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Report: Edgar Castillo “would play for the United States”

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Edgar Castillo has apparently changed his mind.

Two years after saying he wouldn't play for the United States even if called, the American-born defender is open to the idea of playing for the U.S. national team despite having already appeared for the Mexican national team.

In an interview with, Castillo stated that he "would play" for the U.S. national team and ready to use the new FIFA rule that allows players to switch national teams at any age as long as they haven't played in official competitions.

We touched on this possibility two weeks ago, laying out the details of Castillo's status and the potential for him to change his mind. As a speedy and skillful left back, Castillo could provide some much-needed depth to one of the weaker positions in the U.S. national team pool.

What do you think of this development? Are you open to having him join the U.S. national team? Think he is just an opportunist who doesn't care about the U.S. national team? Think he can get some playing time for the U.S. team? Happy to see a trend of players choosing the United States over other countries?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. You superpatriots are going too far. At 20, after being shunned for the greater part of his career to that point by the US, he said what was on his mind at that moment. If he had played in a bunch of youth games for Mexico NT and then switched under the old rule, would you all be saying he shouldn’t be allowed to then? These rules are relatively arbitrary points as to when it is too late to change your mind. The rules have been changed, giving Castillo a second chance to reevaluate his position on playing for the US. He has changed his mind (as every one of you have done on something equally significant in your lives I expect) and should not be punished for doing so. Welcome Edgar and I hope you bring the much-needed depth at right back!

  2. We got Todd Dunivant. Plus I’m more concerned about Jose Torres switching to Mexico (can he?) because BB’s issues with him…

  3. John Glosson,

    The “fat chick of the soccer world” analogy only works if in fact the USA is unattractive (as in “inferior”). But we are not inferior, we just beat Spain in a major international competition, to whom Germany lost in another important competition and whom Mexico has no chance of beating. That just means that we are better at recognizing and utilizing talent. Perhaps a better analogy then is that we are a hot, smart gold digger 🙂

  4. I don’t doubt that he would add depth to a weak position, I just don’t want a player that had previously decided to play for Mexico. I want to see players who at the very least show some respect for the US. I feel similarly with Jones but am less troubled by him as I have great respect for those who serve in the military (like his father) and hope Jones (while still German) will take that part of his heritage to heart.

  5. adds depth if nothing else. Although I don’t like the fact that he is basically crawling back to the US now, assumingly b/c he’s not getting playing time in Mexico…

    I don’t want to compare him w/ Rossi, b/c the kid grew up like 10 miles from Mexico, and Rossi grew up in Jersey, but it just rubs me the wrong way when people use national teams as a stepping stone in their careers, rather than as a way to represent their countries…

    W/ that said, if he’s good enough, and willing to give his all for the team, than we should use him for our benefit, b/c at the end of the day he is still an American

  6. sub him in 90+ so hes cap tied for life then never call him again.

    Posted by: Katatonia | June 29, 2009 at 04:43 PM

    best plan i’ve heard

  7. For what it’s worth, I met Edgar last Wednesday while he was in Chicago with Tigres and Superliga. He came into the store I work at and was wearing Tigres gear so I started chatting with him about it. He was incredibly nice and very professional. We chatted about the US-Spain match (which had ended about an hour beforehand) and he even mentioned that he was eligible to play for the US or Mexico. He didn’t get into specifics for obvious reasons.

    This doesn’t change much (I also would like playing for the US to be players’ first choices) but his extreme politeness and humility were enough to win me over.

  8. I’m not sure he is better than Bornstein, but competition at that spot surely isn’t a bad thing. Especially since Pearce no longer appears to be providing any.

  9. This is ALMOST the same situation as Jones. He’s not in the plans for the Mexico team so he wants to jump on board the USA bandwagon now so he can go to the World Cup. Jones knew he wasn’t going to get a chance to play for Germany, so he’s using the new rule to go play for his 2nd choice. Does the USA really want to be the fat chick of the soccer world?

  10. I really don’t like this switching. Especially when U.S. & Mex are such huge rivals.

    Would England take someone who played for France or Germany? [Of course some soccer historian (nerd) will point out that this has already happened 100 times]

    The concept of hiring mercenaries who have no love for their team’s country just doesn’t sit right w/me.

  11. I can understand why people wouldn’t want him for moral reasons like what Scott A said. I just think that he’s such a good left back prospect that we should bring him in and give him a shot. If he plays with passion for the colours then lets keep him.

  12. Hmmm. I’m torn. My mind tells me to give him a call and have him enter the fold, depth never hurts. My heart says something quite the opposite. I never want somebody who donned a Mexican national jersey on my team. And I don’t want people who are playing for the US whose only reason is to further their career. Of course that’s a big reason for international play, but I want people who feel for their country. Mexio->US is different than Germany->US
    I’m willing to give him a chance. However, I don’t like this new rule. Countries aren’t clubs. Obviously some people have mixed heritage and must make a choice, but I don’t like this idea of switching

  13. No thank you. Things like deciding what country to represent is so important and we are not that desperate to take someone that changes his mind on something as important as this.

    If Rossi was somehow still allowed to play for the US, 95% of the posters that said yes to this would say no. I am one of those that do not mind Rossi playing for Italy but if he says he wants to play for US, I would say no. I do not see the difference between Rossi and Castillo besides the fact that Rossi is on another level.

  14. Do I detect some subtle anti-Hispanic currents in the messages that border on hysterical? Yes. Yes I do.

    Castillo – bienvenido a la seleccion gringa. Nos hace falta un zurdo con toque y clase como tu. Un FUERTISISISSISIMO abrazo!

  15. You guys think that a player like Landon who poured in blood, sweat and tears battling Mexico would welcome playing next to an American born player who’s preference IS Mexico and has said he wouldn’t play for us if called?

    BOTTOM LINE: We are not a desperate team here.

  16. Take as much as you can, you can never have enough. We need a pipeline to be competitve as proven Sunday.

    The more you have, the more you have depth pushing the people at the top. You could be replaced with no problem. This would stop the call-ups for certain players or roster spots they hold time again for poor showings.

    We want every player to be pushed to get on the team.

    Make the Call!

  17. As a Mexican American Fan, and supporter of the USMNT. I prefer players who really want to represent the United States and not just because of the opportunity to play soccer.

  18. Right on CSD!!!

    Lets see how committed he is. Call him into the suad and let him sing the US National Anthem at Azteca for the qualifier. Then tell him he has to walk back to the team hotel. If he passes that test I think he is ready for the USMNT.

    Posted by: CSD | June 29, 2009 at 06:27 PM

  19. The main thing is, is he any good? Is he being freezed out of Mexico because of politics or is it because he is no good? If he is any good,bring him in. However, Mexico is awful so how good can he be? The biggest lesson to be learned from the Brazil game is that the US needs as much depth and as many options as possible.

    Brazil won because they have the ability and depth to change their tactics after the half. In doing that they brought on a couple of subs who, together, probably make more money than the entire US team.

    Bradley, who you all want to fire, had few options. Remember that in the Spain game, we did not score our second goal until comparatively late in the second half, so Spain foolishly stuck with their tactics until it was too late. Or maybe they were just stubborn.

    We’ll never know but if it had been 1-0 or 0-0 going into the half maybe Brazil doesn’t switch their tactics until it’s too late.

    The other thing is that Larrionda’s present to the US in the Spain game completely ruined our substitution pattern. Feilhaber was not game fit leading into the tournament, which is one reason he wasn’t having success starting.

    That meant the only viable options Bradley had for subs were Bornstein, Kjlestan and Beaseley (yikes!). And for those who think Adu and Torres should have gotten some garbage time in the Italy and Brazil blowouts, in a tournament like this, there is no garbage time. Even if you are losing 3-0 to Brazil you have to try to keep that fourth goal out. We all saw how important goal difference is.

    Hopefully, with Jones coming in and the injured guys coming back, we will have better options and more depth next year. If Castillo can add to that all the better. However, the final 23 for 2010 is getting pretty tight now so he better get on board ASAP.

    Other lessons to the USMNT:

    Stay on your feet when tackling, foreign refs don’t like American players.

    When leading 2-0 at the half of a final, sub out your tired forwards and bring in competent goons who will stick to their man the Lindsay Lohan’s paparazzi but not get red carded(admittedly, we don’t have any, Torres,? Kjlestan,? Adu ? Beasley? Pearce? HA!Bornstein was a good idea but too late)i.e. KILL THE GAME and bored the hell out of everyone watching.

  20. Time to stop this guys that play for others and later change their minds and wanto play for USA….CASTILLO STAY IN MEXICO.WE NO NEED YOU HERE.

  21. He was born in the US, he’s an American, and I think we could use him. Bocanegra was mildly exposed due to lack of speed (though I love him in the middle), so I think Bornstein or Castillo could do nicely back there.

    I can barely understand Benedict Arnold Rossi’s motivation to play for the Azurri. But who in their right mind would choose to align himself with the Mexican national program? Besides, it’s just a matter of time before more Mexican-Americans suit up patriotically in the red, white and blue (Torres should be getting more playing time).

  22. Give the guy a break!!! He didn’t turn his back on the US like Rossi or Subotic or Jones, who is turning his back on Germany. If you read the articles that Ives has links for you’d have found this little tidbit, “But he never got much attention from the US youth National Team setup whom, he said, deemed the 5-foot-8 Castillo too small.” Our national youth system has had history of pissing off people and having them choose to play for other countries they’ve had eligibilty for, Arena with Rossi, Rongen with Subotic and who know who with Castillo.

    Posted by: Luke | June 29, 2009 at 06:21 PM

    You are correct Luke, but I’ve also read articles where Bob Bradley says he’s talked to Castillo and he felt that Castillo wasn’t interested in playing for us.

  23. @Gino

    “Why do you think we have military bases all over the planet? ”

    Can we *please* get a couple of military bases in Brazil…

  24. Even with Boca as a possibility I would hope the confed cup showed what a difference a offensive minded defender can have. Spectors crossing ability was a revelation (and led to 2 goals) and to have a back on the left side who can also contribute in the attack would be a tremendous advantage for us.

  25. Why do you think we have military bases all over the planet?

    There have got to be plenty of guys out there who suited up in friendlies for teams but are maybe 3,4 or 5 on the depth chart now. Except for keepers, at any given momement, 3rd or 4th for a lot of teams would be 1st or second on the US. Who could blame the guy who is 3, 4 or 5 behind Kaka, Messi, Torres, or Ribery for wanting to push for first team opportunities somewhere else? I say get em all signed up quick before FIFA realizes its blunder and scraps the whole thing.

  26. Brant, you’re thinking of Jesus “Gringo” Padilla. They fudged his papers and he lied, too. This guy lied about being born in San Jose, California.

    Castillo should get a shot, even if he wiore the other “TRI” colors.

    Besides, the US has proven that it has come a ways since the 1990 squad. Maybe he starts, maybe he doesn’t, maybe doesn’t even play. Im just saying, give him a shot.

  27. Lets see how committed he is. Call him into the suad and let him sing the US National Anthem at Azteca for the qualifier. Then tell him he has to walk back to the team hotel. If he passes that test I think he is ready for the USMNT.

  28. Give the guy a break!!! He didn’t turn his back on the US like Rossi or Subotic or Jones, who is turning his back on Germany. If you read the articles that Ives has links for you’d have found this little tidbit, “But he never got much attention from the US youth National Team setup whom, he said, deemed the 5-foot-8 Castillo too small.” Our national youth system has had history of pissing off people and having them choose to play for other countries they’ve had eligibilty for, Arena with Rossi, Rongen with Subotic and who know who with Castillo.

  29. Ok, so he made some crappy comments about how he wouldn’t play for the U.S. even if we called. He was, like, TWENTY at the time and I’m not going to hold a silly comment against a young kid. If the WC is truly about the best players in the world coming together to play, then that means some of the world’s best may have to play for their “second choice.” If it helps the USMNT, I’m all for it. And for those of you who are upset that he’s changing his mind now, after the Confed Cup…why does that bother you? I think it’s a sign that our play in South Africa over the past 2 weeks has really turned some heads internationally. Frankly, I hope some uber-talented Argentinian U-23 player without a senior cap remembers he has a U.S. passport and gives Sunil a call. As long as he plays hard for the shirt, he can be on my team.

  30. Okay, so let’s say that you walk up to Angelina Jolie in a hotel bar and you proposition her. And she says, “I wouldn’t sleep with you if you were the last man on earth.”

    The next day she walks up to you in the bar, puts her room key in your hand and says, “I made a mistake. Come upstairs with me now.”

    You really going to say, “No. You rejected me – the heck with you”? No, you toss her over your shoulder and run for the elevator.

  31. Sorry I don’t want him. Once you suit up for Mexico you should never be allowed to play for the U.S. at any level. I don’t want a Mexican Sol “Judas” Campbell on my team (a player who is rightfully hated by the rival opposition for switching to the enemies.)

  32. F*CK HIM. He clearly said he didn’t want to play for us and chose our arch rivals instead. Now since things aren’t working out with Mexico, he wants to play for the US?! We don’t need Mexico’s rejects on this team.

  33. I would take him, make him play one game in the Gold Cup, bench his ass the rest of the time so that he never can play for Mexico again, and so that once traitor now crawling back to us gets the message!

    But seriously, don’t you guys remember that he said he wouldn’t play for is if we called? You’re okay with letting that slide and having him come play? While we need help in the position, that doesn’t mean we should let someone with no allegiance to the US come play. Same reason I’m weary of Jones. This rule is kind of cool, but it also has a catch, allowing players to play for their “second” choice nation.

  34. I don’t see a trend of people choosing the U.S., I see a trend of players intentionally choosing other countries and falling back on the U.S. as a last resort.

    To be honest it offends me, I will not argue with people who say we need the best players, period. That is true and they are right.

    Doesn’t change the fact that I wish these guys would go play in traffic.

  35. Call in more Mexican American talent!

    They are a vital community in this nation and I want to see more of them in the squad.

    Viva America!

  36. “Please people (BFBS and Green)…read the links provided before commenting…he says this in one of the links:

    “They have a lot of good players. I don’t think I’d come in and be handed anything. But I’d like a chance to compete”

    Please Turtle, stop assuming folks didn’t read the piece.

    What does he talking to Torres about what it’s like from an inside perspective have to do with what you’re saying? Are you saying I think these two should be handed starting spots without earning it? Not what I meant at all. Simply think it would be wise to talk to someone in a similar position before making a big decision.

  37. My bad I made a mistake put oguchie twice

    But imagine just for sake playing at the Azteca with this lineup with Sub.






  38. hmm. one wonders if he made those comments before or after the Confederations Cup. If he did it after, i say go take a hike and dont drink he water down there.

  39. Well, what the UMNT lacks are outside defenders with attacking ability. None of our outside defenders have great touch on the ball or the ability to be an offensive threat. If we can get players in defense that move forward(like brazils did yesterday)it opens up the pitch for other players, as well as preventing us from bunker defense. Coming from someone who actually played against Castillo in high school and club soccer. I think he would be a great fit for this position. No touch from any defender currently on the USMNT right now can compare with his. After all he did play forward in High school and club and holds the goal scoring record in NM. Besides if i remember correctly when talking to him. He was always frustrated that he was not consistently playing with the youth national teams. The reason for not choosing him was always the same. They said he was too small(I’m sure that would upset all of us to have someone tell you that you have everything but the ability to knock people around…which is not needed). Maybe he was at the youth level but size does not matter at the pro level when you have skill, which he does. So, I say yes. He is good player and the type of defender the USMNT needs to keep other teams honest. I really would like to see us play the worlds best and not bunker in and allow 20 plus shots a game. You can only stop so many.

  40. Bring him in. I’m OK with the new rule. I couldn’t care less that he previously gave the U.S. the middle finger if he turns out to be better than the options we have.

  41. as long as he apologizes for his comments, i will welcome him with open arms as long as his intentions are to play his heart out for the US of A

  42. Chris — I really enjoy your thought-out, well articulated argument as to why you wouldn’t want to add depth to the worst position on our team.

    And Oranje Mike, he chose Mexico in the first place because the US was too incompetent to realize his talent; we shunned him.


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