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Saturday Ticker: Tevez leaving Manchester United, Maicon threatens Inter and more

Carlos Tevez 2 (Reuters) 

Take a good look at that picture. It will probably be one of the last times you see Carlos Tevez in a Manchester United jersey.

Tevez is on his way out at Manchester United after refusing to sign a five-year deal that would have made him one of the highest paid players on the Red Devils.The deal would have been worth £25.5 million ($41 million) but Tevez's advisor Kia Joorabchian said the offer came too late.

"I personally think United made a fantastic contribution to try to secure him with a last-ditch offer but I think it was a little bit too late and there wasn't enough time for Carlos to think about it,'' said Joorabchian to

With the Argentine striker set to become a free agent, Chelsea and Manchester City have already expressed their interest in signing him.

Here are more stories to help you get through the day:

Maicon threatens to leave Inter

Inter defender Maicon has threatened to leave the Serie A champions unless they build a team capable of winning the UEFA Champions League.

The Brazilian right back told the Guardian: "If I can win it with Inter, fine. Otherwise it'll be necessary to consider going elsewhere to try to win it."

Maicon, currently on international duty for the Confederations Cup, also threatened to leave Inter last week, stating that the club treated him with indifference.

Valencia to keep Villa

David Villa's agent has revealed that Valencia are no longer interested in parting ways with their top scorer.

Valencia's decision not to sell Villa comes as a surprise as the club is currently in a financial crisis and are expected to sell some of their top players.


Do you think Tevez should go to Chelsea or Manchester City? Should Maicon leave Inter? Happy to see Villa staying put?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I love it, “my client doesn’t have the time to consider this offer”. FOR THAT KIND OF MONEY YOU MAKE TIME…he better have something awesome in the works. That being said…i’m sure he does.

  2. I bet he goes to city. Barry and Santa Cruz where good pick ups, with Tevez they’d be pushing the top five.

  3. On another though:

    I wonder if Sepp has been trying to get Russia and Scandanavia to play in Febuary. After all, they do it in Spain and Italy!!! What possible difference could there be?!

    Maybe he should tell Brazil, South Africa and Australia to change their calenders, too, to match the “international calender”. Can’t think of a reason why that wouldn’t work!

    This really points to how Euro-centric the sport is. The FIFA chairman expects the rest of the world’s calender to mesh with the half dozen dominant teams in Europe.

    God, what a tool!

  4. Anyone see Sepp Blatter’s comments on how MLS should “Move to the International Calender” because “its preventing them from getting the top players”?

    How stupid can one human being be?

    In northern US and Canada, you can’t play soccer from early november to end of March.


    And I think the prime reason MLS doesn’t get the top players is that MLS takes in about 4% the revenues of the Premier/La Liga/etc clubs.

    God, what a dumbass!

  5. I could see chelsea making a serious move for maicon if they decide to sell bosingwa to bayern. I don’t see tevez at cfc, I’m betting he goes to city.

  6. Valencia is taking a big risk in not selling Villa now. I think what they are thinking is that maybe they would get more money, if thats possible,if they held onto him until after the World Cup next summer. But they better hope he doesnt get a long term injury or suffers a gigantic dip in form over the next year or they will rue this decision


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