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Kaka set to join Real Madrid

Kaka 2 (AP) 

Real Madrid has set out to capture a boat-load of the world top soccer players this summer and is closing in on its first major signing, with Brazilian star Kaka set to join the Spanish giants after passing a physical on Monday.

So how much is Kaka costing? Try £56 million (almost $90 million), smashing the old transfer record set when Zinedine Zidane joined Real Madrid from Juventus for £47m (about $75.5 million) in 2001.

What do you think of Kaka's move to Real Madrid? Disappointed to see him leave AC Milan? Does Kaka make Real Madrid the favorite in Spain, or is Barcelona still the choice? Who do you see AC Milan buying with all that money?

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  1. “I BELONG TO JESUS” : for 90 million US, and a list of demanded players including my brother.

    for some reason I dont remember those instructions for life in the bible or remember the story when Jesus transfered to another club team for a world record amount of money… BTW, no one is worth this money and Real doesnt need another star, could have got 4 or 5 very good players who are workhorses for that fee, but I guess this is what Real does.

  2. Not a big Kaka fan, even less so after his insane list of demands were posted. Sad they were met, and doubly sad for all his posturing about “being the next Maldini” at Milan earlier.

  3. Kaka for £56 million! Amazing and we’re suppose to be in tough times!

    I’d take Messi for that price, I’d even take Iniesta (sp) but Kaka? I’ll sit back and watch with interest.

    Why not take the idiot Ronaldo (Christiano) and save us Brits having to watch his sychronised diving for another season!


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