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Late own-goal gives D.C. United draw at Seattle

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The Seattle Sounders looked well on their way to another home victory when Fredy Montero cooly slipped a shot inside the left post to give Seattle a 3-1 lead on D.C. United, but a fierce comeback by D.C. helped the Eastern Conference leaders escape Qwest Field with a point.

Halftime substitute Christian Gomez brought D.C. United within a goal with a second-half strike before Tyrone Marshall headed a Chris Pontius cross into his own net in the 87th minute to help give D.C. United a 3-3 tie on Wednesday night in one of the more exciting matches of the MLS season.

Seattle dominated play for much of the match after overcoming an early goal from Pontius. Osvaldo Alonso blasted a long-range strike for the equalizer before a Marc Burch own-goal gave the Sounders the lead.

Montero made the score 3-1 with a dribble through the D.C. defense before sliding a left-footed shot past Josh Wicks in the 57th minute. Six minutes later, Gome started the comeback with his third goal of the season.

Surprised to see Seattle blow a two-goal lead? Impressed with Gomez's second-half performance? Starting to believe in D.C. as a serious title contender?

Share your thoughts on the match below.


  1. I was at the game as well. First one for me. Great event from the march to final whistle. I am surprised at Emilio coming from an offside position for the assist on Gomez’s goal. I checked it on the highlights on MLS’s site to make sure. It was close, but still there.

    However, the subs all made sense at the time. Seattle just has only one solid defender, and hasn’t learned how to close out games. Alonso once again showed he is a stud, too bad for Cuba.

  2. As with many of the comments on this post, I, too, am hugely disgusted with ESPN. The U.S. is in a huge campaign right now to bring the World Cup back to the States – our only downfall, according to FIFA, is that this country lacks passion for the sport. Last night would have been a great opportunity to show that we do have passion. Anyone who has attended a Sounders game this season will know what I’m talking about. And clearly in the late replay of the game last night, viewers had to have seen and felt it as well. Thanks for nothing ESPN!

  3. If we can come out of this week with two wins and a draw, I’ll be thrilled. Great job on offense, defense wasn’t up to par. Also whoever threw that bottle at wicks at the end is not representative of sounders fans at all.

    …but wicks still licks dicks.

  4. Stupid college baseball game…thank god for or would have missed the first 60 minutes of this match. Great game. Disappointed the Sounders didn’t close the deal. Mos def should have held back and played a more counter attacking style when they went up 3 – 1. Very nice to see Alonso back in there doing work in the mid. Wicks had some killer saves. Glad to see the Sounders pull their heads out, still shoudl have won the game. Can’t wait for Saturday’s match.

  5. Sigi screwed the pooch on his subs last night. If he’d done his home work, he’d have known that DC are the comeback kings and play some of their best ball in the final minutes of the game. I don’t think the own goal can be blamed on Marshall…that cross was going into the net either off of his head or a DC player’s head. Just bad luck for him.
    ESPN has zero respect for soccer as is evident by their practices and their willingness to let their commentators bad mouth the sport at every opportunity. I saw my buddy Skip making fun of soccer on sports center just before a UEFA cup match. I’m sure nobody at ESPN reprimanded him for it. He might as well have said, “Go ahead and turn off ESPN and don’t drink Heinken…”
    I hope Fox Soccer Channel will go HD in the near future and give us a reliable source for our MLS and EPL fixes.

  6. Besides that they are playing that college game on ESPNU right now.
    Where is the re-broadcast of the Game of the WEEK!?
    ESPN doesnt care. But its not enough to care. They need to show it on TV.

  7. ESPN did not show the game on Classic. I checked last night. Also the baseball game went on into the 14th inning. The MLS Game of the Week was going into halftime at that point. Not everyone can get ESPN 360 because it depends on who your cable provider is.
    ESPN should’ve switched over to soccer by the 12th inning and then given the score for the baseball game after they finally managed to score.

  8. Let’s be fair to ESPN – it is always policy to finish a currently airing game before going on to the next. If an MLS game runs long for whatever reason, then they will stick with it to the end before bringing in the next programming. It’s not their fault that the college baseball game went long (blame UVA for that – so many failed chances to end it in the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, etc.).

    Do I like what happened? No. But that doesn’t make it right to place all the blame on ESPN. I think part of it is going to have to come down to MLS adding a clause saying that the competing teams’ local broadcasters can air a preempted national match until it comes back to the national airwaves (i.e. using CSN Mid-Atlantic and whatever station Seattle broadcasts on to simulcast the ESPN broadcast until it returns to ESPN’s airwaves).

    Also, I know that when this happens ESPN usually puts the match on ESPN Classic until it can move back to the Deuce. Yeah, I know, not everyone has ESPN Classic. But they’re at least making an effort to broadcast the game somewhere (it was also on

    That said, I don’t want to see ESPN crying over low ratings for MLS when half the matches are getting partially preempted – I know I gave up trying to watch at about 11:30 PM EDT last night. But to say that ESPN doesn’t care is just wrong.


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