, we had a chance to bring some New Yorkers up to see our city and share in a great game of soccer.

    Now we are left with unhappy fans on both sides of the border, a loss of tourism dollars, a loss of personal investment by NYRB and TFC fans and generally a sour taste in everyone’s mouth.

    Bush league doesn’t describe it, it is just a fundamental lack of respect for the fans. Sporting conglomerates like MLSE (owners of TFC, Maple Leafs and the Raptors) should be ashamed of their blatant cash grab. I for one will not be attending the game vs. Real Madrid (or their reserves because there’s no way Arjen and the rest of the Dutch front line will be visiting). After seeing the shell of an Aston Villa team that came a couple years ago I’ll stay home…

  2. There is no point in getting upset about the disrespect shown to season ticket holders. This is a club owned by a pension fund – their sole goal is to make as much money as possible. We all knew that going in.

  3. “fyi premium game tickets will be from 80 to 300 for this game, thanks for my spy in head office. way to run you supporters out of BMO.”

    Absolutely f@$king ridiculous!!! this kind of $ for a friendly..

  4. I love it. Big teams on their annual cha-ching holiday tour get to play on real grass while crappy field turf is spreading through MLS like crazy.

    I can’t stand watching games played on field turf and resent the fact that owners will install grass over turf for big ticket games but will rip it up as soon as the game is over. We will never be taken seriously until that junk is banned.

  5. “The TFC-RBNY game was originally scheduled for Aug 9th, not the 8th. I was heavily considering going up there for the weekend and almost bought tickets off stubhub. There goes that idea. What a bush league move by MLS. I hope the attendance for both games is poor.”

    Whaaaaaaat???? What a bitter f***! Who gives a f*** what you think! What, does the world revolve around you? You “almost bought” tickets? Meaning: you didn’t. Okay. Now you want both games to fail. You sir, need a good cock-block!

  6. fyi premium game tickets will be from 80 to 300 for this game, thanks for my spy in head office. way to run you supporters out of BMO.


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