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A look back at Onyewu’s Milan debut

Oguchi Onyewu (Reuters)

Oguchi Onyewu's AC Milan debut came and went and while it was just 45 minutes in a friendly, that doesn't mean we can't look at the performance and analyze how he did.

Onyewu's performance was a solid one marred by one moment, a beautiful volley finish by young Mexican striker Enrique Esqueda. Onyewu won every ball in the air, completed his passes (including at least one that should have led to a goal), showed some touch and looked very confident for a player who had just one practice session with the team before the match.

But there was that goal.

Was it really his fault. In the end, Esqueda was Onyewu's mark so Onyewu shoulders some blame, but considering where the ball found Esqueda, at the six-yard box, there is certainly a case to be made for Milan goalkeeper Marco Storari needing to intervene. Looking at the replay of the goal you see Onyewu slow up about 12 yards from goal and it's clear that he thought Storari would intercept the cross so when Storari stayed glued to his line it cleared the way for Esqueda.

Should Onyewu have let up? He shouldn't have without knowing what Storari might do, but having only one training session with the team wasn't going to be enough to form that sort of understanding. After spending the better part of six weeks and seven games playing with Tim Howard, who would have absolutely caught that cross, you can understand what Onyewu was thinking.

In the end, it was just 45 minutes that will quickly be forgotten as Onyewu begins to play regularly. Overall though, it wasn't a bad start to Onyewu's Milan career.

What did you think of Onyewu's performance? Looking forward to seeing him vs. Chelsea on Friday? Like his chances of winning a starting role?

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  1. the milan keeper onyewu and the other defender in the box at the time should have communacated and the milan keeper should have came out to punch out the cross.


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