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Mexico calls up B Team for Gold Cup

Carlos Vela ( 

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If you were thinking you might see the U.S. men's national team's B Squad defeat a Mexico A team for the Gold Cup title next month, it won't be happening.

Mexico is also sending a B team, with youngsters Carlos Vela and Giovani Dos Santos the only European-based players called into the squad for the July tournament. Playing in a group that includes Nicaragua, Panama and Guadeloupe, Mexico is still considered one of the favorites to reach the final, set for July 26 at Giants Stadium.

Here is the Mexico Gold Cup roster:

Goalkeepers: Oscar Perez (Tigres UANL), Guillermo Ochoa (America), Jose de Jesus Corona (Tecos UAG)

Defenders: Efrain Juarez (Pumas UNAM), Jose Antonio Castro (UANL), Jonny Magallon (Guadalajara), Edgar Duenas (Toluca), Juan Carlos Valenzuela (America), Ismael Rodriguez (America), Fausto Pinto (Cruz Azul)

Midfielders: Israel Martinez (San Luis), Gerardo Torrado (Cruz Azul), Israel Castro (UNAM), Luis Miguel Noriega (Puebla), Giovani Dos Santos (Tottenham Hotspur)

Forwards: Alberto Medina (Guadalajara), Pablo Barrera (Pumas), Carlos Esquivel (Toluca), Jose Maria Cardenas (Pachuca), Carlos Vela (Arsenal), Omar Arellano (Guadalajara), Omar Bravo (UANL), Miguel Sabah (Morelia).


The U.S. roster for the Gold Cup is set to be released later this week, and while it is expected to have more European-based players than Mexico's roster, it will be missing starters such as Tim Howard, Landon Donovan, Michael Bradley, Oguchi Onyewu and Clint Dempsey.

What do you think of this Mexico squad? Were you hoping for a stronger team? Will you enjoy a USA victory over Mexico even if it is B teams meeting in the Gold Cup final? Think red-hot Costa Rica can knock off the traditional powers and take the trophy?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Oh, and we might get to see “El Gringo” Castro(José Antonio, ancient right back in the Hejduk mold) taking on his US “tocayo” El Gringo Torres.

  2. I know hardly anybody is looking in this late, but as to US, Mexico and perhaps others sending A2 or B teams: I know a lot of Mexican teams are in preseason and I would guess European teams are too. In most of the world it looks like players get some of June off and they’re back in camp. Mexico’s (split) season basically runs from early August to late May, and I would guess European seasons are something like that.

    So, most players need a break or they could burn out(remember Figo in 2002?) and players who have a chance to work their way into a European club need to be there. What club wants to have a player missing for a meaningless tournament when they could be seeing how that player might fit in their plans?

    Domestic league players, in any country, present less of a challenge as most clubs want their country to do well internationally. For teams in the hex this probably means evaluating the second and third string. For teams that are out, it means putting in players who could help you for 2014 with a little veteran leadership to guide them along.

    Not to say that every team and every player doesn’t want to do well, but the grand scheme of things has to be considered.

    And, oh yeah we’re having this tournament because it’s a cash cow for Concacaf.

  3. This team that Mexico is fielding is actually better than the one used in qualifiers. I expect Mexico to win this. This team reminds me of the Copa America 2007 team that finished in 3rd place, it is young and hungry. I mean Sven used Carlos Ochoa as the main striker against the US. He is was so bad for Chivas he was sent to their second division team. Sven needed to get fired just for that.

  4. Is the Azteca match being played on the weekend?

    A little history. The original five teams that used the Estadio Azteca way back when, before they had their own stadiums, relocated, or disappeared altogether, where: Club America, Necaxa, Cruz Azul, Atlante, and Atletico Espanol. They all played during weekend afternoons, and two of them built dynasties around that schedule, Cruz Azul in the 70’s and America in the 80’s. Since most of the players for the National Team where picked from these teams at the time, they would schedule the MNT’s matches on weekend afternoons for obvious reasons. It worked! Mexico won time and time again against the US (and everyone else in the region and sometimes beyond), using that early time slot, and as we all know, remains unbeaten!
    After Cruz Azul left to their own stadium, and America moved their games to later in the evening a lot of the mojo went with them!
    Being that Javier Aguirre was part of the midfield in that 80’s America dynasty, he will no doubt feel at home having the MNT play at that time.
    Also, the heat factor, some would argue, benefits Mexico!

  5. “Remember, Mexico is still the only CONCACAF team that has won the Gold Cup on foreign soil.”

    I think Canada’s Gold Cup win in 2000 in the USA might have something to say about that.

  6. Beto-

    I don’t think ANYTHING in soccer is “easy” these days, and until Mexico wins against the U.S. convincingly, any US team will have the upper hand, especially in matches played in U.S. soil.

    What I find disturbing is this arrogant/dismissive attitude of some when it comes to any tournament where the two regional powers can meet and test each other.

    The bubbles rising to the head and clogging the senses because of the U.S. win against Egypt must be kept in check!

    Anyway, very excited to see Dos Santos and Vela together again! Hopefully this will be the tournament where they find the magic that won Mexico the U-17 WC!

    By the way, beautiful article on Carlos Vela on the official Arsenal website where just today on of his goals got voted no.#29 on a list of the 50 greatest goals ever scored in that teams history!

    Check it out:

  7. According to Goff, Santino Quaranta will be called in for the US!! Anyone else excited about this?

    He definitely deserves a look. He has been (according to the poll on Soccer Insider) United’s MVP this season, and at 24 is still very young, but experienced having come into the league at 16. I’d like to see him score some goals and cement his place in our “B” team at least! His crossing abilities are good reason to start him, along with his consistent effort and good technical skills. He can also take set pieces and gets back to defend well.

    I’m stoked! Good for Tino!

  8. Mexico will win the Golden Cup so easy , all this young players will give their maximum effort to fill the eye to Aguirre and be considered for next Aug12th , the 11th that will play the matches of the cup will be:
    ——– Corona ————————

    for sure a great team , even better than the one that is being playing in qualifiers…..
    by the way do you know that the match in Azteca will be at 3pm central time ?? WTF !!!! why is not at night??? somebody knows why ??

  9. Rastafari + Brent McD

    My thoughts exactly.

    CONMEBOL is insane. If USA can get into competition with South American nations, then we’ll be prime for World Cup every time. Not doing so is selling ourselves short.

  10. Hey Martha, what do you call a German NT reject that wants to play in a World Cup before he retires?

    Jermain Jones

    Martha, do you think Feilhaber saluted the Brasilian flag during the US vs Brasil game?


    I see everybody’s feeling better around here after the US pulled off a miracle on Sunday. I’m glad everybody is feeling happy and confident but it’s funny how quickly people forget how bad the US has played going back to the El Salvador game.

    Contrary to what Ives will have you believe, most of the world’s media thinks Egypt did more, over a span of three games, to advance. Now, I don’t personally agree with that sentiment because even though the US got pummeled by Brasil and Italy, the score didn’t quite reflect what happened on the pitch.

    With that said, you guys can’t keep hoping for other results to go your way to get out of the group stages because at some point your luck is going to run out.

    About Mexico’s roster, Mexico doesn’t even know what their A team is, like Plinio said, they’ve had a ton of injuries and suspensions over the past 2.5 years not to mention the coaching changes.

    This is a young team but a very good one.

    Remember, Mexico is still the only CONCACAF team that has won the Gold Cup on foreign soil.

    That’s a reminder to all those US fans that overlook the fact that the Gold Cup is always played here in the US. Get a little perspective, please.

  11. Totally disagree that this is a waste of time. Teams like the US and Mexico will use this tournament to evaluate players for WC2010; a lot of the players on both teams are fringe A players. There’s plenty of experience on the Mexican team, it’s NOT a U23 squad by any means.

    Bob Bradley almost never has a chance to do this. Hopefully most of the other teams will take their opportunity to do well and send a strong team, even if they are looking at fringe players as well. There is still pride on the line, so hopefully the competition will be better than your typical friendly.

    Let’s see what the young guns can do!

  12. The reason their A team is more like their B team these days, is that Mexico hasn’t fielded a REAL A team since Copa America! Players are either injured, red carded, or rotated because of their participation in the different European championships. Plus they’ve had four different coaches since then, all with different player preferences. Mexico is going through a transition period right now, just like Argentina, Peru, Colombia, France and many other footballing nations. And maybe, just maybe, we will start going through one sooner than we think! Weather for better or for worse, is something that will probably become clearer after tomorrow’s game.

  13. CONCACAF really should play this tournament every four years, not every two. Ridiculous that the top two countries (US & Mex) are sending their ‘B’ teams to a continental championships

  14. CONCACAF needs to srtike a deal with CONMEBOL and fold the two tournies into COPA America..

    The gold cup has no lustre

  15. If some of you knew anything about history like the guy here who said the four Superliga participants were “four of mexico’s top teams” you would know that in the 2005 Gold Cup right in the middle of qualifying Mexico sent a “B” team also. Why this is a surprise to some of you is shocking.

    This tournament much like Superliga is a waste of time. At least this may give a Central American or Caribbean team a shot to win the thing which would be good for CONCACAF and a nice story.

  16. I think only one of the “Big 2” teams will make the final, and I have a prediction – one of the second tier nations wins it.

  17. Hey Ives,

    Which team has a bigger drop off from A team to B team, USA or Mexico?

    My thinking would be USA, but I don’t know much about Mexican soccer.

  18. I think the title of the article is a bit misleading. While this may not be Mexico’s best team, it is still pretty good; it is more of an A-2, rather than a B team. It is important to emphasize this because I wouldn’t want to hear anymore excuses from Mexico when they lose in this tournament. USA is not bringing in it’s best players as well, whcih levels the playing field. Despite the absence of the region’s best players (or may I say the USA and Mexico’s best players), the Gold Cup would still be fun to watch since there would be no clear favorites. Just maybe, Costa Rica, Honduras or even Canada can sneak in and pull off a surprise.

  19. @ Rekro hates Rossi:
    “He’s said before that he’ll never play for the US, even if they called him in, he said he wouldn’t go.”

    Sure, and Subotic once said he wanted to play for the US. Soumare was holding out for the US over Mali until he learned how long it would take for him to get citizenship. Situations change, and players and federations have to respond to those conditions.

    Castillo may be reassessing his options if he wants to play international ball. There’s absolutely no reason for the USSF not to ask again given this possibility that FIFA has offered.

  20. Looks like everyone is treating this as a “Player development” tournament. Certainly Mexico is in the doldrums and they need to identify some new blood to bring into the “A” team. The USA cannot bring in the “A” team because of the Confederations Cup tournament but they’ve got spots to fill too.

  21. I’ve always scoffed at people who do this, but you only live once…

    Costa Rico>Mexico

    Mexico is obviously not worried about the Gold Cup, putting all their efforts towards beating us at the Azteca in August. However, I really don’t think they are going to finish in the top 3 of the hex. Just my opinion.

  22. Zongzap, the roster I posted last week was the preliminary roster, a 30-man list (and was identified as such). The final U.S. roster hasn’t been finalized yet and will come out later this week.

  23. Mexico might be missing some recent starters but this is still a strong team they are bringing to the Gold Cup. More like an A- team. Their top goalies, and veterans like Torrado and Bravo mixed in with the youthful talents of Dos Santos and Vela as well as some other deserving standouts from the Mexican League should provide a strong challenge for the Gold Cup. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them show better than the U.S. team.

  24. I’m very surprised De Rosario declined to play in the Gold Cup. With him, Canada would have a decent chance at winning the tournament. They always do well in the Gold Cup, and they have nothing else to play for. I think I will support Guadeloupe (when they aren’t playing the US).

  25. The tournament is later this year than in 2007 because of the Confederations Cup. That is why most European-based players would rather get ready for next season than play in this meaningless tournament. It’s not that teams are sending a “B team” but they just aren’t requiring European-based players to compete. It makes sense.

  26. Why is this held every two years? The tournament that doesn’t secure Confederations Cup qualification is invariably taken less seriously.

  27. Very strange that Mexico is sending their B Team, doesn’t their A team need to practice together? Ohh Mexico just needs to copy th US, we send our B team, so Mexico has to send their B team. Or are they afraid their A team will lose to our B team?

  28. It’s not an A squad because its missing: osorio, guardado, galindo, pardo, n castillo, salcido, and oldoni.

    Of course teams in the hexagonal should use the opportunity to evaluate players who don’t get many chances in wcq games. For other teams they should send their best squad and since its a great chance to get a gold cup, and bring some glory home since you can’t make the world cup. I would like to know, what is Canada saving their players for, 2014?

  29. What the heck does Memo have to do to start for Mexico? That kid can flat out play and I’ve always loved watching him mind the nets.

    If Holden and Cameron aren’t on the GC squad, Bob should be tarred and feathered.

  30. I am okay with the US sending their “B-Team” – They earned that privilege by playing in the Confederations Cup. Handing the midfield over to Torres, Adu, Feilhaber, and possibly Clark isn’t a bad deal. Guzan will be in goal and you probably have Davies and Jozy up top. Demerit, Califf, Bornstien, and a RB will do the job efficiently in this tournament.

    This Mexico squad looks decent. They need some new players because the ones they are calling up aren’t getting the job done. Hopefully they field a young squad and play well. CONCACAF needs good competition leading up to next year to prepare for the World Cup.


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