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Chivas USA vs. Houston Dynamo: Your Running Commentary


The top two teams in Major League Soccer are set to meet tonight in a mid-week Western Conference clash. Chivas USA, holders of the best record in MLS (8-2-3), take on the Houston Dynamo (6-2-3), the hottest team in the league and riders of an eight match unbeaten streak.

There are plenty of great match-ups in this one, from Stuart Holden vs. Jesse Marsch, to Geoff Cameron vs. Eduardo Lillingston. Can the stingy Chivas USA defense contain Brad Davis and the suddenly surging Dynamo attack?

Tonight's match is being shown on ESPN2 at 8:30pm. If you will be watching tonight's match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Storms in Dallas last night. Satellite came back on in time to see the goal. I can’t wait to see the Dynamo put on a clinic up in Frisco Saturday. Orange shirts should be in abundance! Dale Dynamo!

  2. Holden looks good. He should be at Confeds Cup in place of Beasley.

    My TV reception of game was poor, but did Chivas escalate their grabbing and holding in final ten minutes. That’s a well coached team as refs let more go on as time runs out.

  3. Mike,

    Don’t ever expect to see a “great” game (in the sense of a lot of technical skill, flair, or just good, flowing, attacking soccer) between these two teams. They do NOT like each other one bit, and it shows in the chippy, physical, foul-heavy affairs their games always are.

  4. I want Chivas to win cuz:

    1. California team!

    2. forever bitter that san jose left to the most obese city in the nation, Houston. i am left with no love for either city.

    Posted by: Leonardo | June 10, 2009 at 08:13 PM

    Dude, get over it already. Worry about the team in your own backyard. Weaver is a great addition and Cameron showed why Dom moved a forward to a centerback. Dom is a genius. Knock off Chicago – check. Knock off Chivas – check. Who’s next?? Frisco doesn’t count.

  5. The goal was nice. A little disappointed that Chivas looked so flat. Expected a great game, but got a lopsided 1-0 instead.

  6. Dom looks a complete genius. I was certainly surprised to see Cam get the start, and the announcers couldn’t stop talking about it. Couldn’t stop, that is, until his beautiful flick-on directly into the stride of a wide-open Stuart Holden to score the only goal of the game. Brilliant.

  7. A few mentions on how “hot” a night it was.
    uhh, no.
    It was a very nice evening, a good bit of wind which made it even better.

    Hot?…wait until Aug.

  8. Great game and Cam Weaver is definitely a guy Dom is going to love. His work rate last night was incredible on such a hot night.

    I went to the game and then came home and watched the replay of the “offsides” goal by Weaver. I watched the slow mo replay over 4 times and he was not offsides. Terrible call. Should have been 2-0.

    MLS officiating is beyond pathetic and for the ref wanting to be the center of attention last night was bad.

  9. oh schnap, twitter!

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  10. Yes well you see, throw-ins are supposed to be taken no more than a yard from where the ball goes out of play. He established that early on so he didn’t have to put up with a lot of whining about it later.

  11. Great game tonight. Good tonight for being so hot outside. It was a chess match for the 1st 44+ minutes.
    and what was up with that ref?? calling advantage, no advantage, jersey pulls being let go, calling back throw-ins to the actual spot out of bounds.

  12. I don’t mean to jack this MLS thread, but I thought people might be interested to know Mexico and T&T are going into the half tied at one, thanks to a last minute T&T equalizer. Mexico have had the better of play, but if this score holds, they’re in a world of trouble as far as 2010 qualification is concerned.

    As you were.

  13. Goal Holden!

    Last touch the of ball in the half, and a goal kick from Onstad gets flicked on by Cam Weaver to Stuart Holden, who dribbles around the keeper for the score!

    That was pretty. GOTW candidate for sure.

  14. Jorge Flores is an interesting LB prospect. If he improves his defense specifically his tackling strength, then I could see him making a case for that spot on Chivas and maybe the USMNT. His distribution and technical ability is undoubtly better than Bornstein.

  15. Houston’s band sounds really good.

    Lucky for ESPN, and unlucky for us, Kjlestian isn’t playing, so the mics won’t pick up his motivational speaking.

  16. I love that new Messi/adidas commercial, mainly for the fact the action shots clearly make out the opponent to be Mexico.

  17. I want Chivas to win cuz:
    1. California team!
    2. forever bitter that san jose left to the most obese city in the nation, Houston. i am left with no love for either city.

  18. ChivasUSA an underdog? What a shock! Yawn. We have no chance, yada, yada, yada.

    We are overmatched.

    We have too many injuries.

    We have too many players missing on USMNT duty.

    Sounds like a typical ChivasUSA game to me.

    Goats 1-0.

  19. They got 13,000+ in LA saturday with Mexico playing.

    I was really impressed with Cameron last week, and am interested in seeing how he follows that up against a disciplined attack.

  20. I’m normally on Chivas’ side but with the Sacha not there I really have no U.S. international to look for. I can only hope Holden finds the net again because he’s my favorite player on the Dynamo.

  21. Agree these are the best 2 teams right now.

    Interesting to see how the personnel matchups go.

    Will Houston start their new Ching-backup, Cam Weaver, or with they through Akinbiyi another start?

    And will Mullan get the nod over Ashe?

    Will Preki tab Jorge Flores for LB back again with Bornsyein in South Africa?

    Is Thomas able to go? If not, who? Curtin? The ghost of Claudio Suarez?

    Who will play in Sacha’s place? Lahoud? Braun has a concussion.

    Trujillo Talley Thomas? Flores?
    Lahoud? Marsch Nagamura Harris
    Lillingston Galindo

    Kamara Akinbiyi?
    Davis Holden Mulrooney Mullan?
    Hainault Cameron Boswell Waibel

  22. These two have my favorite youth talents right now: Sacha Kljestan and Stuart Holden, both of which I think will play a huge part in the upcoming Gold Cup. I think that it will end tied 2-2 with Holden getting at the very least an assist, if not a goal.

    I don’t see how Stuart Holden doesn’t start every game of the Gold Cup this summer; should be fun to watch him, so long as he doesn’t get injured this time.


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