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Report: Jones eligible to play for USA in August

Jermaine Jones 1 (Reuters)


Schalke 04 midfielder Jermaine Jones will not have to wait until October to play international soccer as he will be eligible to play for the United States men's national team as of August 2.

According to a report, a FIFA employee misinformed U.S. Soccer about Jones' eligibility date, confusing it with a youth player club transfer rule that was changed the same day that the international switch age limit was removed.

"I can confirm that the decision to lift the age limit in Article 18 of the Regulations Governing the Application of the FIFA Statutes will come into effect 60 days after it was taken at the 59th FIFA Congress," said a FIFA spokesman to

What does this mean? Well, assuming that Jones' national team switch is approved by August 2, then he would be available to play for the U.S. when they take on rivals Mexico in a World Cup qualifier in Estadio Azteca on August 12.

Excited to hear that Jones could make the switch sooner? Do you think he should start against Mexico if he is eligible to play? Wishing he was with the team for the Confederations Cup?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. What makes you feel most American? Being with a 100,000 green and red fans screaming “murder the yanks.” He get an instant feel for the rivalry and what US soccer is all about, beating Mexico. Being in such an intense crowd and playing determined and angry opponents might begin to forge stronger ties between him and the rest of the US squad.

    People who fight together, against a deadly enemy, quickly become brothers in war and in sports.

  2. Giuseppe Rossie – Traitor – The USA was in desperate need of him and he chose the country that didn’t need him.

    Jermaine Jones – Defector – Germany didn’t need him and he chose the country that was in need of anything positive.

    On another note. A solid player like Jermaine in the middle makes for more room up front, where we’ve been hurting (a good way to win a game, is score more than the opponent)



    I know Hejduk is old, but, he’s still got it, him and McBride, that guy (at least with Fulham) just gets better with age.

  3. he’s ranked an 80 in fifa 09 that puts him tied as 2nd best USA player. 1st Howard 2nd Jones and Landon…..I say start him

  4. Has BB made any comment about this at all? It doesn’t matter what the fans think, he’s the one that has to make the call.

    Maybe he’s too busy worrying about the pending 3 and out to think about other players right now? I was thinking about this yesterday and the only positive thing I could think of is that even if we do go 3 and out, we most likely will finish ahead of New Zealand. At least he won’t have to say he coached us into a dead last finish with his “A” team

  5. Jack…. great points.

    I’m probably the biggest Jones fan out there, but for the stability of the team, he should not start immediately. He should be our first sub off the bench in his first 3 games or so. Unfortunately, Bob tends to wait to long to make his substitutions.

    As good as he is, he should have to earn his place at least a little bit, and win the respect of his teammates.

  6. By SonicdeathMonkey:To all you people who are including Adu in the lineup once Jones becomes eligible…ummmm, why? Bob Bradley doesn’t play him now, why would you think he’s going to start putting him in just because Jones is on the squad? Adu is not going to see the field unless Bradley goes, or unless he starts getting first team action somewhere. End of story. Quit dreaming.”

    To SDM: Then your in a certain way unknowingly explaining that their has been a boatload of Nepotism between bob and Michael. Here is why……Michael Bradley was getting 90 minute starts in the early 2007 Friendlies and the 2007 Gold Cup in the US deepest position..MB had yet to be a 90-minute starter for Heerenveen. in fact MB and Adu were about equal in league appaerances by the time of reaching exactly 20 years old, Bradley had 21 league appearences for Heerenveen and Adu had 20(maybe a few more not sure) with Benfica and Monaco. So the question becomes why cant Adu get more minutes with the US but MB in the exact sitaution 2 years ago gets all these Starts. when he wasent that impressive in the Gold Cup.Also whats harder to play with Benfica/Monaco or Heerenveen? Adu should be getting more chances……to balance the spectrum of favoritism.

  7. “That sets the wrong precedent and is a bad example for teammates, to show that someone completely new to the program can walk right in and start virtually on day one without proving himself or integrating with teammates.”

    Sorry man, I disagree. The best players should play. That’s the idea of the national team. He will have ample time to train and integrate before the actual match. He can train now if he wishes to. Simply put, we don’t have a holding mid to hold a candle to him. If he’s fit, he needs to play.

  8. TomP:

    Read my post at the top of the 2nd page of comments.

    Also, everyone, his attitude stuff is overblown. Think Warren Sapp, not Terrell Owens. Think Charles Oakley, not Dennis Rodman. Think Papelbon, not Bonds.

  9. Regardless of his accomplishments so far he needs to win the job in camp. His presence will motivate other to do better as well. I have confidence that our coaching staff will do the right thing. I’m sure he’s welcome here.

  10. We need to get Bob Bradley out of here. If the Confederations Cup is a test run for the World Cup, then we are in trouble. We got matched up against an African, a European, and a South American team and I honestly see us going t3 and out. We need to bring in a high profile coach who a least has the professionalism to wear a suit.

  11. Lets get used to a bradley, jones partnership for years to come. This is great for the usa. Hopefully he can be a leader and put these other players in the zone. Now we need Edgar Castillo to switch cuz are lb situation is far from good

  12. Why would you not start a newly available player if he’s the best option at that position? That’s what national teams are all about; the USMNT player pool changes all the time.

    As for his lack of fluency in English, reports I read suggest that his English is in fact much better than he personally gives himself credit for. Besides, our resident polyglot Donovan will make life easier in that regard. It would be really funny to see Jones railing at the Mexicans in German, with Landon doing the translation into Spanish. Besides, that would just be another reason to hire Klinsmann.

  13. In a non-related note, US mid Torres will be transferred to La Coruña in La Liga; one more in Europe! Mexican standout Omar Bravo will be sent back to Mexico or possibly Chivas USA.

  14. To add to this thought, if I’m USSF I’d have Jones ON A PLANE TO S. AFRICA YESTERDAY, if not to actually participate in training (that might be too disruptive — but even so, maybe worth a try) then at least to meet the team, hang out, watch the games in person, etc.

  15. I don’t know the exact timeline, but Conor Casey got called up after having not played for the national team for years, was with the team for considerably less than 10 days, and started. Granted he had previous experience with several of the players and coaches, but if he can do it, that would lead me to believe Jones could as well.

    Posted by: The Other Alex | June 17, 2009 at 03:47 PM

    Other Alex-

    Bob actually called up Conor back in Nov 08 and gave him a cap AS A SUB against Guatemala in the WCQ in Denver. Then he called him again in June as a replacement and gave him the start vs. Honduras.

    Bob handled Thorrington in a similar way. First call up in years and got a sub appearance in a qualie, then next call was for a start.

    Bob has given several players starts in their first US caps, but all were in friendlies (or for the Copa America B Team) as far as I remember: Bornstein, Demerit, Simek, Parkhurst, Moor, Wynne, E. Robinson, Perkins, Guzan, Feilhaber, Kljestan, Edu, Rogers,

    Michael Orozco got his first cap as a starter in a WCQ, but it was after he had been called to several previous rosters.

    All that being said, Bob’s previous tendencies don’t tell us much here because most of those guys were broken in when we had the luxury of time. Being a year from the World Cup with limited high quality matches available Bob has precious little time to experiment.

    So, he should get Jones into camp asap and should start him in Azteca unless something goes wrong.

    Depending on Jones/Schalke, it might be good to put him in the Gold Cup camp, even though it won’t be all the regulars — it still gives him as much prep time as possible before the Mexico game.

    Btw, there can not be any rule against inviting whoever you want to _train_ with your team regardless of their eligibility to actually play for you. To take a made-up example, let’s say USSF hired David Villa, Fernando Torres, etc. to come to US camp for a week and teach our guys how to finish — can you imagine any rule that would prevent this? No. USSF could have whoever they want come and join in training for whatever purpose. No problem.

  16. To all those who responded to my last comment about not starting Jones on August 12th against Mexico:

    Thanks for the responses, epsecially to those who kept it polite. I know that this isn’t the AYSO, and I’m not concerned about player feelings getting hurt.

    I’m concerned about team chemistry and cohesion, which are factors that are often overlooked and immeasurable on paper.

    How will the players react if Jones walks into the starting line-up immediately upon gaining eligibility? Will this be good for team chemistry? There’s no doubt Jones is talented enough to start, all I’m saying is he should have to earn his spot on our team before being handed a job based on his resume.

    A big reason why our team was so successful in the 2002 WC is because it was such a cohesive unit and everyone played for each other. This is an underrated factor, and I wan’t to make sure it doesn’t get undermined upon the initial inclusion of Jones.

    I want the same thing as all of you, which is to see the USA do well.

  17. after reading the comments i have the following.

    1) i am amazed at the people who believe adu is still a golden god of a footballer.

    2)i think clark is getting a hard knock and that he is equitable to edu in the dcm slot. that said jones entering the picture probably pushes him out of a WC roster spot if MB, edu, and jones are healthy.

    3)what are yalls thoughts on the world cup roster. i know its early but how many spots are mailed in and who is standing outside looking in.

  18. hell yeah!!!! this is great news. the line up is simple:

    GK: Howard

    RB: Spector
    CB: DeMerit
    CB: Onyewu
    LB: Boca

    CDM: Bradley
    CDM: Jones
    LM: Torres
    RM: Dempsey
    CAM: LD

    ST: Altidore

    Subs: Adu, Edu (healthy?), Feilhaber, or Davies

    I believe it would be smart to call in Michael Orozco since we are short on left backs.

  19. Get him in Gold Cup camp. Even if he can’t play. See how he fits in, start to integrate him with the other players. Then go from there.

  20. I think all of this is fascinating. What a great story. I hope he comes in, causes a terrible amount of controversy and consistently gets the USMNT on sportscenter. Even if he ends up being hated, people always turn on their TV’s to watch a notorious athlete. Any press is good press.

  21. I cannot believe that I just read the following excerpt:

    “Another example is where Bradley = Pirlo and Jones = Gattuso. Both CMs, but one is a badass who takes names and stops momentum, while the other is crafty, a great passer, in the right place at the right time, and a sneaky shot.”

    Bradley = Pirlo? What are you smoking? Bradley is not a great passer of crafty. Did you see his feeble attempt at a left footed shot against Italy? Oh, that’s called sneaky…I see.

  22. I can’t see how not being with the team should preclude him from playing. How long had it been since Conor Casey had been in the US camp, but garnered a start against Honduras? Bottom line – put the best 11 on the field. If he’s not better than the others, don’t play him. If he is, give him his due and play him.

    The only message that needs to be sent is we play the best players available.

  23. I’ve seen some posts where people seem concerned that he could be a bad personality in the lockerroom and not gel with the team. Here are my thoughts:

    Worst Case Scenario: He doesn’t work out…we’re back with what we have now.

    Best Case Scenario – He gives us a much needed boost on closing space, helping on the attack, making much more accurate passes. The team improves because of him and he and Bradley have a field day going after opposing attackers in the midfield.

    Sorry, but I’ll go ahead and risk him having a chip on his shoulder to see what happens. Besides, if he starts yelling at his own players they proably won’t be able to understand him anyways!

  24. For Bradley NOT to play Adu is a disgrace. Whether he’s playing first time football or not, he is head and shoulders above the rest of the team in creativity. he had the pace and the vision to make something out of nothing and isn’t afraid to shoot from outside the 18. I have nothing against Bradley, but he needs to take his head from his @$$ when it comes to Adu. He already has the chemistry with Bradley Jr. and Altidore and would give us our best chance to start scoring more goals. And just to stay on topic…Jones is good.

  25. Even though he is a good player, and already “our” best destroyer/pure D-Mid on paper, I do have some misgivings because the US is a consolation prize to him and I’m afraid this will be David Regis part 2 (I know the circumstances are different though).
    However, if he makes the effort to ingratiate himself with his teammates and coaches (I’ve never heard he is a bad teammate) and doesn’t act like because he is somewhat a star in the Bundesliga, the entire squad and staff should cow down to his presence, I won’t object to his inclusion.
    As for him playing against Mexico in Azteca – I think it all has to do with how he looks in the prior camp (assuming he is allowed to switch and is invited to camp), if he looks far and above better than everyone else, than start him, if he looks rusty from the offseason, or seems to be on a different page from his teammates, than I leave him on the bench.

  26. Bob Bradley won’t be able to screw this up if he’s not the coach anymore. After three losses in the Confederations Cup, Klinsmann will be appointed head coach because he actually played and coached at the highest levels AND he speaks german to help out Jones’ transition.

    Posted by: Sterlinho | June 17, 2009 at 02:21 PM

    You say that as if the USSF is going to follow through. A three and out in a tournament where the U.S. is in a group with Italy and Brazil, while dissapointing, is nothing to fire a coach over.

    If Juergenn Klinsmann couldn’t beat Italy wiht a full strength German side, than why do people think he can do it with an American side missing 4-5 starters? I understand setting your sights high, but dont get frustrated with the team when they don’t reach the goal

  27. To all you people who are including Adu in the lineup once Jones becomes eligible…ummmm, why? Bob Bradley doesn’t play him now, why would you think he’s going to start putting him in just because Jones is on the squad? Adu is not going to see the field unless Bradley goes, or unless he starts getting first team action somewhere. End of story. Quit dreaming.


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