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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Kenny Cooper 1 (AP)

It is a light day in the soccer world, but there are still matches worth watching and talking about today.

World Cup qualifiers in South America (Peru vs. Ecuador) and Africa (Mali vs. Ghana) headline the schedule, while a pair of MLS matches are on the docket as well.

Whether you watched some of the action from earlier today, or you're preparing to watch the upcoming matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Silent e has it correct. The move to Dragon stadium has never been recovered from. Dallas is also sufferuing from two losing coaches and having a winning team is important. Boy if we could only bring back the days of Collin Clark and getting knock out in the first roud by colorado every year.

  2. Is Bob Bradley ever going ot wake up and put Kenny Cooper on a meaningful roster? Connor Casey has has a great year but seriously…Cooper has a lot of things that we lack…the ability to make space and shoot from distance, smart runs that create space and a knack for scoring goals in limited chances…

    He really must have done something to tick off Bob…

  3. patrick,

    Frisco is on the very edges of the DFW metroplex. Carson, where the Home Depot Center is, is South of the city of LA but north of Long Beach, putting it very much “in the mix” in terms of placement in the LA-Long Beach metro area. An argument, however, could be made that its location may be part of why Chivas USA has (had?) attendance problems.

    I suspect many readers of this blog will say that the Meadowlands’ location has contributed to RBNY’s own significant attendance issues, and I have seen some who wonder about whether or not Harrison will work out or not.

    On a map Foxborough certainly doesn’t look well situated but never having been to Boston I cannot comment on the area nor the ease of getting there.

    I’m not trying to pick on anyone’s team here. Houston certainly hasn’t finalized anything and although it looks like we will get our downtown stadium I certainly still worry that things will fall through and the team will look at building in the suburbs. But I do think that Frisco offers an important lesson for those teams who have yet to build a stadium: a nice stadium is great, but location matters.

    Sure, the weather in Dallas may have been hot but the weather here in Houston is worse; the weather is only going to get worse over the next few months. Still, the type of attendance that would make Dynamo FO cringe would make FC Dallas FO ecstatic. I’m not trying to say Dallas just sucks, but that the location is, I believe, a serious issue. I don’t think they ever recovered from their disastrous move to Dragon Stadium.

    For that matter, how is Chicago doing in Bridgeview? Not so great this year… is the location part of the problem?

  4. Does Chad Marshall’s husband play as well? Kneeing someone in the balls? Seriously? With that size he might be able to make better money in the WNBA…

  5. Good heavens, the Earthquakes defense sucks. I suppose getting a road point makes us winners in the “Battle of the Worst”, but I don’t feel like celebrating…

  6. I was at the FCD game. Very poor attendance. While the DFW area has a lot of soccer fans, they are almost all families, Mexicans, Eurosnobs, or Bandwagon Jackasses who only support winners. Still, the front office can’t be feeling great about their jobs if this is all they can bring in. I’m pretty worried about Wednesday’s friendly – there will probably be as many people here for that game as for a US Open Cup game (read: < 1000). They had cards on our (STH) seats saying that if you showed up you'd get to meet all of the players, so maybe that'll make a difference.

  7. It’s almost certainly less than that – I believe that number just refers to “tickets distributed.”

    It’s difficult for Dallas sports fans to pony up money for FC Dallas when there’s a recession and FCD played very poorly for the first part of the season. Plus, the Rangers are in first place and have much cheaper tickets available.

  8. silent e,

    there are other teams not in cities in the MLS. the meadowlands/harrison nj and foxborough come to mind, and i also think, though I’m not sure, that home depot center in carson isn’t a big city. Its about where your fanbase is, and where your stadium is

  9. It brings up the old philosophy class question: If Dallas hosts a game and nobody comes, does it count for the standings? As a Dynamo fan I laugh uproariously at Dallas’ problems attracting fans. As a fan of MLS and soccer in America I am horrified, and I hope that all who hope to build stadiums note the issue of poor attendance in a suburban stadium. Are you watching KC? DC?

  10. Watching Dallas and San Jose right now, there must be a total of ten people at the game. Looks much worse than a typical Red Bulls game.


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