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Onyewu sues Anderlecht defender over racial slur

OguchiOnyewu (Reuters)  

This photo shows much happier times for U.S. national team defender Oguchi Onyewu, who is seen celebrating Standard Liege's Belgian League championship, which was won by defeating Anderlecht in a playoff.

It was during that same playoff series that Onyewu alleges that Anderlecht defender Jelles Van Damme uttered a racial slur at Onyewu. A week after the incident, Onyewu has taken action, filing suit against Van Damme in Belgian court.

Onyewu told Yanks Abroad that Van Damme called him a monkey several times in an attempt to incide the American defender.

"I almost ended up fighting him," Onyewu told Yanks Abroad.

The suit comes after Onyewu played what was his last game in the Belgian First Division. He is now a free agent and stated on Monday that he wants to move on to a bigger league.

What do you think of this news? Disappointed to see racism still playing a role in the game of soccer? Proud of Onyewu for standing up for what he believes in? Think the suit will do any good?

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