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SuperLiga 2009 set to kick off


The third annual SuperLiga Tournament is set to kick off this weekend and what was once a tournament with so much promise has turned into a bit of an afterthought that isn't getting much in the way of attention.

Some of the best teams in MLS and the Mexican First Division are set to do battle in a tournament that has provided some entertaining, as well as feisty, matches. The tournament has its flaws of course, from Mexican teams that are out of season to MLS teams that aren't exactly enthusiastic about competing in the event, but somewhere along the way we still wind up with some pretty good games.

Here is the question for you, MLS fans. Do you still care about SuperLiga? Is your team competing in it, and if so, are you interested?

If so, here is the upcoming schedule of SuperLiga matches:

(All times Eastern)


San Luis at Chicago Fire, 8pm (at Toyota Park)

Tigres UNAL at Chivas USA, 10pm (at Home Depot Center)


Atlas at Kansas City Wizards, 4:30pm (at Hermann Stadium, St. Louis)

Santos Laguna at New England Revolution, 6:30pm (Gillette Stadium)


Chivas USA at Chicago Fire, 8pm (Toyota Park)

San Luis vs. Tigres, 10pm (Toyota Park)

All SuperLiga matches can be seen live on the SuperLiga website.

So what do you think of this year's tournament? Wish Pachuca was in it again? Concerned about the toll that extra matches will take on your MLS team? Don't care about the negatives and just hoping your team can win the trophy?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Everytime SuperLiga comes around we get this incredible BS from Luis Bueno at SI. Here he begins by saying Mexico doesn’t care about Superliga, but at least they do well in tournaments, “Mexico might be struggling, with four managers since March ’08 and possibly not even reaching the World Cup in South Africa next summer. And let’s be fair: El Tri’s days of dominating the region are long over. But at least Mexico shows up in tournaments. And that’s a gigantic accomplishment.”

    Mexico didn’t qualify for Con Feds cup, Olympics, U-20 WC. Oh that’s right Luis, they weren’t trying. You are pathetic, mate.

  2. Pumas Fan: Ditto, brother, ditto.

    The games are fun – what more does anyone need. As some above complaining about the broadcasts being in Spanish – again, who cares? There are many times I wish Harkes was speaking a language I didn’t understand…

  3. MORE professional soccer to watch on TV is always a good thing. TRUE fans of the beautiful game know this. The rest of you whiners can stay up late to watch some classic “sport” like poker or the cheerleading championships on ESPN.

  4. It’s nice having Mexican teams up here for something different to watch. The tournament format takes a lot of time. I’m not interested in watching KC play New England when it doesn’t count for the league standings. I like Hincha Tim’s idea for interleague games that count. Barring that, perhaps just a week or two of interleague exhibition games? A lot more teams could be involved on both sides. It wouldn’t affect the teams’ schedules so disproportionately and more fans get to see their teams play (and more tickets sold). You could have an aggregate score MLS vs FMF who wins? FMF teams might actually want to win that. Its more interesting as a comparison of the leagues than as an arbiter of the Champion of North America Not Counting the Eight Best Teams.

  5. Can’t wait for it to start. I watched every game of the 07 and 08 tournaments, and was delighted to see the Revs win last year. The level of play in this tournament is much, much higher than the CONCACAF Champions League. Folks can go on about how much more important the CCL is, but the fact is that the competition was won by one of the worst teams in the Mexican first division, playing one of the ugliest, least entertaining matches I’ve ever watched. Every SuperLiga game, with only a few exceptions (Revs-Chivas USA last year) has been entertaining.

    I’ll be there on Sunday to heckle Oswaldo Sanchez!

  6. Richard — CCL win books a ticket to Tokyo (or Dubai or wherever the CWC is being held); that alone distinguishes it from StupidLiga.

    Rageman — last season, including all competitions both teams were in, DCU played matches at a higher frequency than Manchester United did, with the typical much smaller/less deep MLS roster. You think being frustrated about meaningless competitions like SL is whining? Whatever, man. I’m betting you’re a fan of a team that never has enough success to have to deal with a busy schedule.

  7. Eh, the CCL is equally contrived, in my eyes. Just because it has Jack Warner’s blessing and strokes his ego doesn’t make it a legitimate competition. BTW, MLS players actually get less for winning the CCL than Superliga.

  8. I’m also glad that DC isn’t in it this year so their whiny fans can have something else to complain about. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Ticketmaster in the DC area should distribute Pampers with each DC United ticket purchase.

    Great tournament because there are always competitive matches and that’s why I watch soccer, to see competition and to watch different styles of soccer clash on the pitch.

  9. I never much cared about StupidLiga. When we were in it, I cared on matchday, because I always want my team to win and don’t like it when they lose. But on the hierarchy of interest level, it was at the bottom, and I’m glad DC isn’t in it this year.

    Someone earlier said “all tournaments are made up”; you’re right, of course, but this is far more contrived than most. There already existed a competition between the best teams in both countries (as well as other CONCACAF nations), so this was just a naked money grab (for the *League* — the players don’t get anything significant for winning) from the very start. Now that the CCC changed to the CCL, StupidLiga is even more pointless. To reduce fixture congestion, they’ve agreed to offer bids to teams that didn’t make it into CCL; but that just means lower-tier teams now compete in the “Super” Liga now.

    So it’s basically a bunch of friendlies, to be compared with the Carolina Challenge Cup and the summer visits from English Premier League teams. Maybe some of the matches will turn out to be entertaining. Maybe. But there’s not much more to this than that.

  10. Here is the question for you, MLS fans. Do you still care about SuperLiga?

    No, and I don’t care who is playing. The post game comments /excuses about teams and their leagues are repetitively asinine.

    I believe L. Bueno at SI makes a big deal about these matches when Mexico wins and excuses when they lose.

  11. Since I’m a Fire supporter and my two best “soccer friends” are Mexican-American I look forward to Superliga.

    We’ve worked out a betting system over the years where I always take the USMNT, MLS and any Concacaf opponent of El Tri and they take El Tri, FMF and whomever the Red, White and Blue draw. I’ve taken it on the nose with the USMNT at the Confed but I look to make it up with a strong Superliga and Gold Cup.

    Btw, (Colin) I’m fairly certain Mexico and Conmebol are “back together” and Mexican clubs will return to Libertadores next year. And (BellusLudas) the top four clubs not in the CCL do go to Superliga.

    For all y’all who think your soccer sensibility is too pure to get wit’ Superliga…get over yourself already.

  12. To whoever said this is a “made up” tournament, all tournaments are made up!

    I think MLS actually learned from their mistakes amazingly and is handling the tournament much better this year. Last year, teams had to compete in SuperLiga and CONCACAF Champions League (and the champions cup) and just about killed themselves. Why do you think the table was turned upside down last year? This year, teams only play one tournament (2 if you consider the US Open Cup). Finally, MLS is doing something right this year.

    This could be like our version of the UEFA Cup for teams that don’t reach the champions league.

  13. Hopefully with the FMF turning their backs on South America, this tourney will get some more notice.

    Posted by: Colin | June 19, 2009 at 01:08 PM

    FMF and CONMEBOL kissed and made up a few weeks ago. So no.

  14. The SuperLiga was a great idea, but then

    CONCACAF re structured their tournament to the new champions league.

    The CCL should be the priority and MLS shouls look to end the Superliga. I’m sure the Mexican teams would agree.


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