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Confed Cup: Italy vs. Egypt (Your Running Commentary)


Since I know some of you are watching today's Italy-Egpyt match (and many are you are Egypt fans for the day), here is a running commentary post for you to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play on the match in.

Not that it matters, but an Egypt win mathematically keeps the United States alive for the semifinals (USA would need to beat Egypt and Italy would have to lose big to Brazil by a combined five or more goals. Yes, I know, not happening).

This match is at halftime (I won't share the score for those of you who don't want to know). Enjoy the rest of the match.


  1. from Egypt, ,… congrats to the USA team. they deserved to qualify due to the fact they gave their best out their while they were the ones with the least chances to pass to the semi … to good luck in ur coming match it gonna be a tough one and hard luck to the egyptians who gave their best in the first 2 matches and disappeared afterwards

  2. as u said zaidan egypt team has alot of injured but i think they will do it….. isa “God with egypt”

  3. Are you guys kidding? We lost Zidane, Shawky is injured, Fathy is injured!!!!!!! Sayed is injured…we need a miracle to make it. The United States is not as bad as some of their fans think. You played against the two greatest champions of the game, what did you expect? Of course you look bad, now they have a chance to erase that picture against Egypt.

    I will be very thankful of we can win 1-0.

    Go Egypt

  4. Egypt will teach USA a hard lesson , Egypt like many arab teams are much more better in soccor than USA weak team

    I just advise US team o go back home before the wild result await them on sunday well well gr8 egyptian team be proud of your team and good results with both brazil and italy

  5. If it wasn’t for the goal keeper and strong defense, egypt would have lost . I’m glad egypt finally got a chance to show the world African soccer. Playing the US will be hard but I think Egypt will win because the whole Egyptian team are playing good soccer.

    Good luck Egypt ( masr om el donia )

  6. well it was a very good game …. egypt is a great team and they will play very well with u.s.a and that does not mean that we know in advance who will win coz winning is luck but we know in advance who will play better….egypt played better than brazil and they no body knows anything..we just wish that both teams play agood game…hard luck italy..goodluck egypt..and u.s

  7. WC 2006 final match .. France couldn’t keep on cos of Italian ways , they are the best at defense tactics . henry couldn’t keep on so Zidane . u may get what i’m trying to say when u check last match again they are really good . that why Egypt was soo good they hold out during 95 minutes and our goalkeaper was nice and lots of yellow card without reason ! . anyway we jz win and now Egy,US,Italy have chance . we become tired after 2 hard matchs but i think we can make it

  8. Steve C.,

    You are right, we did play South Korea after Portugal, and we tied them 1-1. We then played Poland in our last group match and lost 3-1. South Korea beat Portugal 1-0 on a late goal that same day. Had South Korea tied Portugal 0-0, Portugal and South Korea would have gone through because we would have lost a tie break to Portugal on goal differential.

  9. TimN, I thought we played S. Korea right after we played Portugal? & Poland was the last match of the group stage.

    Not that I’m gonna be rooting for Egypt by any means, but we (USA) do not deserve to make it to the 2nd round after these first 2 games. Plain & simple. We’ve stunk.

  10. I say it could be fairly likely that Egypt comes out playing poorly on Sunday. Let downs after huge wins are commonplace in sports, not just soccer. I’m not saying that’s going to happen, but it’s possible. Look what happened to the US in WC 2002. We beat Portugal, then layed an egg against Poland, and had it not been for South Korea scoring a late goal, we would not have even made it out of the group.

    If the US plays well, WITH SOME LINE-UP CHANGES, and Egypt has a let down, we could get a win. However, even with a win, I don’t expect us to make it out of the group…goal differential is too large.

  11. you guys gonna need some luck in the next match
    cuz Egypt did alot of effort to beat the world champion
    i dont think they will let go that effort and lose to the usa

  12. man, just watching Egypt..I wish our team played like that. organized, passionate, cohesive/on the same page. sigh.

  13. Aristotle may be a wanker, but he speaks the truth. We are more like a 40ish team, not 14. I bet Costa Rica would beat us on neutral ground, too.

  14. Woah. Hold on. We’ll have to play 100x better than we have in order to beat Egypt. Plus, we’ll be without Kljestan . . .

    Posted by: mwc

    Yeah, but if Beasley starts, we might have a chance…

  15. Rossi had a o.k game not a terrible game. Stop making things up.

    In Italy he was given rating of 6 and goal dot come 6.5

    He wasn’t used in natural role. Enough with the trash talk


    grow up

  16. Freddy: “So anybody know FOR SURE what scenario has to occur for us to advance?”

    Yes, an act of God.

    Some people just don’t get it. The U.S. sucks. This is also just another example of why their ranking is way too high. Egypt is a much better team than the U.S.

  17. Woah. Hold on. We’ll have to play 100x better than we have in order to beat Egypt. Plus, we’ll be without Kljestan . . .

  18. The first tie-beaker is goal-differential, 2nd is goals scored,right?

    Italy is at +1
    Egypt is at 0
    USA is at -5

    If my calculations are correct, the USA would most likely need to beat Egypt by 3 goals, and for Brazil to beat Italy by 3.

    Please someone correct me if I’m wrong, but this doesn’t look to good.

  19. So we need Brazil to beat Italy, and we have to decimate Egypt in order to advance.

    Only, Egypt barely lost to Brazil and beat the world champs. It does not look good for us.

  20. So Egypt when into halftime up a goal, played defensive in the second half, and hung on to win the game…wish Bob could have figured that out 3 days ago…

  21. EGYPT!!! WOO HOOO!! yaaa baby!

    they owned Italy! ok it was close but damn Egypt played hard the *entire* game

    c’mon this has to light a fire under our team’s ass (right dempsey?)!!! i’m stoked!

    hey any positive news is good now

    egypt took it to italy! now brazil will annihilate them – Maicon scores 3, Lucio 1, Kaka 1, and Robinho 1.

    c’mon USA! beat Egypt!

  22. Great game by the Pharaohs, especially El Hadary, the GK. If the US shows up on Sunday, it will not be an easy task. The Brazil match by Egypt was not a fluke.


    (maybe one day we can drink because USA did well, like 10 years from now, for now drink when your enemies lose!!)

  24. An Italian cross comes off the top corner of the cross bar. I’m not gonna lie…..I’m about to have a heart attack.

  25. An Egypt win and the remote chance of the US going through might be the best thing to happen to our boys in a long time. Having to play a competitive game after that beating might be good.

    … or not.

  26. Pepe’s cross misses everyone, although, as Tommy Smyth puts it, ” The table was set, nobody was ready for the main course”.

  27. No matter what happens in this game the game will matter to Egypt (Well, unless Italy finds a way to win). Egpyt wins or ties and Sunday’s game becomes very important.

  28. Eid was in on a great run once Chiellini misjudged a bouncing ball. However, he plays a poor ball across and the defense picked it up.

  29. It is a great game so far in the second half.

    Luca Toni just came on again, this time for G. Rossi, becoming the all-time greatest super sub.


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