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2010 World Cup jeopardized as stadium workers strike in South Africa


Stadium construction workers in South Africa have gone on strike, thus jeopardizing the completion of venues for the 2010 World Cup.

What does this mean? Should we be worried? Is Sepp Blatter ringing Sunil Gulati on speed-dial and praying for USA 2010? Okay, so maybe that's a pipe dream, but this news certainly doesn't bode well for South Africa's World Cup.

What do you think of this news? Think the strike will be resolved quickly? Are you hoping the World Cup is moved out of South Africa, or are you looking forward to the tournament being there and having the chance to go to Africa?

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  1. Just watching Sky Sports late nite here on the west coast and they had some good video of the strike with the unfinished stadiums in the backround. Sky said that all stadiums must be completed BY December to meet FIFA guidelines. Just eyeballing the video, I would say that the stadium they showed is a good 2 years away, even by modest work standards. It was just steel beams and open, not even closed in yet. Can they hold all the matches in the rugby grounds of the Confed Cup and throw-in some cricket grounds??? These stadiums won’t be finished unless they bring in foreign contractors with their labor teams to finish it off, imho.

  2. No one get excited- they will work it out and the WC 2010 will be in South Africa come hell or high water if Blatter has to build the stadium himself.

  3. I would have to say that if South Africa where to lose the World Cup, I belive it would be given to England over the USA. Which would then mean that Brazil would get it in 2014 and the USA gets it in 2018. That is if Brazil can keep FIFA happy and be able to host the World Cup themselves. I would love to see the USA host it next year though.


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