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USA Confederations Cup roster revealed

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The U.S. men's national team's Confederations Cup 23-man roster has been selected and it has no surprises but a few injury absences that had to be expected.

Sources have told SBI that Brian Ching and Frankie Hejduk will not be making the trip to South Africa, but Conor Casey will be. Another somewhat surprising omission is midfielder Pablo Mastroeni (though you wonder if he was left off because of the inclusion of club teammate Conor Casey). Benny Feilhaber did make the squad.

Here is the U.S. team's 23-man roster, as told to SBI:

GOALKEEPERS– Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Luis Robles

DEFENDERS– Carlos Bocanegra, Oguchi Onyewu, Jonathan Spector, Jonathan Bornstein, Marvell Wynne, Jay DeMerit, Danny Califf, Heath Pearce.

MIDFIELDERS-Michael Bradley, Clint Dempsey, Sacha Kljestan, Jose Francisco Torres, Benny Feilhaber, Ricardo Clark, DaMarcus Beasley, Freddy Adu

FORWARDS– Landon Donovan, Jozy Altidore, Conor Casey, Charlie Davies.

Hejduk's absence from the roster would suggest that he will not play for the U.S. team on Saturday against Honduras. That should open the door for Jonathan Spector to start.

What do you think of this roster? Happy to see Conor Casey get the call? Can you see the U.S. team getting out of its Group of Death (which includes Brazil, Italy and Egypt)? Does Wednesday's loss have you fearing an 0-for-3 in South Africa?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. This lineup and our depth have never really been much different. We never have been a team of depth, to be completely honest. Our second team and our first team are absolutely black and white when they come face to face. Unless our first team falls flat like they did against Costa Rica, and then they’re both that bad. Honestly, I don’t think we can expect much by numbers in the Confed Cup except to put up a fight. The most satisfying game I have watched in the last few years was our 4-2 loss to Brazil. If we come out attacking like that, and FIGHT them, actually play some good soccer, then I would have no regrets going out 0-3. But if we come out bunkering, and lose 2-0, 3-0, crap like that, then I think that I should feel ashamed. As a fan, that’s what I hope for in any team.

  2. Wow, so many of you are absolute jokes. Everybody loved the move of Beasley to left back just a month or two ago and now these same people are criticizing it. While I agree that Spector should have played, I don’t know the circumstances that surrounded Wynne starting over him. Not to mention that all of you criticizing Wynne now are the same people who creamed in your pants when you saw his name on the roster to begin with because he is ‘young’ and up and coming. And isn’t that what you’ve all be calling for?

    Did Spector take a last minute knock? Was he being saved for the game against Honduras?

    I don’t know, but either way one game, as bad as it was, should never be enough to fully judge a team, a coach or a player. People need to look at the process. Otherwise we all could have said we thought that Heath Pearce was going to be a world beater at left back after his great performance against Brazil, but as we have looked at the overall process, it’s pretty easy to tell that he is not the answer there. That is how all evaluations should be treated, not just rash yelling about 1 bad game. Look at the overall process before criticizing. And please, so many of you need to stop being hypocrites and call for more young players to get caps and then when they get called in and don’t perform well in a game jump all over the coach and talk about how bad of a selection that player was. It’s just getting ridiculous.

  3. Playing an unfamiliar, OFFENSIVE-MINDED formation (4-3-3), on a shitty field in front of a hostile crowd. I call that tactical naiveté. Say what you want about his record, BB is not the best choice if the US wants to win meaningful games on the road. 4-3-3 was simply reckless and not even having defensive cover (in the shape of J. Spector)on the bench for the inexperienced Wynne and the out-of-position, out-of-form Beasley was poorly thought out and inexcusable. We’ll hold onto BB through SA of course; and the USA will go down in flames once more.

  4. after reading many of the suggested, hari-brained line-ups…I have decided to swich over to “”

    First of all. No one player is going to make the team play better (my apologies to the Adu Jock-strap riders fan club).

    The only thing that will improve the team is a proven manager at the helm.

    If I was an owner of a company (USSF) I would want a proven, accomplished and inspirational leader to get sh-t done and reproduce that same success with my organization. My friends, Bradley aint done jack. From a players perspective, In my personal opinion, playing for someone that has not accomplished anything on the international level is not the same as playing for a legend. Yes there are exceptions to any rule (Ruhd Gullit <—-Sp) But I think we are all in agreement that he is bonkerz.

    My point being, is this. If you put a bonafied futbal head in charge of that team. Players will be more attentive more agressive and will have intensified that hunger to prove to that coach that they can play the game. They will be seeking that coachs' approval. In addition to that, the players will have to compete for their position. They will be competeing not only during USMNT camp but with their clubs. You don't play for club, you dont play for the Nat. and ultimately those that do play will be held accountable for their performance.

    This is the fundamental basis for highering a proven manager. Bob Bradley, bless his soul, is just a bit in over his head. He is a good coach, but until he can find a way to motivate these players, light a fire under there rears and implement some accountability, Bob will always be your average guy you bring in to uphold the status quo.

  5. I don’t think Bob Bradley has the respect of his players anymore. You could see that by how they played against Costa Rica and the look on the faces of the bench players. They all looked like they weren’t even interested in being there. Then Davies comes on and hustles his @$$ off, but only for the last 15-20 minutes. I say another poor outing against Honduras and Bradley needs to go. Or if we get annialated in the Confed. Cup. If we can’t advance in that tourney, what makes us think we will do any better next year in SA with basically the same squad? It’s easier to interchange the coach and try new tactics than it is to interchange an entire team under the same philosophy. Look at how Capello has righted England, and how fast he has done it. Get the right coach for the U.S. and things will go better. And no, I don’t believe that a coach from the MLS is the right fit simply because he knows the American style of play. Time to couch up some dough and get a coach worth it. Also time for Gulati to stop being the Al Davis of soccer and let his manager have full control of the team.

  6. The talk here shows we are moving in the right direction as a country who loves a little footy now and then. For those who are saying we maybe pulling the gun on BB to fast lets just imagine that this is Brazil or Spain or one of the top 5 soccer countries that just lost the the 41st ranked team and played like absolute crap. Especially when they tied a bad team the last go round. In those top tier countries the coach would have been fired before the flight home or resigned in embarrassement. BB rightfully should be on the hot seat and if they lose tonight he should be fired if they do not play with passion. If this happens this should be a lesson to the next NT coach that lack luster results in this region will not go unpunished. There should be no free rides to the WC anymore. That goes for both players and coaches. As far as a replacement it will not be Klinsi as the USSF would not admit they were wrong by not hiring him the first go around. They will need to find a respected mid level SA or European coach who will take no crap and can change team tactics on the fly. Why would we not be able to go down in to Brazil, Argentina or God forbid Mexico and find a coach who will change our system and fit budget wise into the USSF stingy salary. Or will the USSF take the money out of the bank and use it on something other than padding their own bank accounts….Only time will tell.

  7. Just putting this out there.

    Would it be good for the US to finish 4th in order to face a playoff with a CONMEBOL team?

    This would force US Soccer to make some real decisions.

  8. WOW! How in the world is Adu, getting shafted like this form his own fans because of his club situation..who gives a crap, thats in the past. We are going to be playing Brazil,Italy and Egypt an identical England,Spain,Argentina super group of last year………..and guess who was our BEST player………ADU……..In fact when Freddy Adu came off the field vs Spain our team just was cluless…thats how good Adu in the #10 role for US is. How blind can we as US fans be. Fine dont play Adu becuase he dident play with his Europe Club, lets call up Nguyen becuase he plays ALL THE TIME……..Adu is our true #10 who shows up in big games and big tornaments……Even Ives piece last year after the England,SPain,Argentina games.. which Ives qouted on Adu “The reality is there is no other player in the U.S. national team pool like Adu”……So even Ives is telling why we need Adu to start in the CC.

  9. It’s only lost one game, relax… I think those words are why many are ok with mediocrity. I like the fact that the majority of the people are pissed at the loss, it shows we care. Not only am I ticked at the loss, but I am super pissed at how we lost. BB’s team hasn’t looked right for a while and the CR game was the biggest eye opener at how our team is prepared for a big game. Bob Bradley should be fired. What’s the skinny on Scolari? Is he looking to get back to the International scene? Why not the US?

  10. To be honest I think the most worrying thing is that there will be no brian ching. I know he isn’t good at scoring goals at the higher levels, but he seems to be a calming force for the USA to keep possession when things get tough. If the squad jells really well and is playing out of its skin then we will be better off without him and will have a chance of beating someone down there.

    2. Dempsey makes intelligent runs. On Wednesday no one was on the same page with him and he was swamped by defenders, and he was the only person to really take on and beat someone successfully. Ride the pine?

    3. Has Edu really gotten that good recently? How much worse off are we with Clark instead? I did want to see Edu down in the Confederations Cup

  11. all you haters shut up. Bradley is doing just fine. We lost one game in qualifying. If for some reason we don’t qualify, then yes he should be fired. If he were fired tomorrow, who could do better? Klinsman? Doubtful. Yes coaching is important to a degree, but players play. Our technical ability is not as good as other countries. Bradley’s W/L record as a coach is fantastic.

    24-8-4? That is above a .700 winning percentage. Because in the end, that is what matters — Wins and losses Do we play attractively, no. And we won’t for a long time. Why everyone thinks the US should suddenly turn into Brazil, Italy, Germany, or Holland is beyond me.

    Costa Rica is a good team. They have beaten Mexico at Azteca for pete’s sake. We had a bad game, on a sh*tty field. Relax people!! I’m sure we will have another bad game at some point.

    The confederations cup will be a nice litmus test, but in the end it really doesn’t mean anything. I want the experience. If we play well and lose, so be it.


    The US will win the world cup before there is peace in the middle east. They have been fighting for centuries, and will continue to do so for centuries more.

  12. I don’t like Beasley, Wynne, Califf, Feilhaber Kljestan. Adu, and Altidore on squad.

    Two reasons, not playing well at club, or not playing at all.

    I wouldn’t mind them being on Gold Cup squad.

  13. Isn’t it like this every cycle?

    Drama Drama,,,,,,

    bring in Conor Casey like f’n yesterday.. and if Altidrore doesn’t stop shaking every defenders hand during the game..(?) put in Davies ASAP

    USA 3 Honduras 1

  14. Please remember that the only competitions that count are World Cups and WCQs(and there the only thing that really matters is finishing in the money for WC). Confeds Cup is great to go to for the experience and figuring out logistics, but the extremely unlikely scenario of winning it and not going to SA is >possible<.

    So giving some out of form but talented players some PT and time training/playing may be useful, especially as their clubs may not want them at a meaningless Gold Cup when they could be in preseason training.

  15. Glad Pablo is not on the roster. I like that BOb has the B@lls to add youth to this squad with Torres, Adu, Jozy (no brainer), Davies, showing some COJOS. I like it. I thought he was goign to put his tail between his legs and bring is McBride (ok kidding)or play it safe with J.Wolff or something along those lines. You shut up me up Bob. Besides the only way your program grows is to put the Vets with the kids in a tough enviroment like this.

  16. Whey has Jimmy Conrad not been called up for anything? Let me know if you think that Jimmy Conrad should be called up.

  17. Hmmm. No bueno. Push Boca out to the left and put in Demerit!

    Nooooo Sacha…what do you think is going to happen to Mr. “No goals in the MLS Sacha Kliejstan” if he goes to the world cup?
    Bad things
    Can you see him holding his own with the big boys?
    When does the transfer window open again? Donovan please go to a mid-table Euro team in Spain . Or Benfica or Porto or anything but LA. The Galaxy isn’t going to prepare Donovan for a world class showing at the World Cup.

  18. The tournament is during the summer when many leagues are done with play, minus a few like MLS, Sweden’s and a few others so all the National teams and their players might not be as game fit as they all want to be. That leaves the possibility for the US to not necessarily win it, but to play good against the other teams and players who haven’t played games themselves in a while. Of course coming off a good season is beneficial but then again, that’s what camps and stuff are for.

    Then again somebody might think we should just use players from the MLS that are match fit and still playing games up until then. (I’m not saying it but somebody might.)

  19. “…and isn’t limited by complete experience in the U.S. The talent pool is limited, but they are also not playing to their potential. That’s the coach’s fault.”

    i couldn’t agree more.

  20. Bradley should go unless we beat Honduras and get at least one point in South Africa. Bottom line here is that Guss Hiddink is available and he is a proven winner that speaks English and isn’t limited by complete experience in the U.S. The talent pool is limited, but they are also not playing to their potential. That’s the coach’s fault.

  21. Santino Quaranta? Does the team need a dealer? Get real.

    Posted by: Matt | June 05, 2009 at 03:12 PM

    That was a low blow Matt…

  22. The biggest surprise for me was Robles.

    You’d figure Perkins/Hahnemann or Seitz would have had the lock on the 3rd GK spot, given Bob’s call up patterns.

    I’ve never seen Robles play, but the videos I saw on; he looked like an absolute beast.

    Like Zach Thornton, but fit and possessing skill.

    Good on the kid.

  23. Jones would actually have to play for Germany to PLAY FOR GERMANY!

    He was cut from their squad over a year ago. Fallen out with the coach.
    Will not be called in as long as that coach is there.
    Coach is not going anywhere soon.
    Jones is a beast!
    He has international aspirations!

    You can encourage him to make the right choice by going here:

    Sign the guest book and recruit this guy to play for his Father’s country!

  24. …i cant wait till we beat honduras and when early 2010 comes around, with cherundolo, Maurice Edu, and Ching back, people will forget this loss. just chill out and get comfy, watch Saturdays game and see what happens. wow…i havent seen so much spazzing in my life

  25. Amazing how quickly things change on these boards. Many ignored history and the facts that Costa Rica at home is a very difficult team to beat.

    So now much of the same crowd is expecting the team to just fall apart when a win against Honduras is just around the corner. No way we lose that game.

    And while the Confed Cup will be great experience for many of the guys, so even if we lose all 3 games it’s unlikely Bradley gets fired. I think US Soccer has far more reasonable expectations than this bunch.

  26. Why won’t Jermaine Jones be playing for us? Why has he not been called? This guy plays CM for Schalke for goodness sake!

  27. What Erik said earlier in a different post does bring up a very interesting point. What happens if everyone plays their “natural” role…or where they play for their clubs…..



    -I know Torres plays more centrally for Pachuca but we already have enough good player in the middle with Donovan and Bradley switching spots if either is out of position. I think Torres is more than capable of getting in position with alot of space for himself and whipping in crosses and a through balls every now and then. He and Donovan are the only ones i trust on keeping composure with the ball when presssured by an opposing player.
    -Correct me if im wrong but i do believe left attacking midfield is Dempsey’s role at Fulham and he has done well with the Cottagers.
    -DeMerit or Parkhurst…either will do. If you want a rock solid defense, especially on set pieces, go with DeMerit. If you want a more quicker and dynamic defense, go with Parkhurst. Id go with Parkhurst cuz i do believe Onyewu and Parkhurst can play their off each other’s strangths and weaknesses

    Why not play everyone’s strength? Not only that but if you keep it consistent, team chemistry will skyrocket since everyone is playing their preferred roles!! What do you guys think? Supsam for USMNT coach?? Haha jsut playing i can dream right

  28. Pablo had one very bad game on the crappiest turf in existence and he’s being written off. That’s hard to stomach.

    I would have put Conrad and Parkhurst over DeMerit and Califf. Pablo and Thorrington should be in over Clark and especially Feilhaber who is not yet read for this kind of competition. Also since Heath Pearce can’t even make the first team of a bottom Bundesliga 2 squad, what business does he have being called in??

  29. “Call me overly optimistic, but maybe all these injuries can lead to good things: Casey getting an extended look, Benny working his way back in, or even )if no one else steps up) Hejduk moving back to LB like he played in the ’02 WC when both he and Dolo are healthy.”

    Definitely. We will be fine.

  30. If Kyle Beckerman gets called up I’ll officially stop watching the USMNT. He is a decent player, that’s all he’ll ever be.

    The main reason we got schooled on Wednesday was a complete lack of team defense and basically no distribution coming from the middle. There was too much pressure on our backs to get forward which basically rendered our outside mids null. Landon needed more touches as did Deuce (though admittedly neither of them impressed much when they did have the ball).

    Deep breaths, we’ll beat Honduras 2-0 and all will be well and good.

  31. Call me overly optimistic, but maybe all these injuries can lead to good things: Casey getting an extended look, Benny working his way back in, or even )if no one else steps up) Hejduk moving back to LB like he played in the ’02 WC when both he and Dolo are healthy.

  32. I we win any of our next 5 games, I’ll be shocked.

    Let’s not underestimate Bornstein. Sacha is a joke. Im selling my Kjesltan jersey on ebay.

    I like Jemal Johnson, Jermaine Jones, Michael Orozco, Marcus Tracy, Michael Parkhurst for the Gold cup.


    Klinsi save us!

  33. I’m not so concerned about the Confederations Cup at this moment. These guys need to rebound with a win Saturday against a talented and fast Honduras team, and it will be no easy task, even at home. However, for the moment, here are my thoughts for the upcoming Cup:

    I really don’t see other options for call-ups right now given the injuries. The loss of Edu and Cherundolo are really bad, and the experience of somebody like Hejduk isn’t replaceable.

    I’d like to see a 4-4-2 as follows:





    I don’t really see us getting out of the group, however. I think one point is the most likely scenario, four would be great, and five would be a dream. I think though that playing in such a tough group will be particularly good for showing the younger players how good they must be if we are to advance out of the group stage and make any kind of run in WC 2010

  34. If we want some fresh faces, why not call Kyle Beckermann in? Id say he was one of the best holding mids in MLS. Way better and more athletic than Mastroeni and way smarter than Clark and is not rusty and fragile like Feilhaber.

  35. I am beginning to sound redundant but it is a SAD testimony to our domestic league that in-form MLS players are getting looked over for Euro Bench Sitters!

    I really can’t question Bob’s choices, but only look forward to the day MLS provides truly competitive teams.

  36. Pretty happy with this roster as long as Bradely uses klejstan and Beasley as subs. If Bradley uses some of the other players, there hopefully can be more competition for playing spots, which can only help.

  37. The good thing about Wynne going to South Africa is that it means he probably won’t play for the US there, definately won’t play for the US in the Gold Cup and won’t play for Toronto. Assuming he helps Toronto this is a win-win-win


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