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Eskandarian’s dream volley

Alecko Eskandarian (Getty Images)

When Chivas USA was shopping around Alecko Eskandarian last month there were plenty of teams wary of taking a chance on an injury-prone player earning a six-figure salary. The Los Angeles Galaxy didn't worry so much, choosing instead to take a chance on a proven MLS goal-scorer.

Eskandarian has repaid that faith pretty quickly, scoring two goals in three matches since joining the Galaxy. His second goal for LA was a thing of beauty on Thursday night. After pulling off a Sombrero move on Albert Celades, Eskandarian unleashed one of his trademark left-footed blasts to score in what was likely his last game at Giants Stadium.

Here is the stunning strike, for those of you who missed it:


  1. it seems like a lot of great soccer players come out of jersey..just imagine if some of them were allowed to be on the bulls.

  2. “Any time I hear the term ‘injury-prone’ thrown around, I have to laugh at it,” Eskandarian said. “I can’t prevent a guy from going through my skull. If anything, that’s me not afraid to go to challenges.”

  3. A goal does not a career make, but if you look at the whole of his work, the dude scores goals. I know he’s injury prone, but with the dearth of goal scorers on the USMNT, I’d love to see Esky get a chance. Especially if we can clinch early. He’s gotten a few call ups before, but I don’t think he’s ever been capped.

    Whaddya say BOB?

  4. The problem is that most Spanish commentators would exhibit the same passion when talking about a pot of water boiling. I don’t particularly enjoy fake, manufactured hype when a match devolves to an extended game of keep-away.

    But even so, the worst Spanish commentator is sadly better than the best American commentator.

  5. I prefer to watch all footie in spanish as their announcers are passionate about the game which really shines through on goals. The PREMIER guy though is Andres Cantor. Brilliant delivery (can you say Vin Scullyish?)

    2nd best are the British guys for EPL… OUR announcers are HORRIBLE in comparison.

  6. CJBrown and DG: Stop hating on Sullivan. He is “dreamy”. People spend hours and hundreds of dollars to get a head of hair like he has and you can’t buy those eye…Well, maybe you can get some contacts but you get the point.

    He and Max Bretos. The “dream team”. Oh so pretty…

    Like Beckham, I see that some of you are just jealous of them…You don’t realize all that they are doing for the American game.


  7. Nico – Eskandarian and his family are from New Jersey. His dad owns a soccer shop in Ramsey. A big group of his friends and family were at the match.

    There was also something you’d never see at the HDC – a group of about 20 people in Berhalter/Galaxy jerseys. Berhalter is also from Jersey.

    The strangest group was the people in Herbalife shirts who were there to cheer for their pyramid scheme cult. I could not discern any Scientologists, but I’m sure they were there in numbers as well.

    Then of course there was also a large group of Beckham fans who cheered only because it was Beckham’s team that scored. I accosted one teenage girl who was wearing a homemade “I hate Donovan” shirt with jeers of “Why do you hate America?”

    Even Sunil Gulati was there, playing ho to a bunch of corporate Johns.

  8. @Jacob: Thanks for the clarification (though I really preferred it when in my ignorance, I had thought that it was Colin Cowherd spouting off at the mouth again without knowing what he was talking about)…

    Maybe there is still a chance for NBC to get the game on USA or something. They could use their Olympic coverage guys.

    I don’t expect it too happen but it would be a very pleasant surprise.

  9. What a strike! I was just getting settled in, the crowd was really getting into a rythm and then BOOM! Talk about taking the air out of the room, thats definitely goal of the week, month and easily in contention for goal of the year.

  10. Yankiboy, he did mention that, but more or less was just ripping NBC for not putting it on one of their many other platforms.

    He didn’t mention ESPN trying to buy the rights, and Telemundo/ESPN turning them down. Apparently the way I heard it, and I’m sure you did too, was that the price they were asking was near extortion.

  11. the fact is that Mun2 is in very few homes to begin with, and how many people are going to be flicking through a small spanish channel looking for the game? its not only english, but PROMINENCE that is the problem. It’s a shame, as many will miss what will liekly be an amazing game.

  12. James I couldnt agree with you more, but its not going to be changed with thousands of nobody’s like me and you. It needs to be taken up by Landon, Gooch (while he is on tour with Milan), reporters, and USSF. I really hope USSF is working on something behind the scenes cause its piss poor if they aren’t.

    Also I can’t believe that I am saying this but LA has a solid team. I thought it was gonna take Beekman leaving for them to get a solid structure.

  13. James–I got news for you. You might not believe this but Colin Cowherd is (gasp) wrong!

    English language broadcast will be available on mun2. A lame channel, sure.

    But the game will be in English.

    If Cowherd said it the way that you are relaying it, that blowhard clown in WRONG again.

    The channel broadcast selection has nothing to do with lack of interest and more with Telemundo wanting to help make people realize that the woeful mun2 actually exists. They are using the English broadcast to help build the mun2 brand.

    I wouldn’t say that it is “sad”; I would say “unfortunate” for those who do not have mun2. I would say that it is the result of market forces (economics, pure and simple).

    If you don’t want to watch it in Spanish you can watch it in English.

    I would be happy to watch the game in Martian if it were the only way to see the game. You will recognize Donovan or Howard or Jozy. That is all that I need.

    The fact that it will be available in English on a different network will be admittedly quiteodd but should also be very interesting.

  14. Ives, I was listening to Cowherd this morning and he was making a point that now that more high profile people are watching, the Azteca match wont even be televised in English. How will the sport grow here if there aren’t consistent airings of important games? I know it is a catch-22 type of thing (wont be show because too few watch, but how do you grab an audience if it isn’t shown), but it is sad when you have to watch it in Spanish.

  15. Was esky first choice to come to new York ??? Don’t see how we would pass up him If we were really giving the choice of having him first.

  16. esky’s and donovan’s were the same type of strike but donovan’s was better placed. esky did have to do a little more work to create the shot though. still i think donovan’s was better.

  17. Chris Sullivan is blathering on until the moment of the goal. It’s as bad as the Spanish broadcast of the 07 Gold Cup final, where the commentator is blabbing until he is interrupted by the Benny bomb.

    No need to go to the other extreme, and act as if every play in the game is transcendant. But really, do they think we are tuning in for the game or to listen to Chris Sullivan’s soliquoys, with attention given to the actual game only after a goal or some other big moment has passed?

    And what is it with Sullivan that he has to take Spanish futbol terms and apply them to English in weird ways? Chris, I know we talk in Spanish of trayectoria, but it sounds like physics class to speak of trajectory. What is next — passes made with “profundity”?

  18. I warned you Ives. All those weeks in your MLS Rankings, making fun of the Galaxy kissing their sister (9 ties), that they will go on a run and turn up the heat. Now they are 1 away from 2nd and only 4 out of 1st. The acquisitions of Esky and Birchall are more important than wanker David’s temperary return.

    I CAN”T wait for Sunday night at HDC to see if Becks loyalties are Blue and WHite or FUGLY red and black or whatever ACWHO?’s colors are.

  19. Do we even need to vote for Goal of the Week this week? It’s going to take a lot this Saturday to top that(or any of LA’s goals against NYRB yesterday) and win GOTW.

  20. Im not saying Esky was a franchise-quality striker for Chivas USA, because he was always hurt.

    However, Chivas USA made a grave error in trading him, knowing full well that we are hurting for quality strikers.

    Shame on Preki and chivas for ignoring the fans and trading Esky and to the Galaxy of all teams. Ante Razov is no near coming off the disabled list. He’s old, injury prone and moodier than Sacha Kjelstan.




  21. I’ve always liked this kid. I know he’s had some injury problems but I’m not sure why he’s bounced around the league so much. Bruce will get the best out of him.


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