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Afternoon Ticker: Drogba suspended, Gattuso interested in EPL switch and more

Didier Drogba 1 (Reuters)



A four-game suspension from European matches has been given to Chelsea striker Didier Drogba by UEFA for the verbal assault he launched at referee Tom Henning Ovrebo.

Drogba's verbal assault came in the aftermath of Chelsea's 1-1 draw to Barcelona in the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League, a result that eliminated Chelsea from the tournament.

Drogba was not the only Chelsea player penalized. Defender Jose Bosingwa was banned for three matches for his conduct towards Ovrebo. Chelsea has three days to request an appeal.

Here are more stories to help you close out the day:

Gattuso hints at Milan exit

AC Milan midfielder Gennaro Gattuso has revealed his interest in reuniting with former and current Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti.

Gattuso told the Daily Mirror: "Chelsea are a big, big team but working with Ancelotti is a good feeling. We have worked together for eight years and he is for me a second father. He is a great person, and a great manager."

"I don't know what will happen. I have been at AC Milan a long time and it's not easy to go away, but we'll have to see," added the 31-year-old. 

Gattuso, currently on international duty, played 57 minutes in Italy's Confederations Cup opener, a 3-1 victory over the United States.

Villa makes decision on next season

Spain striker David Villa has decided on where he will play his club soccer next season but remained tight-lipped as to where.

On Wednesday, Villa, who is being pursued by some of the top clubs in Europe, said he had made his choice and that his representatives are aware of his decision.

Villa scored his 30th international goal for Spain on Wednesday, a game-winning strike in Spain's 1-0 victory over Iraq.


Do you think Drogba's suspension is too much? Is the EPL a good fit for Gattuso? Where do you think Villa has decided on?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Yeah, JB, what are the ramifications of being a bought and purchased commodity? Drogs went nuts, sure. I don’t look for corruption under every bush but in this case, that ref (maybe the whole crew) was clearly paid off. Then again, since I bleed Chelsea blue, I may be biased. 🙂

  2. Villa will go to Real, as has always been the case. If they’re shrewd after that, they’d sign/trade for Antonio Valencia, Maicon, and 2 world class central defenders. But what will end up happening is they will pass on Ribery publicly due to ‘Bayern being resolute in keeping him’ but the real reason will be Real’s anti-ugly policy. Just like how they passed on Ronaldinho. And like Ronnie, Frank is one UGLY mofo.

    Ok, seriously though, in two-three years time when Madrid figure out all over again that under Florentino Perez they can’t field a team of offensive superstars without eventually imploding and having to start over, Barca will have won 2-3 more La Liga titles, and being a Barca fan will be that much sweeter. 🙂

  3. Hey Rory did ESPN really blow it on getting the EPL? Who will broadcast the EPL in the States in the coming years?

    And when is the Champions League moving to Fox, I hadnt heard that. is it a done deal

  4. First: Anyone care to bet the online soccer blogs like Ives and MLS-R will NOT come down as hard on Sounders fans for throwing a bottle at an opposing player as they have on other clubs for similar actions? I didn’t hate the Sounders until the love-fest reached unbearable levels. Let’s see the reaction (and no, I NEVER thought the actions of one idiot meant all the fans were trash–but that’s how the big blogs have always played it).

    Two– ESPN can kiss my butt. At least when the Champions League moves to Fox we’ll get to see all the games. ESPN had a chance to step up to the plate for EPL games and it seems blew that too.

    Three– Anyone remember having to watch overtime of a WNBA game last year? That was WAY more painful then watching College Baseball.

    Four– Did anyone notice how utterly fat the Sounders fans were in the crowd? I guess everyone has a desk job at Boeing and must be eating bunt cakes with their triple-choco-late. Seriously, I thought I saw Drew Carey 178 times in the crowd but it was just his body doubles. Maybe the ECS fanclub should change their name to AYCES (All You Can Eat Seattlites). I know that the bottom 32,000 seats were sold out, I just didn’t know they were being sit in by only 16,000 fans though.

  5. ESPN’s soccer coverage ascended to a new level of farce this evening. Easily one of the best games as far as attacking football in MLS that I’ve ever seen, and it gets paved over by the extra innings of a COLLEGE BASEBALL game.

    I have to say though, I think the commentary on 360 was about 360x better than those clowns Harkes and Dellawhatever.

  6. ESPN Pisses me off period. They treat soccer like garbage. Who gives a crap about a half empty College Baseball Game! I’m about to call my cable provider to change this game.

  7. ESPN is a joke. I understand they can’t cut out in the middle of baseball, but is SportsCenter and Baseball Tonight that important?

  8. I’ll revoke my Chelsea fanship if they sign Gattuso.

    They might as well sign Carlos Ruiz, Marco Matterazzi, Rossi and Rafa Marquez while they’re at it.

  9. ^^^ as;dlfkjads!!!! ESPN sucks! you know what the worst part is? ESPN2 AND ESPN Deportes aren’t showing it! college baseball on one and sportscenter on the other!

    i can’t believe this
    it makes soccer fans feel like garbage
    screw u ESPN!

    i just *dare* them to do this during the world cup…

  10. ONLY 4 GAMES?!! I’m sorry but didn’t Davies get suspended for 5 games for just an elbow? Drogba straight up flipped the fuckkk out, I expected him to get a much longer suspension…

  11. Gattuso would love what you can get away with in terms of physical play in the PL vs. Serie A.

    I ‘d sign him if I were Chelsea ASAP

  12. Ives, do a You Write the Caption post for this picture…then never give us a chance to vote on the 10 best!

  13. Third greatest picture I’ve ever seen. That ref had to be thinking “My God, he’s gonna murder me on the field!”

  14. OK all you soccer gurus,where is David Villa going? Just hope it’s not Man U.I support Chelsea,but I don’t think that an option he’s going to choose. If ends up at Liverpool with Torres,that could be quite a formidable side to deal with.

  15. As much as I hate to say this (and preempt a possible You Write the Caption):

    “And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those pesky kids!!”

  16. When I saw an earlier headline with “European Ban” I had a slight glimmer of selfish hope that he would be banned from European football all together and would be forced to play come play in the MLS

  17. “Gattuso, currently on international duty, played 57 minutes in Italy’s Confederations Cup opener, a 3-1 victory over the United States.”

    Thanks for rubbing it in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. man we might as well call Chelsea under Ancelloti the “Milan” of Europe..their entire squad at Milan has been linked with a move..Pato, Gattuso, Maldini, etc

  19. if i was a Chelsea player i might have assaulted that ref… maybe that’s the scandal that we need to finally get some reform of the soccer laws- a good karate kick to a referee?


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