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Bradley calls on Confed Cup vets to fill out Gold Cup roster

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Jozy Altidore leads the group of seven American players added to the U.S. men's national team roster for the CONCACAF Gold Cup. U.S. head coach Bob Bradley called on seven players from his Confederations Cup squad to fill out the 30-man roster after CONCACAF granted the United States seven extra roster spots due to the U.S. team's participation in the Confederations Cup.

Here is the list:

  • Jozy Altidore

  • Jonathan Bornstein

  • Conor Casey

  • Ricardo Clark

  • Benny Feilhaber

  • Brad Guzan

  • Sacha Kljestan

These eight players will not be traveling with the 23-man U.S. Gold Cup squad, but will join the team for specific games during the tournament.

What do you think of the list? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Wow, look at all the QQ in these posts. MB will play against MEX, plus I’m sure his club team requires his presence. Torres reasons for not being selected are well known by anyone that actually keeps up with USMNT news (rest/Pachuca), but congrats to those spreading unfounded rumours. Pure class that.

    Sacha played fairly poorly in the CC, but he still has potential. Considering the pool that these players were obviously drawn from (“lower tier” CC attendees), there’s nothing controversial about him being on this list.

  2. Christian – read this following response you got from Jen Chang:

    “We ask Bradley the questions – he declines to answer questions about individual players and answers “no comment.” Some coaches do this (Dunga is another example) – the media can’t force someone to answer the questions. Carlisle asked him about Torres, several times in succession at the Honduras game in Chicago and got zero response.”

    Where does it state there is some sort of problem between him and the coach?????? he’s done this when asked about Adu as well.

  3. William,

    Harsh? Maybe. Accurate and appropriate? Absolutely. You made the assertion, without qualification, that “this is a huge error.” I don’t expect you to know the rules. I WOULD expect, however, that you not spout off as though you KNEW what the rules were and that Bradley had automatically made a huge “error.” You had no basis for your criticism, and now you claim ignorance. Next time, if you don’t know the rules, try this: don’t say anything.

  4. Micheal it seems that you know more than the reporters that were interviewing BB after the game in Costa Rica. I’m sorry for ever believing him, you are the all mighty Messiah of USMNT SOCCER

  5. Seriously 75% of these posts are irrational and are sounding like nothing more than people being sourpusses. Do some people bitch and moan about anything and everything? It really gets tiresome and ridiculous.

    This current roster favors the inexperienced and is it such a bad thing to name 7 guys who were part of the Confederation Cup run? Isn’t that the smart and reasonable thing to do? instead people are calling for the 7 names to be some untried, uncapable players. Before you say it, yes I know some of the 7 aren’t fan favorites. But at least these guys do bring some form of backbone if they are called upon.

    Oh yes, for those who think Torres and Bob have had a falling out don’t flatter yourselves. Nothing is going on. There was reports of a possible concussion that led to his exit at Costa Rica and the travels to South Africa may have caused his symptoms to flare up. Plus the kid has played non-stop for the last year and a half. He may be young but the kid needs a break. Your body can only take so much. The worst thing Torres could do is try to fight through it which could harm his form for club and country. People make mountains out of molehills around here. Just stop while you are ahead.

  6. I feel the reason Torres doesn’t say much is because he is a classy guy . He doesn’t air out the problems but it is obvious there is one.

  7. “BTW, what’s with all the haters acting like the Confed Cup run never happened? Get a clue, people, realize when you’re wrong.

    Posted by: Yossarian | July 02, 2009 at 01:06 PM”
    That run had nothing to do with Kljestan, or everything NOT to do with Kljestan. We can still harp on that!!!

  8. @ ko’d

    very harsh. first, i obviously don’t know if the FIFA rules require someone to be on the roster before they can serve a suspension. I have a job, thus limiting my time and ability to pore over excruciating minutae like the FIFA rules governing suspensions. My comment was only in the nature of a generic “better safe than sorry.” this issue has been discussed on ESPN Soccernet, Fox Soccer and all the blogs. Nobody seems to have a definitive answer except for you. Thus, I hereby appoint you as Sepp Blatter’s successor. Pat yourself on the back, you’re doing a great job, little Sepp.

    Finally, I LIKE BB. I wasn’t calling him stupid. just saying “better safe than sorry.” I like BB. I like MB better.

    to quote seargent hulka, “lighten up, Francis.”

  9. ok some dumbass wantted evidence here it goes… this is the email from the soccer reporter from ESPN named Jen Chang and I have not edited anything ion the email.


    We ask Bradley the questions – he declines to answer questions about individual players and answers “no comment.” Some coaches do this (Dunga is another example) – the media can’t force someone to answer the questions. Carlisle asked him about Torres, several times in succession at the Honduras game in Chicago and got zero response.


    On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 9:19 PM, christian navarro wrote:

    Mr. Jen Chang:

    As of the World Cup 94 at the tender age of 15, I was hooked by soccer. All I ever knew was football and the NFL. I have been a fan of soccer ever since and I enjoy your articles. I always look forward to reading them on Mondays, but enough of me I have a couple of questions I want to ask you.

    A lot of American Mexicans, I call myself this since I am an American first and foremost, are asking questions as to why our Jose Francisco Torres has not played. Ever since 94, more and more American Mexicans have begun to follow the Nats, but recently ever since the game in Costa Rica a lot of us have been asking questions if there is a problem with another player or Bob Bradley. He has all the right tools to start, yet he hasn’t had any playing time. I have read the majority of your articles and from what I can tell is that you offer an objective view of the reality as far as our national team is concerned.

    Why is it that as reporters you guys don’t second guess or even question Bob directly about tactics and as to why certain players don’t play. I feel that the majority of Soccer Lovers such as myself are asking these types of questions on various blogs. We even started a page on Face book to get rid of BOB Bradley. He is inept, and lacks the leadership needed to direct this program. I feel that we should be like other countries and light a fire under his rear. As far as I have observed, it is the players making him look good, so I disagree with you that he deserves any type of praise.

    A coach is only as good as his players and to be quite honest we do have good players, but they don’t perform on a regular basis. That my friend is the coach’s fault, for I know that first hand since I myself am an Athletic Director at a high school in Texas. I would have been fired for the horrible games the guys have had lately. I always like to coach and follow my own motto, “If you are not coaching it, you are accepting it”, and “if you don’t demand it, they won’t do it”! There is no sense of urgency sometimes and I feel bob is to blame.

    Is there any way we can stop the bleeding? The Confederations Cup was a good showing, but I think as a team we are still lacking. Bornstein, Sasha and Beasley are horrible at best, yet we still fail to play those that have starting minutes with quality teams such as the Mexican contingent of Torres, Castillo and Orozco. All of who start regularly with their teams and are quality players and according to BB those are requirements to play with the Nats. Many on the boards are calling BB racist, and a prejudiced coach. Can you shed some light on these topics?

    Thank you for your time,

    Christian Navarro

  10. Wow Jaime,

    You’re giving everyone here WAY too much credit! Why bother thinking when you can just fire off your rant by pushing a button?

  11. C’mon aren’t cries of “not these same old guys” a little extreme for a bunch of players under or around 23 years old?

    Posted by: Tim R | July 02, 2009 at 02:22 PM

    Not saying this has occurred for anyone in particular for example but at what point do we have to realize that no matter their relative youth, that players simply may not have what it takes. They have the potential but having potential and fulfilling it are two different things. Maybe we have seen the best from some of these guys already and should recognize that. Myabe this post is useless and im just pissed at being the only person still on my floor of 200 people


  13. People need to read (and think) before they post. There’s obviously something more going on with Torres than we know about, and I severely doubt it’s a simple matter of “Bob doesn’t like him.” If Bob didn’t like him, he would not have called him into the Confederations Cup squad. Let’s let it play its course. I think we’ll be seeing more of him when he’s rested (recovered?) and ready.

    My only concern for the Gold Cup is that the arrival of Kljestan and Feilhaber doesn’t deprive Adu of some much-needed playing time. I think that boy needs to see the field and needs to be given the chance to perform. He knows how to ride the pine like a consummate professional. I think it’s time for someone (anyone) to take a chance on the kid and give him a run out.

  14. This is how CONCACAF anounced the additional spots:

    “In light of the consecutive competitions, the Confederations Cup and the Gold Cup, with the objective of providing the best performance possible for the public, and in recognition that the back-to-back tournaments strain players and their clubs, CONCACAF will give permission to any team who also is participating in the Confederations Cup in the same year to enlarge their roster to 30 from the 23 already permitted,” CONCACAF General Secretary Chuck Blazer said.

    Ok so if one looks particularly at this part:

    “with the objective of providing the best performance possible for the public”

    One can only conclude the additional players selected are to be from the CC roster. It’s already known that US Soccer had a deal with Pachuca to take him only for the CC. It’s also known that his is tired.

  15. What is the deal, why no “Gringo” TOrres? WHat has the poor guy done wrong, he gives a chance to Sacha but not Gringo?

  16. Oh, and on the second goal? That was Torres’s man that was wide open. Torres got caught ball-watching when the OTHER team had possession.

    That’s why he was subbed at the half.

  17. How is Casey worthless based on this tournament? He played the last 5 to 10 mins of each game, most of which the team was either up or down by 3 goals. I can’t understand why so many readers think Casey sucks and that Adu should start. Its amazing how few of you actually watch MLS soccer and instead act like you are expert b/c you follow blog postings about European players sitting on the bench.

  18. Torres–great touch, seems confident on the ball.

    But you should all go check out his performance against Costa Rica on the first goal (youtube, U.S. Soccer Channel, U.S. v. Costa Rica highlights). Pay attention to the events leading up to the first goal: first, Beasley gives the ball away (ok, most of us can agree on Beasley), but Torres provided a bad angle. Torres is checking to the ball, but needs to be checking into the space in between Costa Rican defenders. But then watch the poor tactical decision by Torres in chasing the play. A step-in, and a weak one at that. He backs off, and next thing you know, he starts WATCHING the Costa Rican forward take a shot.

    Tactically, his positioning from a perspective of chasing a man was atrocious, given Mastroeni’s position (and Mastroeni deserves blame here, too, for the overcommitment). I am not saying that is enough to keep Torres out–I like him and would like to see him more. But maybe that play evidences that he lacks the tactical awareness right now to fit into the MNT defensive scheme.

  19. Whatever, it’s clear that Bobbo thinks you need to earn your way into the USMNT, but once in you have a grace period if you stink the place up. I have no problem with that. (high barrier to entry; high threshold to get tossed to the curb once you’re in, IMO)

  20. If a player is not injured, not named to the Confederations Cup roster, and not named to the Gold Cup roster in the year before the World Cup…guess what? He’s not going to make the team.

    Michael Bradley’s possible suspension will not be affected by him not being on the Gold Cup roster.

    Any calls that Torres is being “ignored” by Bob Bradley conveniently ignore the fact that he started a recent World Cup Qualifier, and was brought to South Africa with the team. He’s 21 years old people, relax.

    I understand the passion people have for the National Team, but it seems like what people really have a passion for is complaining no matter what happens.

  21. You know I don’t get this… Bornstein, Kljestan, Casey??? What’s the deal with coach Bradley & Torres? He should have been called up.

    If I were Torres I would switch over to the Mexician NT… as a good “F” you Coach Bradley!!!

  22. good to see know one read the whole artical on Torres excited to get some rest after basicly playing for a year straight…………… also good interview with torres on soccer 365 doesn’t sound like there is a fall out

  23. I know it is the popular thing to criticize every decision Bob Bradley makes, but I am still shocked at the level of vitriol caused by these picks.

    First, even if FIFA did not officially require the picks to be CC roster guys, I’m sure it was at least a “Gentleman’s Agreement” (wink, wink) sort of thing.

    Second, while Sacha is clearly in terrible form right now, let’s not forget that 5 or 6 months ago we were all excited about this kid’s future with the MNT. Things have clearly gone very wrong since then, but I don’t think you throw away this kid forever at his age due to a stretch of bad form. Why not give him more time in camp to work on some things and maybe some playing time against lesser competition to get some confidence back?

  24. I love the rampant unsupported statements about Torres’ situation or Bradley’s motives being made in these posts. Without any link to a source to support statements, there is no reason to believe them. The only statement I have seen from Torres on this situation was that he welcomes the rest. This statement does not answer the question, though, of whether he was offered a Gold Cup spot or not. It also does not address why he has not played since Costa Rica. I hope that someone in the soccer media is trying to get to the bottom of this as it is obviously a topic of interest to the fans. — mwc

  25. Klejstan has had some really good games with the U.S. Having said that, he has not been in form this season.

    Casey should transfer to a pub league in Britain where his casual jogging will be the norm. His job was to run hard, win balls, hold up play, and pressure the defenders. I don’t think he sprinted the entire tournament.

  26. Jeez, can people stop whinning? The orginal pool is at least 20 deep in guys brought in for a fresh look. It’s clear that Bradley is looking for depth options here and there is no reason to think that won’t be his focus.

    As for guys he did call in – Josy and Benny need games, so if they get some action – great. As for Sasha – may I remind people of Dempsey’s poor form when he first tried, and failed, to get to Europe? He was flat, at best. Sasha is in the exact position – the Celtic move fell through and he wound up back with Chivas. He has an obvious upside and is too young to write off like some people want to. He may not rebound enough for this cycle, but I think two or three years out, he may be one of our best players. And even if I am wrong about that it makes sense for Bradley to want to look at him again. Maybe a game against Grenada rather than Brazil can help him get his confidence back.

  27. I meant to type ‘types’…

    Anyway I’m sure Altidore is pretty tired as well, having actually played in the tournament. But he’s here now so what up?

  28. Get over what? Of course he’s going to say ‘he’s tired.’ He’s not going to say he had a tizz with the coach. That’s what were asking these media type who are in the know. Are you his personal assistant? Come on now…

  29. These additional seven spots are a joke. I have no understanding of why Bradley chooses certain players. Klejstan and Casey? Why? Why not some other players from Europe that we have not seen like Whitebread or Tracy? Clueless.

  30. Torres is tired (by his own admission)and US Soccer made an agreement with Pachuca to take him only for the CC anyways. Get over it please.

  31. So Ives,

    DID Bob Bradley and Torres have a falling out? A ‘hairdryer treatment’ moment? Please enlighten us, please…

  32. Sighs. I really wish some of you posting would actually think before sharing your knowledge with everyone.

    The people he’s added to the roster are just that additions. It doesn’t mean that they’ll see the light of day in this tournament. They’re on hand just in case they’re needed. Heck most likely, these are the guys who didn’t head off for holiday immediately after the Confed’s Cup otherwise I would expect that Torres would have been named to this group. CONCACAF isn’t forcing us to add Confed’s Cup players.

    Secondly, I’m pretty damn sure that Bob Bradley and US Soccer looked at whether or not Michael Bradley would be suspended before finalizing the roster. I’m sure they’ve learned his being suspended won’t happen, hence he’s not added to this roster.

    As Ives pointed out many of the guys whom Bob called in for the Copa America were apart of this year’s Confed’s Cup team and performed well. I’m pretty damn sure he knows what he’s doing. So give the BullSh..t a rest and give credit because it’s DUE!!!


  33. Can’t really be upset about BB using the spots exactly like they were intended. It would have been nice to see a few younger players who were left off, as well as McBride, if the recent news of his interest in playing for the Nats again was true. However, extra playing time for Jozy, Benny, Clark, and, yes, Bornstein can only be a positive.

    The ability to bring in Guzan if others are struggling is also a plus.

  34. Bogus –

    Which other players FROM THE CONFED CUP ROSTER – becasue that’s the pool these 7 were required to come from – would have chosen. Keep in mind they need to be fit, allowed by their club team and recognizable enough to help sell tickets.

  35. Thanks for working the shift for me, Yossarian.

    My favorite post on this thread:

    conspicuously absennt is the name of Michael Bradley, who SHOULD BE on the roster just in case of an additional suspension by FIFA. this is a huge error.

    Posted by: William the Terror | July 02, 2009 at 11:58 AM

    William the Terror…please direct me to the rules on suspensions that say, in part, that someone must be NAMED to a team in order to serve a match/time-period suspension.

    Do you know WHY you can’t find such a rule? Because there is NO such rule. It would be ridiculous to require a player to be named to a national team roster (thereby taking up a roster spot) in order for him to serve a suspension. As crazy as FIFA can be, they don’t require that.

    Moreover, you can quibble with the Coach’s decisions, but to suggest that he would be that stupid (if there were such a rule) goes beyond the pale.

  36. “They didn’t and he isn’t. Capiche?”

    So what makes it any more appropriate to play those guys now, after they have already proven they don’t belong? Do you honestly think that a good showing by Casey or Klejstan against Grenada or Haiti means they will be good enough to play against Brazil or Italy next time around? I think it would be optimistic to expect anything other than mediocre, MLS-level play from those two for the rest of their careers. Casey and Klejstan had a fair shot at the Confederations Cup, and they blew it, plain and simple. Next guys in.

  37. Bogus… ” Had those two seen more of the field against Egypt, Bradley would be out of a job right now.”

    They didn’t and he isn’t. Capiche?

  38. The Confed Cup run did happen, despite the efforts of Casey and Klejstan. Had those two seen more of the field against Egypt, Bradley would be out of a job right now. That’s why I don’t understand why he went and named them to the Gold Cup roster.

    You got your answer with those two Bob: they are not qualified to represent the US at any level, and every second they are out there is taking away valuable development minutes for guys like Holden, Rogers, Adu, Davies, etc.


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