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USA/Costa Rica: Matchday is here


After days of waiting, USA-Costa Rica World Cup Qualifying matchday is finally here.

The U.S. men's national team will make its final visit to Estadio Ricardo Saprissa tonight and will be looking to record its first victory at the fabled venue before it is replaced by a new stadium. Costa Rica will look to knock off the United States an take over first place in the Hexagonal Round of World Cup qualifying.

For those of you who haven't seen it, here is my preview of the match for

Speaking of ESPN, tonight's match IS NOW BEING SHOWN ON ESPN2. The game was originally being shown on ESPN but a late scheduling change has moved the game from ESPN to ESPN2. The game is still being shown at 10pm, but now will be preceded by a 30-minute match preview starting at 9:30pm. So for those keeping track, tonight's match is being shown on ESPN2, Galavision as well as Match Tracker. You can also feel free to follow the action on SBI as I do plan on on a Match Night Commentary.

So here is the big question for U.S. national team fans. What do you see happening tonight? Will the Americans finally solve the riddle of Saprissa? Do you see a tie? Will Costa Rica run wild yet again? Cast your vote:

How do you see tonight's game going? Will Costa Rica jump out to a fast start? Can you see the U.S. team going on the attack early on? Do you see Tim Howard having one of his trademark matches? Would you complain if the U.S. team escaped Saprissa with a tie?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I think we need to head into the game tonight with the mentality of wanting to make a statement. We need to play for the win. A 4-4-2 would be entirely appropriate in my mind and, after soaking up the inevitable early pressure from Costa Rica, we can settle into the game and look to create some chances for ourselves. Despite our history at the Estadio Saprissa, this is a winnable game tonight.

    It has been said the US is becoming the top team in CONCACAF. Mexico has come away from Costa Rica with 3 points, and for us to be considered the top regional team, then we need to come away with 3 points. It won’t be easy at all, but it’s time to make a statement tonight.

  2. tsingletonvt,

    So true, we have 1 in this country. Landon Donovan.

    Next best combination is McBride and he’s in international retirement.

    As you pointed out, USA program is getting better and better every year.

  3. I am with you as well. I am sure we would all prefer BOTH athleticism and soccer IQ. I am not sure we have that at any (many?) position right now. The USMNT is a growing program.

    Hopefully we can get it done tonight.

  4. tsingletonvt:

    No quarrel with your point about relative athletic ability. Neither player brings the combination of experience and athleticism that Frankie brings. You prefer the athleticism and I prefer the soccer IQ. Let’s hope BB makes the right choice.

  5. tsingletonvt,

    I’m with you. Just a nice piont/counterpoint, no anamosity. We both root for the same side.

    Like you, I hope whoever we put in does great.

  6. Set your DVR for the Univision networks. You’re much more likely to get the whole game. And I watched the Columbus game on Univision because I like Pablo Ramirez and Jesus Bracamontes way better than the ESPN guys. (those guys only show up for Mexico, though).
    As for the game, I’d be very happy with a point away, and a loss with good effort wouldn’t make me too sad. It’s a long process and a lot of things will happen.
    I’d be really happy with 3 points from the next three games if they were all 0-0.

  7. The Athority:

    Spanish networks have advertisers too. Good ratings in English or Spanish makes ESPN and others more willing to broadcast soccer. And, here in the southwest, pretty soon people who originate from Spanish-speaking countries will be the largest single ethnic group – larger even than Caucasians.

  8. I do not have an anti Spector agenda and I am not related to Wynne.

    Anyway, I hope Spector does great when he starts tonight. I am only offering opinions as to why Wynne might be considered.

    However, Bocanegra plays in all of those same arenas and he still makes mistakes. Cooper played at ManU Reserves and is not on the roster. I saw Spector look scared in his first USMNT start (second game) in an empty Gillette Stadium after we had already advanced (after his first start for ManU). Individual histories and games mean nothing when they step on the field tonight.

    On the road, in CONCACAF or elsewhere, USMNT experience, history, and predictability goes out the window.

  9. Torres should start. We need fast, we need latinos who are better than theirs. We do not need physical tonight. We are already naturally much more physical. WE NEED TORRES.

  10. Anyone pissing in their beer about the ESPN/ESPN2 switch (DVRers not included) must be over the age of 40. There is really no difference between the two anymore. Those days have been over for a decade at least.

    ESPN did us a favor! No cahnce of a delayed start. And we get pre-game cheese to boot. There’s just no satisfying some people. What next?

  11. tsingletonvt,

    If you don’t think Spector is international level, watch a tape of the Gold Cup finals vs. Mexico (2-1 USA win). Spector played awesome, b4 being knocked out cold. Spector is not the athlete Wynne is, for sure.

    His soccer IQ is 50 points higher though. He was in the Man U reserves and I watched his first start ever for Man U (at left back) and he was Man of the Match. Spector has also started plenty of games in the Premirship for Charlton & West Ham. He has much more experience than most USA players.

    Playing in the Theatere of Dreams, Stamford Bridge and the Emirates in front of 80,000 will prepare you much better than playing in front of 60,000 fans dressed up as empty seats in Giants Stadium.

  12. Moving the game to ESPN2 so we can get a PREGAME show AND so we can watch starting at the first minute.. hmmm yea we totally should have stayed on ESPN so we can start watching during the 30th minute.. big slap in the face for letting us watch the entire game lol


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