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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary


Good afternoon folks. For those of you who will be enjoying the international soccer action today, with World Cup qualifying from Europe to South America, this is your post to discuss all the action.

If you will be watching the likes of England or Serbia, or Argentina or Brazil, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. sorry I was posting MLS comments here instead of the MLS thread… I didn’t look down the main page far enough to see the MLS thread. oops.

  2. Our striking options are in order of precedence :Donovan, Ching, Altidore, Davies, Cooper, EJ, Casey.

    I don’t see us bringing Ching to the WC. I can see Kenny Cooper taking his place.

  3. Also what was the point of having Casey in the match? He did his best but simply isn’t up for qualifying. Perhaps too much pressure or doesnt have the legs. He’d be more effective coming off the bench.

    I mean our best striking options are Donovan and Altidore and Donovan drifts in and out whereas Altidore never gets any worthy service. EJ is shite. Ching can’t score. Davies is great as a super-sub. Kenny Cooper needs time to get ready

  4. Kinda crappy at times but we deserved the win. WE always regroup. We gotta take the game to Mexico. It’s either us or Costa Rica as the best teams in CONCACAF and let’s leave no doubt they we are no1.

  5. Columbus didn’t bunker in after going a man down. They kept attacking, and while the PK was pretty dubious, it was a bit of a make-up call for the consistent manhandling of The Crew players in KCs box on any dead ball. Still, they kept fighting and scored a 2-0 man-down win on the road against a conference opponent. Here comes the Canaries!


  6. Marshall just got a straight red card in the CLB-KC game. Certainly deserved the straight red, but would he have ever been in that position if the refs had been calling the rugby tackles on him all season long? People have been wrestling Marshall like they were herding steers all year and the refs haven’t called squat. He was wrong, but his frustration is completely understandable.

  7. nice try colombia. but we should have tied at argentina. but glad we lossed 1-0 only. we must beat peru or all is lost.

  8. agree Jags. would have been nice to see Torres and Clarke in the middle for this one dont you think?
    im glad we are not gicing up on altidore

    Hopeing for some good playing time for torres and Adu

  9. I think this is an attempt to get back to the basics. Other than Spector and Casey (and they are arguably the best available for predetermined roles) everyone has been in the US system for some time and is very familiar with role each one will play.


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