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CONCACAF letting USMNT increase Gold Cup roster by seven slots

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CONCACAF has ruled that the U.S. men's national team will be allowed seven extra roster slots for the Gold Cup because of the U.S. team's participation in the Confederations Cup. The ruling means the United States now has 30 roster spots.

So what seven players will be added? Those names haven't been revealed yet. We will post them as soon as they are made available.

Here is the initial 23-man USA roster:

  • GOALKEEPERS– Jon Busch (Chicago Fire), Troy Perkins (Valarenga), Luis Robles (FC Kaiserslautern)

  • DEFENDERS– Steve Cherundolo (Hannover 96), Jimmy Conrad (Kansas City Wizards), Clarence Goodson (IK Start), Jay Heaps (New England Revolution), Chad Marshall (Columbus Crew), Michael Parkhurst (FC Nordsjaellands), Heath Pearce (Hansa Rostock)

  • MIDFIELDERS– Davy Arnaud (Kansas City Wizards), Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake), Colin Clark (Colorado Rapids), Sam Cronin (Toronto FC), Brad Evans (Seattle Sounders), Stuart Holden (Houston Dynamo), Logan Pause (Chicago Fire), Robbie Rogers (Columbus Crew)

  • FORWARDS– Freddy Adu (AS Monaco), Brian Ching (Houston Dynamo), Kenny Cooper (FC Dallas), Charlie Davies (Hammarby IF), Santino Quaranta (D.C. United)

So what seven players would you add to the roster? Here's a seven-man group to consider:

Jose Francisco Torres, Michael Orozco, Chris Pontius, Geoff Cameron, Robbie Findley, Jeremiah White, Kamani Hill

Okay, so maybe all those players aren't available for the Gold Cup, but these are players I would like to get a look in the near future.

What seven players would you like to see added to the U.S. Gold Cup roster? Share your own suggestions below.


  1. Brian McBride, anyone? Hasn’t he recently said he’d be interested in returning to the MNT? I would think the Gold Cup is the perfect time to bring him back in the fold.

    Other than that, I’d like to see Feilhaber get more time as a starter. I’d also like to see a couple of the young guys mentioned, like Zizzo, Szetela and White.

    MB, only if you have to be on the roster to serve suspension (I’m not sure of that ruling, either).

    Then let’s use the leftover spots for what they’re originally meant. A-team players like Donovan and Altidore, who can play in the semi’s and the final, if/when we get there.

  2. Lee Nguyen currently plays in the Vietnamese league. In a sort of related story, Denilson also played in the same league for one day and then retired.

  3. Edgar Castillo he could play left midfielder or left back with very fast speed coming up and down, a great offensive option.

  4. Why would we (all of our passionate fans) even think about Beasley, Shasha, or Connor Casey)?

    Thank you for your service guys but you are done. Conrad, great player but getting a bit too old for our nats.

    Sorry brothers!

  5. I don’t know why anyone wants Beasley to play. He got injured with the Rangers and has not recovered ever since. He’s sitting on the bench with the Rangers and from all appearanecs with the National team, he’s lost the speed which gave him an edge on the field to overcome his ball handling deficiencies. If he can no longer fly by defenders to create scoring chances or track back on defense, he’s useless to the team.

    He needs to prove he can still play at the club level before we give him a chance to stink it up again with the National team.

  6. Forgive possibly a dumb question and maybe bad spelling…but does Lee Ngyuen still play professionally? What is up with him and could he ever get a call up?

  7. Pontius, Findley, Tracy, Orozco, Torres


  8. Zimmerman





    J. Johnson

    E. Johnson










    Pick 7

  9. Oh, what about sweet, sweet Lee Nguyen. Whatever happened to Sammy Ochoa too? Quentin Westberg showed he was a really good young keeper at last year’s Toulon tournament, but isn’t getting much time with Troyes….Might be able to give him a shot.

    Another plausible selection may be Ellis McLaughlin or the young guys on FC Dallas who are really good but can’t seem to find a lot of playing time (Brek Shea, Anthony Wallace, Eric Avila, Peri Merosevic, Josh Lambo and Kyle Davies).

  10. “We are going to be very unhappy with many of the BB team selections when the tournament starts.”


    A lineup of:

    ————–GK Du Jour————-


    Quaranta/Arnaud – Holden – Adu – Rogers


    Is good enough to get results against every team except Mexico, and even that’s a push. I think the seven spots is to allow the US to call in the Donovans, etc for the knockout rounds.

    And sell tickets, of course.

  11. would like to see EJ, Breck Shea, Sztela and Anthony Wallace.- Wallace is our future at left back. Many of these guys on the current squad have no hope of making it to WC2010. One thing for sure. We are going to be very unhappy with many of the BB team selections when the tournament starts.

  12. Folks,…being in or out of form is not the issue with Beasley. There is a reason he is not getting games with Rangers and the USMNT. There is a reason he looks like he is in a stupor when he is on the field.

  13. 1.Fransico Torres 10.Zak Whitbread

    2.Edgar Castillo 11.Jemal Johnson

    3.Migiel Orozco 12.Eric Lichaj

    4.Danny Szetela 13. Chris Pontiaus

    5.Sal Zizzo 14.Frank Simek

    6.Geoff Cameron 15.Mikkel Diskerud

    7.Marcus Tracey

    8.Jermieah white

    9.Eddie Johnson

    Drop some of the older MLS players who have very little chance of ever appearing in a USMNT shirt and start to intdoduce the future.

  14. Frankly, I would rather see the European-based players (including Beasley; sorry, guys) than those from MLS. The latter have enough to worry about w/league play, U.S. Open Cup and (in some cases) CONCACAF Champions League. Besides, Beasley needs to improve if he’s going to be a factor next year, and he can only improve by playing.

    BTW, this CONCACAF ruling is rather suspicious. You think CONCACAF *wants* the U.S. to win because the U.S. generates more money than Mexico or any other CONCACAF side? Just look at the 23-man roster; only Adu and Davies were on the Confederations Cup roster, and only Davies saw significant action. Why does the U.S. *need* seven more players? I want the U.S. to win just as much as any American but I know when something smells.

  15. Now that I’ve posted my snarky comment…

    A lot of it depends on club situation for this players. Preseason training begins for these players in a couple of weeks. If they are fighting for a starting spot with thier non-MLS team, they need to be there, not here.

    That’s why we have Davies, Altidore and Adu here. They’re in never-never land, as far as club situations go.

    Same thing with MLS players. US Soccer has to be cognizant of how many players are taken from teams during thier season. I think this is why you’ll see Quaranta and not Pontius. Santino has a better chance to contribute immediately.

    With that in mind:

    – EJ. Unless he is going to be back with Cardiff and fighting for time. Would like to see if has made strides. He looked “better” the last time he was with the team.

    – Kamani Hill. Always showed a lot of versatility, and I haven’t seen a lot of negative when I’ve seen him play. Why not?

    – Sal Zizzo. Other than a decent showing in the U-20s, I haven’t seen that much to impress me. And apparently he’s gone from Hanover, according to his Wiki page. Ummmm….maybe not.

    – Eric Lichaj. He’s been around the program lately, so get him some game time.

    – Danny Szetela. Unless he’s battling for PT with Brescia.

    – Brek Shea. Good creativity. Don’t know how much room we’ve got for forwards with Cooper, Altidore, Davies and Adu.

  16. Would love to see any combination of these younger Euro guys get a chance to play together and shine:

    Arguez, Bryan.. Grella, Mike..
    Ferrari, Gabriel.. Goodson, Clarence..
    Freeman, Hunter.. Gibson, Grover..
    Szetela, Danny.. Hill, Kamani..
    Zizzo, Sal.. Johnson, Jemal..
    Zimmerman, Preston.. Orozco, Michael..
    White, Jeremiah.. Simek, Frank..
    Tracy, Marcus

  17. Anybody that I’ve barely seen play that is playing in a 3rd division European league. 🙂

    There is really no need for a 30 man roster.

  18. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t believe Bradley has to be on the roster to serve his suspension. That would be ridiculous. MLS teams don’t usually bring suspended players to their away games.

  19. Jose Torres
    Robbie Findley
    Chris Pontius
    Jeremiah White
    Geoff Cameron
    Robbie Russell
    Yura Movsysian (Streaky? Yes, but ask any coach in the league, his combination of strength, speed, and tenacity causes huge problems for any back four. Whether he scores or not he demands a lot of attention, and he’s getting better and better at holding the ball up and involving the rest of his team.)

    I wouldn’t want to see all 3 RSL players go, but a case could be made for any. Findley is the obvious choice, but he has been banged up. Russell has been rock solid all year.

  20. Leave Torres off, he’s gassed. I would add Jemal Johnson, Jeremiah White (for sure), Michael Orozco, and Marco Vidal. After that I don’t care.

  21. Of the 7 players I would bring in the following:

    Marcus Hahnemann

    Zack Whitbread

    Michael Parkhurst

    Pablo Mastroeni

    Maurice Edu (if healthy, think i heard is hurt)

    Hunter Freeman

    Kamani Hill

    I think these are guys that should get an opportunity, plus most of them are abroad, and just had a months rest so should be good to go.

  22. more young players at each position– geoff cameron, orozco, or whitbread; lichaj, pontius, and zizzo; and white, tracy, or shea

  23. Is this the part where we all spout some obscure player who’s in some far off league that will never get a chance to do anything other than get called in for the January camp/friendly?

    Ooooooh! Oooooh! Me first!

  24. What’s with the calling for Torres? He said it on record that he wants to have a vacation.

    I’d like to see Orozco, but I think with a new coach in San Luis, he’d be better staying put there. Especially, the fact that the coach is looking for more central defenders.

    Aside from your list, I’d like to see Anton Peterlin. Just to see why David Moyes impressed with the kid.

  25. Word is that Pachuca wanted Torres back for club committments and I think rightfully so.

    I would like to see

    Sal Zizzo

    Kamani Hill

    Chris Pontius

    Michael Bradley (if he can serve suspensions at CONCACAF competition)



    But really, given the B team status of most of the squad, does Bob Bradley really need to have a 30 man squad for the Gold Cup?

  26. Only one person has mentioned Nate Jaqua…wow. I’m not a Seattle fan but I think this guy deserves a shot. My other six would be:








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