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Happy Father’s Day from SBI

Good morning all. I just wanted to take the time out to wish everyone a Happy Father's Day. Make sure to take some time out of your soccer-loving schedule to show your appreciation for the fathers in your life.

We'll be back later today with live commentary of the USA-Egypt match (as well as a separate Italy-Brazil post for those of you who refuse to watch the USA again).

Happy Father's Day.


  1. Pretty good “soccer father’s day”. My 10 YO dropped two and had an assist in his game, FCD beat Cbus the night before, and the US pulled out a thriller to advance!

  2. Right back at you Ives. Hope you’re having a good one. I couldn’t be happier after the unlikely results of today.

  3. Wow!! I guess Bradley forgot to pack his balls for this tournament. Same old drab selections. Dempsey looks like he’s ready for a vacation, Red-Cardo Clark needs to sit, and no playmaker. Where is the playmaker in this lineup from midfield, and no, Dempsey isnt one, despite the last 3 minutes against Brazil. The lineup leaves NO DOUBT, IMHO, of who is on the Bradley shyt list and whose not. Anything short of Dempsey commiting a double homicide keeps him in the lineup and im not even sure that would bench him under Bradley

  4. is that the confirmed line-up?…i would like to see torres for clark and let baby bradley be the DMF…and adu for dempsey just to see what the kid has…however, having said that i cant complain about that lineup if torres and adu at least see the field today…please no beasley and no casey…lets see torres and adu at least used as subs

  5. No Adu No Torres in the starting lineup???

    This lineup tells me Bob is worried that his ass is on the line in the next two games. Today we will be playinf for a 0-0 draw or with the hope that we can get a goal on a penalty.

    Desmpsey is one of my favorite players but even I can see that for right now he is all used up. At Fulham he plays within himself and is great on the USMNT he think he is Ronaldo or Maradonna. He should have been dropped for this game.

    I bet we’ll be seeing Beasley and Casey introduced at some point in this game, and no one else b/c the third sub in any game would be totally unnecessary.

    Who will get today’s red card?

    My bet is on Michael Bradley today.

    I need to stop noe before my head explodes!

  6. Guzan; Spector, Onyewu, DeMerit, Bornstein; Donovan, Clark, Bradley, Dempsey; Davies, Altidore

    Line Up for today – Davies is nice but still one to create for Jozy and Charlie. Awesome!!!! Bob is just killing me man.

  7. Happy Father’s Day to Ives and Bob Bradley. Don’t listen to the idiots BB; you’re a great manager, I think you can take us far.

    My dad was the one who got me into soccer. Him and my mom were both from Kenya and had me 9 years after they moved to America.

  8. Happy Father’s Day to you Ives and all the other fathers out there!

    also i agree with the sentiment hoping the MNT will show some heart and hustle!

  9. Fathers day huh?

    what are the over-unders on the JP Dellacamara mentioning the Bob-Michael Bradley connection….UGH!

  10. Happy father’s day to all the fathers out there. I wish my father enjoyed soccer, but he is clueless to it, so my wife and I will be glued to the tube at 2:30.

    “(as well as a separate Italy-Brazil post for those of you who refuse to watch the USA again).”

    Any “U.S. supporter” who refuses to watch the game should just go root for a world-power house and never put on the red white and blue again. Love your country, support your team, no matter how bad they suck.

  11. I’ll be watching the USA game with my Dad and brother, then out to eat with my grandparents, and then back home for Italy-Brazil on the dvr with my brother. Good day.

  12. Except seeing my son’s face, nothing will make me more happy today than seeing the US show some testicular fortitude in todays swan song. I dont care about the result, i just wanna see that they DO in fact care about wearing the national colors


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