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USA 2, Spain 0: The highlights

After yesterday's remarkable victory by the United States over Spain, we here at SBI were waiting for the right highlight video to post to capture the magnitude of the victory. Thanks to SBI Mafia member Arkjayback, we have one that does a very good job.

We're sure the video folks at U.S. Soccer will put together a longer video at some point, but for now, please enjoy this one:

Is that perfect music or what?


  1. Wow, totally didn’t expcet this when I went so sleep at like 3 this morning. Thanks for the comments guys, ya’ll are the ones I was making the video for. Big thanks for the video post, Ives.

  2. OK – that music sounded very 70s skin-flick to me (hey, hey, I’ve seen a few things in my life… like *you* haven’t… 😛 )

    However, that video was a superb job of editing and pacing, and USSF ought to just crib it and release it as the highlight reel. Fantastic clip. I’ve still got tears in my eyes. This game might replace the Miracle on Ice as the go-to sports moment for making me all misty-eyed.

  3. The video is great.
    I don’t mean to discredit the put by the creator but I think a video in this style would be a lot more fitting.

    The music would fit perfectly with the roller coaster that has been this tourney for us, and there are plenty of well timed slides and defensive efforts to fit into the slower parts.

    The Dempsey goal would be epic with the ending chorus. Lots of emotion in it.

    I do not have the software or even computer skills needed to do it myself, but if someone took the time to do it, it would definitely top every other video.

  4. Love the video, especially Dempsey’s goal.

    Not in this video, but I have to admit that watching Sergio Ramos look up to survey the field after his touch and his reaction after Dempsey put it in the back of the net makes me smile every time – “oh sh*t, where did that dude come from?”

  5. How is it possible to STILL get chills after seeing highlights of the game for the billionth time?

    It will never get old… Great video.

  6. ya saw this last night (i’m out in california), and then, just like now, i have tears in my eyes. something about the music and seeing Timmy – i dunno, Timmy just strikes a personal cord w/me and everyone, he’s so sincere + intense!

    like i told you last night, thx again Arkjayback

  7. Anyone have a video of Bradley Jr’s tackle that led to a straight Red?

    I couldn’t believe that was a straight Red when I was watching it live. I want to see how atrocious that call really was.

    Also, I think we’ll really miss Bradley Jr on Sunday. I hope BB has learned his lesson and will keep Sasha and DMB on the bench and bring in Feilhaber on Sunday.

    Feilhaber is a little bit better offensively, but not nearly as good defensively.

    This is where we will really miss Edu. We have no depth in center mid. Our options are MB, Clark and Feilhaber. With MB out, there doesn’t seem to be a good sub off the bench.

    Oh yeah, we still have the kids (Torres & Adu) on the bench. Maybe on Sunday they might be able to get a run for a bit (not starting, but maybe the last 10-15 minutes if we need some offense).

  8. re iniesta, he would have helped to be sure. and i know we shut them down very well, but spain created good chances, they just didn’t put them away. torres had one, villa a couple of shots, alonso one or two. wonder what the shots on goal stats were.

    now, we need to follow this up with a solid performance in the final. we will miss bradley. feilhaber and clark? sasha and clark (please god, no!), ?

  9. goosebumps when after dempsey scores he does a ballet move to the music. Then the hugs and celebrations are rocky style. A little slow for altidore’s goal, sorry, I’m a soccer fan (I’m critical). : )
    Thanks arkjabck. great vid.

  10. Iniesta makes this team twice as good, He is the Pirlo or Zidane of the respective world cup teams, without him Spain has a hard time controlling the tempo of the game.

  11. Ives – That video was incredible. Serious props to the creator.

    Have you seen any video of the crazy scorpion kick type thing Gooch used to clear out the ball by our goal? I can’t find it anywhere and I would love to see it again.

  12. Great vid, can we expect the same lineup for Sunday (obviously with MB being replaced)? Who will take his spot?

    Here’s to hoping Conor Casey never sees the field for US MNT again

  13. Arkjayback,

    Take this from a former film worker. The editing and music on the second goal were very well worked together. Nice job.


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