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Benitez urges Alonso to stay at Liverpool

Xavi Alonso Madrid (Reuters)

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez is encouraging Xabi Alonso to remain with the club despite Real Madrid's efforts to lure the Spanish international.

Alonso has become Madrid's latest target in a summer where los merengues are collecting superstars at will, having already signed players like Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo. Benitez, however, is urging the midfielder to ignore Madrid's calling and stay with Liverpool, citing that he is well liked at the club.

Alonso, who played with Real Sociedad earlier in his career, has shown some interest in returning to La Liga, and joining the revolution at Real Madrid.

What do you think of Alonso's situation? Should he stay with Liverpool? Think he'll become the newest Galactico?

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  1. Omar – just because a player is under contract doesn’t mean they can’t be traded. Look at how baseball trades players during the season. Still pissed about Frenchy going to the mets….

    In this case I don’t think it is him demanding a trade, it is more of R Madrid wanting him and if they offer Liverpool a good price Liverpool can & probably will trade him.

    Sports is a business. It’s all about the price tag.

  2. If I were a Liverpool fan I’d realllly hope he stays. Alonso is an outstanding player who really anchors that midfield, and I’m sure his head has been slightly turned.

  3. xabi should def stay, he wont even be assured a place at real and in a world cup year he needs to be at a place where he is assured PT, that place is liverpool, the fans love him, the players love him, everything is perfect in liverpool for him, seems foolish to move now after a year at liverpool where he wrested the DM spot for spain from senna. move bac to spain next year xabi.

    = number 19


  4. This is one thing I don’t get about soccer compared to most American pro sports. Isn’t Alonso under contract?? How can he demand a transfer? Somebody please explain this to me.

  5. Rafa better talk to him face to face. I automatically hate Madrid since they signed the flower lover but if they take one of my favorite players I will crushed and will loathe them forever.

    Plus we will be screwed.

  6. Alonso is one of the best (and most underrated) mids in the game. He’s a superb defender whose tackling allows Gerrard to get forward, and his long-range passing is world-class, so he can link up with the attack from distance almost immediately. Plus, every now and then he catches the opposing team’s keeper off his line and puts one in from 60 yards out.

    Liverpool won’t come near the EPL title if Alonso leaves.

  7. If Liverpool are to make a run at the title this season, they will need Alonso in their first XI. If Real Madrid acquire his services, I shudder at the idea of anyone trying to stop that midfield.


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