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Columbus scores stoppage time winner to top TFC

The Columbus Crew-Toronto FC rivalry has developed into one of the better ones in the league, due in no small part to the scores of TFC fans who make the trip down to Ohio. Those fans were sent home sad on Saturday night when Jason Garey headed home a last-second game-winning goal to give Columbus a 3-2 victory and sole possession of first place in the Eastern Conference.

Here is Garey's goal, courtesy of a perfect cross from Frankie Hejduk:

What did you think of the Crew's comeback victory? Happy to see Hejduk hitting a cross that well? Think Columbus is ready to repeat as MLS Cup champions?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Oddly enough, contrary to the above comments not all Crew fans are dildoes. I’m a season ticket holder, I wear Crew war paint, and I yell more than my fair share. If you chant in our stadium, my friends and I will chant back at the top of our lungs to try to outdo you. I am not, however, going to be an asshole to Toronto fans on the internet, or in person.

    That said, it was an epic game.

  2. I am confused by the attendance chatter. Six teams in MLS have lower per game attendance figures than the Crew, even though Columbus, I believe, is the smallest market in the league. Sounds like pretty good attendance actually, though it could always be better.

  3. @The Ultra, i would worry about attendance if i were you, lack of attendance might help you guys become the Las Vegas Crew

  4. I agree with FDV, this is the first “rivalry” created by the internet. it seems a great deal TFC fans are obnoxious asshats fixated on attendance, but their team can’t beat The Massive Club!

  5. I don’t think you can call COLUMBUS/tfc a rivalry. tfc has never beaten COLUMBUS. Therefore, how can you call it rivalry if one team cannot beat the other? Its like Ohio State and michigan. That is also starting to just become another game because michigan just cant beat The Ohio State University.

  6. I know Schelotto is injured, I don’t know where is moreno, but Columbus is still getting the job done. I love the Garey-Lenhart combination. Columbus has depth.

  7. As a TFC fan, it pains me to say this:

    Columbus is looking like serious Championship contenders. 4 of your best players out, and you still come back to win the match. This is something I could not see the current TFC squad doing.

    Yes, this is getting to be a strong rivalry, but sorry Columbus, once Montreal comes in the league, we aren’t going to care so much about this.

    And finally, whats up with those attendance numbers Crew fans? You have a great team, and still you don’t sell out.

  8. Great game last night. Two lead changes, and a stoppage time winner.

    Nice props to the Crew, Ives.

    Maybe next time you do a podcast, one of you will at least mention Columbus as a potential MLS Cup champ.

    Honestly, listening to the three of you last week fail to mention the defending champs, with the MVP and defender of the year, with an MLS record 19 game home unbeaten streak (21 including playoffs), with the leagues leading scorer (Schelotto), best CB (Marshall), and best RB (Hejduk) no even get a mention as a possible title winner was an embarrassment.

    It reminds me why I’ve generally don’t listen to the dopey podcast crew.

  9. Actually, they boycotted after being physically abused by the Columbus police, who tased at least three but only charged people from Columbus.

    And it was an organized boycott. And they didn’t bring “several hundred” before, they brought 2,500 odd.

    Good game by the Few though, showed more heart than us and deserved it. Garey and Lenhart had huge games.

  10. Brant, alot of the TFC fans stayed away from Columbus this time. They aren’t happy they are no longer allowed to dislodge fixed objects and toss them on to the field. 😉

  11. Was a pretty fun time at the stadium last night. And I have more than just a touch of hangover due to some post-game celebrations. Fun times….

  12. The Toronto traveling crowd was almost disappointingly small, after the several hundreds they’ve brought before. They were lively and well-behaved, but couldn’t have been more than 60-70 or so.

    The Nordecke was pretty loud and obnoxious, as usual. Oddly, no “GTFO” chants, even after Garey scored.

  13. Hedjuk=20 year old bourbon.

    Great call by the commentator. Reminds me of the call last year of that USL game when some guy named Bundu scored a late winner and the commentator busted out a bloog-curtling scream that nearly broke my computer speakers.

    It’s also good to see an MLS team that isn’t capable of tying 10 games.

  14. What do I think? i love it. My boys have clawed and scraped their way to the top of the table. Finally all cylinders are clicking. The team wears their hearts on their sleeves. There’s a certain resilience this team has. Warzycha is slowly coming into his own and making the right decisions. He’s had my backing from the beginning but had some learning to do. Robert’s learned and it’s showing. I couldn’t be happier the last few weeks. Garey, Lenhart, Iro, Oughton have really stepped up in the absence of Marshall, Moreno, Schelotto, and Rogers. O’Rouke is proving to me Mr. Do It All. Is there a more versatile player in the league? His positional assignment changes weekly it seems. I was nervous a bad patch was on the horizon with the injuries and call-ups. The Crew are looking like the Champions for the first time. Look out MLS!


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