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Jermaine Jones sidelined with hairline leg fracture

Jermaine Jones (Getty Images) 

If you were hoping to see Jermaine Jones suiting up for the U.S. national team some time soon, you will have to wait a while longer.

The Schalke 04 midfielder and aspiring U.S. national team player has been diagnosed with a hairline fracture in his left leg after undergoing a scan to find the source of some lingering pain. There is no timetable on Jones' return to action, but he could be out from six to eight weeks.

That timetable, as well as the time he would need to regain fitness and start playing club soccer again, could push back a potential U.S. national team debut to October. Jones still has to have his request for a change of national team approved by FIFA, but it is expected to be finalized by the Fall.

Also, in an interview with German magazine Kicker, Jones downplayed reports about new Schalke 04 manager Felix Magath's unhappiness with him switching from Germany to the United States (citing concerns about the added travel), stating that he had spoken to Magath and the coach understood his motives for playing for the United States.

What do you think of this news? Disappointed? Were you hoping he could be in Azteca in August? Not worried because the United States can beat anybody, with or without Jones?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. We don’t need him to beat Mexico. They’re terrible. And I wonder if the same guys posting here who “can’t wait for Jones” are the same guys who blast Rossi. I’m just saying…

  2. I’ve always liked Clark but thought that he needed a move abroad to smooth out the rough edges.

    If Rico can get a move abroad and then get some playing time then between him, Edu, Jones, Bradley, Benny and the jets, etc. the US should have some pleasant problems leading up to the WC.

  3. not worried at all. he’ll get here when he gets here, and he’ll make the desired difference when he does. Yeah, I’m on easy street, we can beat anyone.

  4. Too bad but the reality is that players get injured and players get cards. Adding Jones to bolster our line-up is definitely a plus

  5. Man,

    What’s with the injury bug to Jones and Edu? We could really have used Edu at the Confed Cup.

    The only silver lining is that we will have a lot of good center / defensive mids come WC 2010. Let’s see, we’ll have Bradley Jr, Feilhaber, Clark, Edu, Jones and don’t forget about Adu & Torres who are more suited to center than the wings.

    I wonder who on the Confed Cup roster won’t make the WC’10 roster with Jones and Edu joining. My vote is for DMB and Klestjan to not make it. The call is easy to make but I still hate that they sit because I still think they have a lot to give the Nats (provided they improve their form).

    Ives, after the Gold Cup, you should do a preliminary roster to see who the starters & backups should be for Azteca.

    For example, I can’t see Ching replacing Davies as the starting forward, but I do believe Ching will replace Casey as the forward sub off the bench (though Dempsey should be the first one to get moved to forward if Altidore/Davies are to sit).

    Also, I wonder where Adu & Torres fit in. Before the Spain game, I was all set to watch the 3rd place game so I could watch Adu / Torres in action.

    I still think that Adu / Torres will be called into action on Sunday if we are behind by a goal and need some offense (take Clark off and add Adu or Torres). No way BB should bring on Sacha or DMB. The extra “cover” that DMB brings was nowhere to be found and Sacha didn’t do much while he was on the field.

  6. the prospect of jones missing late summer qualifiers isn’t as disheartning based on ricos recent form. is it possible he would come as an observer to camp? get to know the guys? i think he’d be a bit more impressed by the competitive nature of his teammates seeing them before a game at azteca.

  7. I was hoping for some Azteca drama from him!

    But really, what better way for him to understand what it means to play for the US than to play in Azteca first game…

  8. I think in order for him to be an effective player for the US (gaining chemistry with the team) he needs as many games as possible. I don’t think it will be good for us to throw him in just for the WC camp. Also, we need as many games as we can to determine who actually is the best holding midfielder Clark, Edu, or Jones.

  9. maybe he’ll move to the EPL too now that his coach doesn’t like his American pride. Send him to Fulham! Let him and Dempsey create a partnership. Alitdore too! Fulham USA legacy!!!!!!

  10. Well lets wait and see, I think we can do it with this lineup against Mexico at the Azteca, Jones will be a plus but I rather have him 110% for this game or the other. So get your Rest Jone and Hope you get well soon.

  11. Well – I don’t know if I would’ve wanted his very first game with us to be in Azteca anyway.

    We’ll get him in there, and with the short leash we have in regards to red cards, we’ll need him!

  12. Unfortunate, but we should still have enough talent available to beat Mexico in Azteca provided we play our best.

  13. This isn’t the worst news. With the way the team is playing right now, better not to disrupt chemistry and a successful lineup before Azteca. This way, Jones can be introduced in our last few (hopefully meaningless) qualifiers in the fall.

  14. Wish he could fill in for Michael Bradley in the Confed cup final.

    If he can make a smooth transition in to the MNT, we could have a pretty decent looking midfield. Him and MB as starters and Rico and Benny for subs…not too shabby. If our back 4 can play anything like they have recently we could make some noise in the World Cup

  15. crap…i really wanted him in time for azteca but its all good.

    this is why you need can never be too deep.

  16. I thought the switch rule would start on Oct 1. So he couldn’t play until then anyway.

    “FIFA also did away with a rule that limited switching national teams to players 21 and younger. According to an e-mail message Monday from the American federation spokesman Neil Buethe, the lifting of the age restriction is effective Oct. 1.”

  17. This is ok. Let him rest and as long as he’s involved by the fall he will be all set for next summer. No doubt he should be on the team. Him and Bradley would make a great center midfield–two hard nosed players from the Bundesliga. Let Bradley go forward more. It will be great.


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