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Confederations Cup Top 10 Goals

Admit it, you miss the Confederations Cup. You miss having international matches every day and the World Cup-like feel the tournament gave the month of June.

We can’t bring the tournament back, but we can take a look back at some of the more memorable moments, such as the tournament’s top goals. Here is a compilation of the Top 10 goals of the Confederations Cup (be warned, several were against the USA, including two from everybody’s favorite Italian American).

Enjoy the goals (and the Michael Jackson tribute music) before the video disappears:



  1. Did Brazil trade jerseys afer the game? I didn’t see too much of the aftermath– maybe you don’t do it after a tournament win. But it sure seemed like they were turning their backs on the US as our guys lingered…

  2. Where is Dempsey’s header?

    Well there is the glass half full view which would be that Howard stopped so many goals that only the most brilliant got by…

    Or the glass half empty which would be that our defense was so poor that everyone could score against us….

    I’ll go for the first but Howard was on the ground for the vast majority of that video clip!

  3. I’m not sure Howard is as good as Buffon and Casillas, but he was better in the tournament.

    However it’s not as if this wasn’t acknowledged. Howard did win the golden gloves, after all.

  4. Jozy’s shot was actually too close to the keeper (if Iker had just stuck his right arm out instead of guessing and being wrong-footed, he would ahve stopped it. Dempsey’s header should be converted 90% of the time by a quality striker in that position. I actually thought dempsey’s touch-goal against Brazil was more sublime.

    What all these goals illustrate to me is just how good Howard is. Buffon, Casillas and Julio Cesar are supposely the very elite keepers in the world, yet Casillas looked slow reading the SA free kick that scored, and both Julio Cesar and Casillas got wrong-footed on goals the US scored against them (though Julio Cesar had no chance at Donovan’s shot; but Casillas should have stopped the Altidore shot) while Buffon looked shaky when I saw him. If any of those 3 had faced the shots Howard faced, they would have let in another 3-5 goals.

  5. nice editing on Kaka’s goal. He goes over one defenders head when MJ sings over and under another defenders leg when mj sings under. That goal defintely should be ahead of all Italy’s goals 🙂

  6. wow. 5 or 6 of the top ten were against the US!!!!

    Either the US defense was so tight it required a lot of creativity to score, or it is a cause for concern for future tournaments.

  7. Kaka’s goal at #8 might be underrated – those are a couple of nice touches to get past the defenders before the shot.

  8. My favorite is the one that the poster had as #1 – the SA free kick vs Spain. That was a freaking thing of beauty!

  9. Great tribute to MJ. I thought the Rossi goal with him being 30 yards out should have been #1 and #2. Being on the move and having to beat a goal keeper from that far out is amazing.

  10. Maybe it was all three of Italy’s goals, and not a double dose of Rossi. Whatevs. All I know is we got pwnd on four of those goals. Oh well.

  11. Was it me, or was Rossi’s equalizer in there twice, along with his second (Italy’s 3rd)? I’d go back and look again, but there’s enough salt in that wound already, a-thank you very much.

  12. First!!!! What a tournament! I think that this year will changge the minds of what people use to think of the Confederations Cup. I feel a whole lot better about our national team set up for the World Cup 2010!!


    Spector Demerit Oneywu Bocanegra

    Bradley Jones

    Dempsey Donovan

    Altidore Davies

    World Beaters!!!


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