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Confederations Cup set to kick off on Sunday


The 2009 Confederations Cup is set to kick off on Sunday and you will want to keep up with every minute of it.

The tournament begins on Sunday with a pair of Group A games, with South Africa facing Iraq and New Zealand taking on Spain.

If you will be near Hoboken, New Jersey on Sunday you can catch a special event being held at Mulligans on First. Premier Soccer Shop and Mulligans are working in conjunction with the South African consulate to host a Confederations Cup kickoff event at Mulligans (159 1st Street, Hoboken). The event begins at 2pm and will feature an appearance from World Cup 2010 lead organizer Danny Jordaan.

If you plan on being glued to the TV to watch the tournament, you are in luck. Not only are the ESPN networks showing all 16 matches, but all 16 matches can be seen live on

Here is a full TV schedule for the Confederations Cup:



South Africa vs. Iraq (ESPN2, 9:55 a.m.); New Zealand vs. Spain (ESPN2, 2:25pm)


Brazil vs. Egypt(ESPN2, 9:55 a.m.); USA vs. Italy (ESPN, 2:55p.m.)


Spain vs. Iraq (9:55 a.m., ESPN2); South Africa vs. New Zealand (ESPN2, 2:55 p.m.)


USA vs. Brazil (ESPN2, 9:55 a.m.); Egypt vs. Italy (ESPN2, 2:55 p.m.)


Spain vs. South Africa (ESPN2, 2:25 p.m.); Iraq vs. New Zealand (ESPN2, 1 a.m., live on ESPN360)

SUNDAY, June 21st                                                                 

Egypt vs. USA (ESPN2, 2:25pm), Italy vs. Brazil(ESPN, 2:25pm)

WEDNESDAY, June 24th

Group A(Spain, Iraq, South Africa, New Zealand) 1st vs. Group A  (Brazil, Italy, USA, Egypt) 2nd (ESPN, 2:25pm)

THURSDAY, June 25th

Group B 1st vs. Group A 2nd (ESPN, 2:25pm)

SUNDAY, June 28th

Third Place Match (ESPN2, 8:55am)

Championship Match (ESPN2, 2:25pm)


SBI will provide previews, live commentaries and reviews for all USA matches so be sure to follow our coverage.

Are you looking forward to this tournament? Will you be watching games other than USA games? Who do you see winning the tournament?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Marcello Lippi’s pregame comments on the US.

    “They are different to the team we faced in Germany. The son of the Coach, Michael Bradley, is a very talented midfielder.

    “They still have Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey and DaMarcus Beasley, playing in a 4-4-2 with Donovan in support. USA are physically strong and we must take them on with great care.”

  2. US goes through with a 1-0-2 record

    US 1-0 Italy
    US 2-2 Brazil
    US 1-1 Egypt

    5 pts-Group winners

    Defeat South Africa in Semis 2-1
    Lose to Spain in AET 2-1 in Finals

  3. ESPN is going to be broadcasting all the top level football they can because it is going to have ZERO coverage of football until next summers world cup. MLS doesnt really count. Glad to see the games are on tv. I was hoping they would be on some network so I can watch some quality football.

  4. I dont think it matters what channel its on whether it be ESPN or ESPN2. Most people have both and flick to both when surfing the dial. Itd be nice if the ratings were high

  5. 0-3-0 with a goal differential of minus 5.

    That’s my predition for the USA 15 years on from plan 2010 written in part by a guy who is going to lead Portugal to missing it’s first big one since the 98 WC.

    PS- I may be being optimistic on the minus 5 goal differential

  6. I forgot that ESPN was based in Italy and/or Brazil. For whatever reason, I thought it was located in the United States, but now I do remember reading something about it actually being located in two locations, neither of which is even close to the US.

    Which would explain why the US is on ESPN2 and Brazil-Italy is on ESPN.

    But no, this will help the USMNT gain popularity. NOT showing their game will gain popularity. Showing two vastly superior countries who play styles that are unfamiliar and somewhat boring to the average American fan will definitely be a long-term plus for the US.

    THANKS ESPN!!!! =D

  7. Thank FIFA for making it easy on the television audience by putting all of the games on at the same times each day.

    The Brazil/Italy matchup will hopefully be good, I’ll be watching each 2:25 game on the weekdays, with the US/Brazil game being the exception. I made sure to take off work early for both of their games, unlike the World Cup when I had to sneak home for the Italy and Ghana games.

  8. going on holiday to St. Croix to chill in the sun, snorkel, hike and play golf and tennis. Probably won’t watch the matches but follow on-line commentary somehow. Only way I watch matches is if it rains

  9. Mike from Linden,

    In every tournament, the last day of the group stage the games are always at the same time so there would be no collusion if teams knew they just needed draws or things like that.

  10. why is the USA v EGYPT match on at the sametime as the Italy v Brazil match? I cant watch both at once!!!! WTF

  11. Any word on if the games will be in HD? Also, it’s interesting that Italy and Brazil will be on ESPN while the USA plays on ESPN2 .

  12. Even though the importance of this cup I debasble, there’s a lot of good football to be watched and I will be watching it.


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