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DeGuzman weighing “significant” offer from Toronto FC

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Toronto FC want Julian DeGuzman badly and is prepared to break the bank (of Montreal) to make it happen.

SBI correspondent and Canadian soccer expert Duane Rollins reported on his website, The 24th Minute, that TFC has made a seven-figure offer for the soon-to-be-former Deportivo La Coruna star. In an interview with the Canadian radio show It's Called Football, DeGuzman revealed that he is considering a large offer from Toronto, with Rollins reporting that the offer on the table would make him the second highest paid player in MLS.

Sources have told SBI that TFC has already begun shopping other players in order to make room under the cap in case DeGuzman does accept the offer, with Welsh midfielder Carl Robinson likely to be dealt to make way for the Canadian national team captain. The rapid rise of rookie midfielder Sam Cronin, and Amado Guevara's ability to play a deeper midfield role, would make Robinson expendable of DeGuzman were on board, and Robinson's salary slot would make squeezing a DeGuzman DP salary onto the salary cap that much easier.

What do you think of Toronto FC making such a strong push for DeGuzman? Think he could make TFC a title contender this season? Think Toronto would be crazy to spend so much money for a half-season of  DeGuzman's services?

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  1. Here’s the dilemna…he’s an excellent player, who was playing in one of the best leagues in the world, and playing at a high level. As a proud Canadian, I support him playing in La Liga if possible (he has interest from Espanyol), especially now with the best in the world gravitating to Spain. As a advocate for the growth of soccer in North America, in particular Canada, it’s a great move for the league and for TFC. While his impact will not create sellouts at opposing US clubs, his impact on TFC will be tremendous. Like one of the bloggers mentioned, his impact can increase the capacity at BMO and help be a catalyst to changing the surface to natural grass. Either way, he’s going to make a name for himself, but if I were in his shoes, while in my prime, I would love to play against the best in the world…the likes of Kaka, Ronaldo, Benzema, Xavi, etc. MLS will always be here to come home to.

  2. This would be fantastic for TFC. Class player in his prime. This is arguably the first truly competitive move from a club with its DP with the perspective that results on the field is the utmost priority. In the context of what it would take to get Henry to NY past his best, I’ll take JDG now. Onward and upward.

    MLSE is a wealthy entity, has no impact to MLs coffers and improves the player quality by raising the bar at the top and knocking the chaff off the bottom

    Hope it happens!

  3. ticket sale problems in dallas etc? sounds like they should sign their own DP, instead of freeloading on the backs of the other ownership groups.

    come on guys, i thought the USA were big on capatilism and the land of opportunity. those teams are squandering away their opportunity at success..

    BTW: they will probably replace the turf for next year once they get past a few stubborn city councilors. it’s just a question of when, not if.

  4. “It might be worth it, but I’m reluctant since I’m not sure how much of an upgrade over Robinson he would be given that would be paying DeGuzman a lot more than Robinson.”

    Actually, it’s not that much more. Robbo’s salary is about $330k for a full year. Bringing in a DP would mean a $400k hit on the salary cap. Sure, he’d be getting paid more than the $400k, but the salary cap hit is what counts. What MLSE pays beyond that is their business.

    So TFC would be looking at an upgrade from Robbo to JDG for only $70k.

  5. ezkas – he won’t play as a defensive mid for TFC. He plays an attacking role for Canada, that’s what he would play for TFC.

  6. I think it’s great that Canada’s MLS team will pay to have the national team captain. And I can certainly understand if he wants to come home and play for his home town team for a reasonable salary.

    IMHO, that is how MLS needs to grow. Bringing in Beckham as a DP will certainly sell some tickets, but it won’t grow the game or the league. I think this would be a great move.

  7. I find it amazing they would consider this offer with the salary touted for a dmid. I believe TFC were on the list of MLS teams Fernando Morientes was considering and I don’t think it would have taken 4mill/yr to sign him. TFC need a legit striker and they appear to have passed on Morientes. Hopefully bringing in a 7figure Dmid will help sort out the goals up top for them.

    Seriously they should be looking at dependable strikers to bring in instead of Vitti or Barrett. There has to be a decent South American or European player available for them at less than 4 mill.

  8. Is he worth that kind of money – yes – he’s a fantastic player. Is he worth a DP spot – yes, although adding another midfielder to a team that already creates a lot of chances but can’t put them away makes you wonder if we’re spending in the right area. Will he get TFC to the playoffs – yes, but it’s not clear that Gerba will be enough up front. Will he sell more seats – not likely. Is he worth letting Robinson go – he’s certainly an upgrade, but JDG is likely going to be playing a more attacking role – so not sure about this one. So is he good enough is not the question – it’s what does TFC have to give up to get him?

  9. I don’t care who tfc adds, they have terrible players and a terrible coach. They won’t be winning MLS Cup anytime soon.

  10. First, I think it’s a very good thing when the Canadian Teams (because soon Vancouver will have this problem) are signing Canadian talent. It was always a joke that American players didn’t count as SI’s for TFC–one that had to be tolerated in order for TFC to field a competitive team (think back to some of the Canadians that team had to start and play their first year). And that’s because most of the better Canadian players–even if they were middle of the road guys–were playing in Europe for more than DP wages. So, it’s good when clubs have a lot of players of their club’s nationality playing for them. It’s even better if those guys are local (ie: McBride in Chicago, DeRo in Toronto, etc.).

    Second, he’s a very good player.

    Third, from a ticket sales perspective, the ONLY DP players who’ve been worth the money were Beckham and Adu. But by that logic, MLS would continue to play peanut wages and never pay anyone more than $75k. Ultimately, the way the league improves attendance is from a better product on the field, a more consistent productive on the field and a more attractive product on the field. Just going out and throwing money around isn’t the way to do it. just signing foreign talent doesn’t do it. But intelligent signings of talent that upgrade your roster and style of play (especially if they’re guys from your country) do it.

    To be brutally honest, while Robinson gives an honest day’s effort on the field and is a good player, he’s one of many foreign signings by TFC that the club could have gotten equal or better value for less money (but got seduced by Euro reputation–he was coming from ENGLAND). De Guzman would be a huge upgrade over Robinson. And not b/c Robinson is a bad player. As for the overall DP money, for cap purposes it only really matters for the first $400k and then it’s about the owner’s pockets.

    Third, I think it’s been downright stupid that a club that has had max salary players like TFC has refused to invest in a DP player. The club hasn’t been that good on the field, the fans have been terrific, what were they holding out for.

    Finally, there is an argument to be made that have several max salary players (whether they’re DP or not) means you won’t have a strong club. It’s too hard to have depth and a lot of really solid players if you have 3-4 guys all making $280k or better.

  11. Nate – Who exactly WILL help the league grow? If there’s a list, name names. If not, makes since to concentrate on players who will help your team get better, no?

  12. He doesn’t help the league grow. MLS needs a player that will bring crowds to cities that are struggling with ticket sales.

    Sorry TFC fans, but you can blame Dallas, KC, and New England. 10,000 fans a game is embarassing.

    Posted by: Nate | July 06, 2009 at 11:29 PM

    Uh, Nate, how is it the responsibility of TFC to make Dallas’ ticket sales grow? Isn’t it enough that they will send their own fans into even more of a frenzy, likely increasing pressure for things like a grass field and expansion of the stadium?

    DP should be about improving quality of the league and making teams better, IMO, as Scheletto, Blanco and Ljungberg have done.

  13. DeGuzman! Representing Pinous! Well, at least half of you is.
    As for Peterlin, old news. Everton announced they were signing him, what, 3 months ago. But I guess they can now do it officially. Still, having a guy slip through the cracks as many of you said is alarming for US Soccer and MLS.

  14. Awesome. How can anyone who follows MLS NOT want to bring in a quality player like de Guzman? Let me see: one of the better midfielders in La Liga… Nope, not good enough for MLS. Keep your Iniesta, Xavi & Kaka away from our league! Who needs talent?

  15. How did MLS miss this guy?

    Everton to sign American Anton Peterlin

    American midfielder Anton Peterlin is poised to move from the top level of amateur soccer in the United States to the Premier League.

    The 22-year-old Peterlin impressed on a 10-day trial last season at Everton, which is set to sign him to a one-year deal.

    “Anton really impressed myself and the coaching staff with his attitude and undoubted ability,” Everton manager David Moyes said Monday.

    Peterlin would join from the Ventura County Fusion in California, a team in the fourth-tier Premier Development League, for a nominal fee.

    “I am not sure how often miracles happen, but I will not squander this opportunity,” Peterlin said. “The trial period I was there was great. To play alongside some great names like Phil Neville, Tim Cahill and Tim Howard was an experience.

    “Their poise on the ball was terrific and they demand the highest level out of your play every time out.”

    Peterlin previously played in college at Cal Poly and UC-Santa Cruz.

  16. I dont think salary would be an issue with DeRo if Deguzman was signed, he realizes where DeGuzman is at in his career and thats why hes getting the paycheck he is.

    I would be sad to see Robbo go, Cronin is a talented kid but young. Im a bit skeptical about Robbo leaving having just signed a contract extension and taking a paycut. I suspect we’d see Vitti go back home as DeGuzman can produce teh same results if not more. There were rumors of Cummins asking Mo to end Vittis contract. For the record, i like Vitti alot and think he contributes alot to the game even having only scored one goal.

  17. alot of people are mentioning that he wont bring in people to the stadiums, thats fine we dont have problems selling out our stadium. he will however increase the level of play on the field and that alone is worth a large paycheck

  18. Haha but then again, everyone expected Beckham to tear up this league and he has yet to do that. Of course, LA never gave him the best players to work with…..dammit let’s make this deal happen so that we won’t have to speculate how well JDG could play in this league!!

  19. Well, it will only take half a season then for DeRo to be unhappy with his salary. He hasn’t been happy with his pay for a few years and now he goes home only to see another guy come in and make substantially more than he does

  20. If the point of a DP is to help sell more tickets, why doesn’t EVERY team have one?? I think too many people are confused on this. DeGODSman makes TFC better. A lot better. He is the type of player that could dominate in this league while having a bad night. The only reason I can see people disliking this signing is because they are scared for their own team, plain and simple.

    Though I would miss Robbo a lot T_T

  21. For that much money, Toronto should replace the turf at the stadium– even Dwayne de Rosario complained about it on national TV.

  22. to the Canadian who said that they want De Guzman in Europe to benefit their national team……since you missed the WC and he’s 28 years old whats the point? I can understand if you guys qualified and you want him to be sharp for 2010 but its not the case.

    If anything i think having all these canadians on TFC is a blessing for the Canadian NT. These guys will get to play with eachother week in and week out. Sign De Guzman…sell Wynne and get Stalteri and you’re set. MLS competition week in and week out is better than playing any national team in concacaff (excluding us and mexico of course)

  23. hmm letting a talent like Carl Robinson go to make room for an even bigger talent. Yet is this what TFC need at the moment? I guess allowing Guzman take over robinson’s role allows players like DeRo to play a more forward role since a guevara, guzman, cronin tandem is easily one of the best distributors you can get from midfielders. DeRO will have a breakout season.

    wow just imagine: take out Barrett, put in DeRO. Talk about a major upgrade in skill.

  24. Let me get this straight…..some of you actually are upset that a guy starting for a la liga team and in his prime, might come to MLS? What the hell is wrong you folks? Seriously……

  25. I have no doubt de Guzman is a very good player. On the world market, he’s certainly worth 7-figures. But in the artifically controlled MLS market, is he worth a DP slot? I mean, it’s not like TFC is having trouble selling seats.

    The DP is supposed to also help fill seats on the road and I just don’t see many, if any, Americans who weren’t already going to an MLS game suddenly buying tickets to go see de Guzman.

    That said, there’s little doubt he makes TFC better and it could be Mo & Co feel pressure to start contending now or risk losing some of their strong fan base. If he helps them win then he’s worth the money. And it’s certainly not like MLSE can’t afford him.

  26. Aguinaga: TFC hates you too.


    I have mixed feelings about this.

    Being a Canadian, I’d like to see Jules stay in one of the top leagues in Europe to ensure his game stays at its peak for the benefit of the national team.

    Being a Torontonian, I’d like to see Jules suit up for TFC while his IS at his peak.

    Six of one, half-dozen of the other.

  27. If Deguzman doesn’t sign how about TFC make the league proud and get some real grass on the pitch. That stadium is a joke.

  28. brilliant move if it is done, but i don’t think it will. I think he is seriously considering it because of 1) the huge amount of money and 2) to show respect for TFC and its fans. If he just out right rejected a huge offer without considering it, then it makes the league and TFC look pretty bad. I will genuinely fear TFC if they sign this guy. Especially if Ali Gerba cures their striking ills.

    And anyone who says Deportivo is a mid lvl La Liga team don’t know what they are talking about. They won the league in 2000 were runners up the next to years and since have been in CL and Uefa cup contention throughout. They are going down hill now due to finicial problems, which ironically is happening to a lot of clubs in La Liga.

  29. I hate TFC. But this is exactly the type of DP teams should be looking to sign into this league. Great move if it pans out.

  30. I don’t see why it’s TFC’s sole responsibility to help the league grow. This move is for them. If other teams want to help the league grow they should make similar moves.

  31. He doesn’t help the league grow. MLS needs a player that will bring crowds to cities that are struggling with ticket sales.

    Sorry TFC fans, but you can blame Dallas, KC, and New England. 10,000 fans a game is embarassing.

  32. First of all, no other person besides a TFC fan should have legit input. Being that they sellout, this decision has no fan-drawing merit. So any celebrity or DP comparisons aren’t worth it because this decision must be made to make the team better, not to sell tickets.

    Second, this team is in Canada so no “equal rights” arguments to Landon Donovan and other USMNT players can be made. If you shout such inequalities, why don’t we go out and sell as many tickets as TFC does.

    Ultimately, as a domestic league follower, I’ve given up on attracting big names, and decided that Schlettos, Emilios and Donovans make this league great, not Beckhams and Blancos (no offense to Blanco, as he competes seriously). If his skill is there, and he fits well with the team, then my opinion doesn’t matter and TFC is making a good soccer decision.


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