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MLS Matchday 14 (Your Running Commentary)


The No Cal/So Cal Derby kicks off today's MLS action as the San Jose Earthquakes play host to the LA Galaxy in an early afternoon match.

The match of the day features D.C. United traveling to Dick's Sporting Goods Park to take on the Colorado Rapids while the struggling Red Bulls look to stop the bleeding with a win at home against the Seattle Sounders tonight.

Here is today's schedule of MLS matches:

  • Los Angeles Galaxy at San Jose Earthquakes (4:30pm, ESPN2)

  • Seattle Sounders at New York Red Bulls (7:30pm, MSG)

  • Columbus Crew at FC Dallas (8:30pm, FSC)

  • Real Salt Lake at Houston Dynamo (8:30pm, Direct Kick)

  • D.C. United at Colorado Rapids (9:30pm, Direct Kick)

If you will be watching today's action please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below (also, there will be a live commentary on the Red Bulls-Sounders match so keep an eye out for that).

Enjoy the matches.


  1. I try to support this league by watching 2-3 matches a week. I just hate how penalty kicks have decided so many matches this year. The PK in the Crew game last night was not the worst decision of the year, but it was incredibly weak. The Dallas player was barely touched, although he was obviously touched. When a team is even or down a goal, the best option in this league is to run to the other team’s box and fall down. That isn’t the beautiful game! Stay on your feet and shoot the ball. This is the same problem with our national team. I read that 8 of Donovan’s last 10 international goals came from penalty kicks. Pitiful.

    I wake up this morning and read that Chivas USA was beaten by Tigres’ U-20 team. Can we please find some real leadership for MLS?

  2. Not sure anyone is reading this stream anymore, but I was at the Dynamo game last night. Stunned silence at the water break. WTF???

    I complain about all refs, not just MLS ones, but this was simply awful all the way around. From five rows back, it looked like the linesman in front of me was daydreaming. In the first half they made a string of incorrect THROW-IN calls — not a significant turning point in the game, but how do you F up a throw-in???? The linesman was never in line with the last defender when he flagged offsides, and don’t get me started on the backpass to the keeper.

    The only thing weaker than the refereeing was Brad Davis’s penalty kick. But I believe in Dom; I’m sure he let them have his version of the hair-dryer treatment.

  3. Horrible PK call to decide the Crew/Dallas game. I don’t have a horse in either race, but would probably root for Dallas, as I consider the Crew as more competition, so I feel somewhat neutral here. But another crappy call from another MLS ref to decide a game. Absolutely ridiculous.

  4. Trent none of the columbus players complained. I was watching the game from the front row and that was just about the most obvious pk call all year

  5. Terry the D-Bag Vaughn screws another team. He must of had money on Dallas. Another PK call on a dive. Just like that blanco wanna be mcbride.

  6. “i apologize if i’m ignorant, but why the heck does he keep pronouncing it “ESchelotto”

    Posted by: Leon | June 20, 2009 at 09:46 PM”

    Because Sullivan is ignorant. He’s a moron. Any time you ever see Schelotto introduce himself on TV, he doesn’t pronounce it “es-Schelotto”, but Sullivan insists on screwing it up.

  7. RSL are a bunch of pansies contributing to the unimginative play of a certain contention of mls clubs… At least tonight. A bunch of acting assholes, wasting time being their main concern. I am so frustrated by this game. Go dynamo… Teach them how to create something, and then punch one of them and the ref out!

    Posted by: Jon | June 20, 2009 at 09:39 PM

    wow way to come off as a huge ignorant idiot. your the kind of person that make these goards borderline unreadable

  8. Huuuh can one of my teams play decently tonight AND get a freakin win? The way my shitty day has gone I have my doubts.


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