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Manchester City after Tevez

Carlos Tevez 1 (Getty Images)



Just one day after signing midfielder Gareth Barry from Aston Villa to a $17 million deal, Manchester City has revealed that they are interested in Manchester United forward Carlos Tevez.

Tevez has been the talk of much transfer speculation over the past few weeks as United appear unwilling to cough up the reported $45.5 million necessary to keep him at Old Trafford. With Tevez 's two-year loan deal now expired, Manchester City, who are ready for a busy summer in the transfer market, has expressed interest.

"Carlos Tevez is a good player. If good players become available then obviously every manager is interested," said Manchester City manager Mark Hughes to Sky Sports News.

The Argentine forward scored five goals in 29 Premier League games this season, of which he started 18.

What do you think of Tevez potentially signing with City? How dangerous would a Robinho-Tevez pairing be? Should Tevez wait for a better option?

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see ‘pool swoop in for Tevez. Sir Alex would throw a piper of a fit. I believe Kia once owned Mascherano too, and it has worked well for him on Merseyside. Tevez could play in the supporting role behind Torres and Stevie G could slot back to a traditional midfield role in front of Mascherano. ‘Pool will have cash too, because they have pieces like Babel, Riera, Kuyt, Benayoun, Plessis, and Voronin that they may be able to cash in on. Just a quip..

  2. Chelsea didn’t ‘come from the ashes’. They were consistently knocking on the door of the top 3. Notice how they had a CL berth before Abramovic came along. You could liken their pre-Abramovic position to Everton’s over the last 5 years or so.

  3. timmyg- the situation tevez is in w/ his agent is very common in argentina. 3rd parties are a way of everyday business down south. so just get over it. it’s all about the money, regardless.

  4. Whoever made the KIA J… point is spot on. How do you buy a players rights if you are not even a club. Maybe in Argentina this is common but this is the first time i’ve seen it be so out there. Are Messi, Aguero, Crespo, etc… owned by third parties to? I saw him on Sky Sports and I couldn’t help but feel dirty after watching the interview. This guy is like an “advisor” of sorts I guess. But man he has his hand way deep in Tevez pocket. I guess Tevez sold his soul to this guy.

  5. They can have the troglodyte. Hopefully this will keep ‘pool away from him and put their interest back in somebody who won’t be a pain in the ass for that kind of pricetag

  6. Big pay days don’t say it all…. how many top players were sought by Man City this year and turned the team down???? A LOT! There’s something about the team that’s keeping the absolute top talent away.

  7. I can see the conversation now:

    Agent: “Well, Carlos, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that you’re moving to a side with a lot of new attacking talent that will be pushing for European competition after next year, plus you’ll be featured prominently in the attack.”

    Tevez: “Great! I can’t wait to get out of this shithole town and move to a really great location. What’s the bad news?

    Agent: “You’ve been bought by Manchester City.”

  8. EDB brings a good point up about Spurs… i’m a spurs supporter and i freely admit that i and other spurs supporters talked a big game because we were buying all this top talent. its great to have money and to bring in talented players, but a new team always needs time to figure out how to mesh together.

    there is no guarantee that tevez and robinho can play together. that would be my concern if i were a city supporter. im far more confident of barry being able to help this team, and i think thats a great addition… not only because hes the kind of player city needs but it also makes aston villa that much weaker.

    it will take a few seasons to break into the champions league, but this is a step in the right direction.

  9. Clint Dempsey can either carve a little niche at Fulham and become a LEGEND ala McBride or Saha or with a terrific next season, he could be moving up to a club like Everton or West Ham.

  10. Everton and AV will be fighting Arsenal for the 4th spot.

    Fulham, Man City, Tottenham will be fighting for European football for next season.

    It will take years for MAN CITY to rise. Paying high wages won’t guarantee that/

  11. People seem to forget that Chelsea came from pretty much the ashes too…Man City can very well be the “fifth team” in the prem if they take similar steps…money talks…

  12. Nearly 50 mil for Tevez and his 5 goals in 29 games?!

    Then that means Dempsey and his 7 goals in is worth what, $55-60 mil?

    LOL. Tevez is a hard-worker and a good player, but he’s not worth damn near $50 mil. Overrated and on top of that, he looks like one of the cavemen from the Geico commercials.

  13. I was wrong about the acedemies but i prefer to root for a team like everton or aston villa that don’t just try to break the bank on every acquisition. I don’t blame Barry for taking a payday but I do blame him for the fact that all this past year he has sold that he wanted to leave villa because he wanted champions league play. If he would have said just for more money I am sure people would be less putt off by the move.

    Now villa with the losses for villa i am not sure how they will be in the top 6 again next year. Their top centerback and now their top center mid.

  14. Tevez seems to fit what Mark Hughes is trying to build. Setting aside Robinho for a moment, I think Tevez – Bellamy – Ireland is some very good, and workman-like, fire power. It’s not enough to have talent, the player must fit the team. Tevez would fit.

    Tevez could be a huge City hero for 5 years and never forgotten. It’s not the worst place for him to go. He’s a great player, but he’s not Messi, Iniesta or Kaka.

    He won’t warm the bench at City, and he could certainly warm the crowd.

    Criminy, I like watching his industrious play, how could he go to the wrong team in town?

  15. Tevez and Robinho both use the same space on attack. I don’t know if Robho will like this move. For City, Tevez is a giant step up.

  16. Why is this even a discussion?

    Tevez is owned by a third party, which is completely illegal.

    Tevez should be banned for a year, and Kia Joorabchian should be banned for life to send a message.

    How WestHam, ManU, and now City(?) get away with this is mind-boggling. Oh, wait, the Premiership is as corrupt as Serie A.

  17. It’s jsut a matter of time before City start challenging the top four. No matter what people say. Why would a player in their right mind pass up a huge paycheck to play for a team with incredibly passionate fans and the potential to in the near future be a power in European football?

    Stop with the hate. Things change. Deal with it. City is coming for Everton and Villa first and then the big four. It would be nice to have a big 5 by the way. That would add some drama to the season with one of the powers being left out of the Champions League. It would make every game of the season that much more pressure packed.

  18. City has one of the best youth systems in the UK – Ireland and Wright-Phillips are an example of two that have come through in recent years to contribute. City has won the Youth FA Cup once, been to the finals once and the semi-finals once in the last four years. They are taking care of that part of the equation.

    It seems to me that the biggest critics of City’s spending are Big Four fans. It’s almost like they feel they have a Gog given right to always be at the top and how dare little City think they can compete.

    We aren’t going back to a day when money doesn’t rule the day. So the more teams that can compete for the top talent the better.

    (yes, I am a City fan, but I would feel the same way if it were any other “small” EPL team that was trying to challenge the status quo).

  19. So what you are saying is that even with all the $$$$ they have to spend on players it will never work? That might be the case. BUT if they continue to buy people like Barry/Tevez and keep Elano/Richards/Dunne/etc… The top 6 or 7 is very doable in my opinion. After that you are in Europe and the $$$$ will help again. So I can see a plan being sold to players and them coming in based on that. Some might want to build something from the ground up and cash in at the same time.

  20. Quality academies… do you even know what you’re talking about?

    City has the BEST academy in the EPL or at least Top 3. They won the Academy title a year ago and they have talent oozing from that player pool. The Big 4 buy (steal) their foreign talent @ 17 or later (Macheda, Obi Mikel, etc) and then put them in their system. Looks like City is trying to supplement their homegrown talent with World Class subs.

  21. I think it would be awesome if they land Tevez. Seriously, i want them to screw with the big 4 as much as possible. Just outspend your way to the top, Chelsea style.

  22. all the haters on here are ridiculous. EDB, how many Liverpool and Chelsea players came out of there academies??? you can count on one hand for both. City have one of (if not THE) top academy in the Prem right now…

    Facts are facts… you have to sign top players to even think about challenging in the Prem… that is what city are trying to do, and if the players are going to give it a shot, even if it is “just for the money,” more power to them…

    how many posters on here would turn down Barry’s 100,000 quid per week? hmmm let’s see… ZERO. let’s not hate on the players… especially Tevez, who, to be fair, was third or fourth choice at United last season.

  23. Man City is making the same statements that the spurs were making last year. It takes more then just some high priced players to start competing with the big 4. you need the coach that can make people understand their place, good depth which comes from quality academies. I really hope they sink next year.

  24. I think Tevez could take a step back in his career (like Robinho) if he isn’t playing for one of the best teams in Europe. Man U to Man City is going backwards, even if he bags 5 more goals next season, starts every game and they finish 6th or something.

    Agreed, EDB. But Barry has been wanting out out of Aston Villa for a long time. But for Man City?? There’s no wind for footballing sails at Man City!
    If Man City does well next year, remember the former statements. But I’ll bet my first son that they don’t finish better than 6th.

  25. They may not be in European competition this year, but they are still competing in the EPL, League Cup, and F.A. Cup. Whats drawing players to this club is the aggressive nose for scooping up the best players in the world.

    I am definitely hoping that Tevez will be a citizen. That will be an exciting club.

  26. I don’t get why people would want to play for Man City if they are a top talent. They aren’t in any European competition. The whole Barry thing really changed my view of him.


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