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Soccer Saturday: Off-day Freestyle

Good morning folks. It is one of the slower days of the year in the soccer world. With all of Europe's top leagues out of season, and the international calendar thin, it is a good day to enjoy some time off (like yours truly, who is enjoying a weekend in Florida) or it is a good day to look ahead to a busy summer of soccer action.

I will have some posts up later in the day on topics ranging from today's MLS schedule to a certain American-born Mexican national team left back, to the Confederations Cup (which kicks off on Sunday).

For now, feel free to discuss any soccer topics that are on your mind today. Still buzzing about Jermaine Jones' decision? Excited about today's slate of MLS matches? Promised your family that you would ignore soccer today and enjoy some family time (yeah right, that's why you're reading this)?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Ives what do you think of FIFA changing the offside rule to, ‘the body must be completely clear of the last defender when the ball is played’. I think it would benefit soccer, help linesmen, help strikers, and improve attacking strategy.

  2. JD,Italy almost lost to freaking New Zealand. I realize that they are still a better team than us, but forgive me if I’m not bowing down submissively to the “world champions”.

  3. Can someone please explain the MLS allocation money system? How exactly does this money get exchanged? Where does it come from? Is it real currency? Does it have to he spent on players?

  4. Curious to see what others think of this question:

    Will Italy start their best eleven or will they hold a couple starters to rest up for Egypt and Brazil? In other words look past us….

    Are Cannavaro and Legrottaglie really out or is this a ploy? (I haven’t seen the story on them, so maybe they are truly injured)

    Also, I know players carrying cards in WCQ did not carry over into the Confed Cup. Is the opposite true? Will cards accumulated in the Confed Cup carry into WCQ?

  5. Hey Ives,

    Since the pro soccer choices are topics how about a little preview for college soccer. Recruits or incoming classes; anything would be cool. Thanks, really like the site.

  6. Juan’s right, Castillo is known for his indiscipline and a few weeks ago went on a tirade against America’s coach, Jesus Ramirez, which basically sealed his fate.

    Knowing Bradley likes his defenders to be disciplined when it comes to defending, I’m not sure Castillo is what US fans are looking for to fill the void at left back.

    He’s like Jonathan Bornstein, except much better at going forward and joining the attack.

  7. Castillo’s demeanor leaves so much to be desire. His reputation in Mexico is of indiscipline and cockiness outside the field and too raw and reckless on the field. Typical young player who let the fame get to his head!!!

  8. Edgar Castillo isn’t eligible I believe because he played in a World Cup Qualifier. I could be wrong though. Isn’t that rule that Jermaine Jones is falling under working for us because he only played in friendlies?

  9. The US better bring its A-game on Monday. During the Italy-NZ game on GolTV, the announcers stated that Italy felt embarrassed by their tie against the US at the last WC. They want to make a “statement”. They certainly looked dangerous on the attack against NZ with those quick, precise long balls to the forwards. They didn’t look so good against the set-play on D though.

  10. yea, just saw Cannavaro and Legrottaglie are out monday… Prob gonna see Chiellini and Gamberini at CB…

    Italy brought 4 center backs and 4 outside backs, so it’s the best option right now…

  11. as for all the crap that jj wasn’t born here, he’s a hired gun, etc…. it’s a further step in the ongoing legitimization of us football. the 2010 prediction is a tad bold, but in 2-3 world cup cycles the world will wish that we only play futbol americano

  12. If we get this new defending midfielder, move baby bradley up front.

    Also, don’t leave Donovan on the wing. Bring in Colin Clark.

    My deep thoughts for the day…

  13. There was an interview with Jermaine Jones, in German, posted in the earlier comment section. My Deutsch is pretty rusty, but it appears that when the FIFA ruling was handed down, Jermaine sought out *Michael* Bradley, and told him that he was very interested in playing for the US. Good reason to have Americans playing in Germany.

    By the way, anyone who is worried about this making the US look desperate needs a reality check. I know that not every situation is similar, but here’s a sample of stories from the last year, none of which involved the US: El Tri played foreign born players, Gonzalo Higuain had to decide between France and Argentina, and Almunia raised the possibility of switching from Spain to England.

    Let’s ease up on Rossi, Subotic, Alvarez, etc., and realize that “nationality” is more flexible than we like to think. It’s impossible to put ourselves in the players’ positions. I’m happiest reading the debates about what the product on the field might look like.

    PS, it isn’t an off-day in Houston or Dallas…

  14. Castillo has been sent out on a year-long loan to UANL Tigres along with Fernando Ortiz. They will reunite with their old coach, Daniel Guzman, who has taken over for Pekerman at Tigres.

    Tigres will also play in this year’s SuperLiga.

    I doubt Castillo will want to play for the US although the fact that he was ommitted from Mexico’s Gold Cup roster might make him want to consider his options.

  15. Seriously, with the news about Jones and the Pens winning the Stanley Cup yesterday, I’m just basking in the glow today…


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