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Donovan: “I should have talked to Beckham”

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Landon Donovan raised plenty of eyebrows with his comments about David Beckhamin the upcoming book "The Beckham Experiment". Now, Donovan is admitting that he probably should have made his comments directly to Beckham.

Donovan told the LA Times that, while he doesn 't regret his feelings about his Galaxy teammate, he regrets expressing them to 'Beckham Experiment" author Grant Wahl rather than directly to Beckham.

"I'm not going to apologize for the way I felt," Donovan told the LA Times. "What I feel badly about is that I should have been a man and told David how I felt as opposed to telling a reporter.

"David and I will sit down when he gets back and just talk it through. What you don't get from reading a few excerpts and what you do get from reading the whole book is that we all want David to be here. We all want him to succeed, and he wants to succeed.

"Something happened at some point last year where a switch went off, and that's what I want to talk to him about, and we'll figure that out man to man."

What do you think of Donovan's comments? Still shocked that Donovan ripped Beckham so publicly? Think Beckham and Donovan can salvage their relationship as teammates? Which of them do you see leaving the Galaxy first?

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  1. Landon,
    You need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. I think your comments were very disrespectful to your teammate David Beckham, and quite honestly designed to get you attention in the media. As you know David is one of the best players in the world, it is no skin off your nose if his old bones wish to play in one more world cup. Unfortunately, while you are a talented US player, as you are very aware you are in no way at the same level as David Beckham. You are simply put not good enough to be invited to pay on a european team. You are best served to shut your mouth and learn from Mr. Beckham, and be glad he brings a whole new level of play to the entire Galaxy Team. And by the way, have you noticed you have won the last three games since he graced you with his return to the US team????? You are cowardly for your comments in the book, and you look pathetically unprofessional and envious.


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