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Feilhaber nets game-winner in Aarhus win

Benny Feilhaber 1 (ISIphotos)

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Benny Feilhaber is on fire.

A week after delivering the fastest assist in Danish Superliga history, Feilhaber continued his impressive run of form with a game-winning goal in Aarhus' 3-2 win over Randers FC on Monday. The goal, which came in the 45th minute, helped Aarhus climb to first place in the league after two games played, and was the first of Feilhaber's club career.

The American international started, played 90 minutes and received a yellow card before being subbed out in stoppage time. (Update – Here are the match highlights, including Feilhaber's goal, and a clever backheel to help set up Aarhus' second.)

Feilhaber's current form, combined with his impressive performances in the Confederations Cup and Gold Cup, is surely to earn him a call-up from U.S. men's national team head coach Bob Bradley when the United States plays Mexico at Estadio Azteca in World Cup qualifying on Aug. 12.

Feilhaber, however, has two more league games before then as Aarhus next play Odense BK on Aug. 3 and Koge six days later.

What do you think of Feilhaber's current run of form? Is he likely to start at Azteca? Pleased to finally see Feilhaber show his potential at the club level?

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  1. That video footage is the shiz… it’s clearer than FSC’s normal broadcast. Give me at least SD that doesn’t look like it is being broadcast from the surface of the moon circa 1970

  2. Guy, I was thinking the same exact thing after that interview. Not only do they look the same, but their voices are identical. And that record setting assist, well, one could say, was Fast and Furious…:)

  3. I like the interview. The reporter referred to the “football fever” in Aarhus. Benny credits his time with the national team for his strong league start.

  4. Supsam,

    I think we’ll see Ching to start, Clark to start instead of Benny, and Spector at right back. Benny should be the first sub off the bench for us.

  5. On a slightly different subject – where is Altidore exactly for next season – Villareal or Jerez? Can anyone confirm?

    Its Xerez. He is staying at Villarreal as far as I can tell.

  6. On a slightly different subject – where is Altidore exactly for next season – Villareal or Jerez? Can anyone confirm?

  7. okay we can start to piece together the line up for aug 12th so far:




    The hardest decision Bradley will have in deciding our target forward (Ching can hold MUCH better but sucks in attacking solo while Altidore can hold somewhat but also can make things happen individually)and determining our right back (Spector has shown he can compete with the best while Dolo has and is a great attacking/defending right back)

  8. Derby should be ashamed that they never gave him a shot. He’s nice, and should be teamed w/ Bradley in the middle.


    That’s a dope midfield, our best ever in my opinion, especially w/ Clark, Torres, Jones and Holden as backups. Definitely capable of going to Azteca and controlling the ball and playing around the Mexican pressure

  9. By the way, Feilhaber played left wing today and won a record 94% of Man of the Match votes. Should give Senhor Bradley food for thought.

  10. i actually think benny will be bradley’s partner in the middle in azteca to start the game. we need someone to relieve the pressure they’re going to bring

  11. whoever mentioned his dump off to Donovan before the Dempsey goal is spot on. Benny created all that space by working 2 Spain defenders thus opening Donovan (who should have scored)

  12. mb-

    You’re joking, right? If not, :rolleyes:

    Posted by: Tonerl

    Agreed, unless you can read Benny’s mind there is no evidence whatsoever that that is not exactly what he intended to do.

    Any video of his goal around?

  13. If you watched the video of Benny’s “fastest assist”, you would know it was a misplaced pass that the other team didn’t react to it was so bad and then another teammate ran onto it.

  14. Thanks for the update Ives…

    The link took me to soccernet which is also reporting that Alejandro Bedoya just bagged his first brace in Sweden. Great to see yanks directly influencing outcome of matches!

  15. Gregg,

    He engaged all four defenders before his pass to Donovan and was the primary reason no defender was ready for the cross on that play. I watched it several times after the game and it’s well worth watching again.

  16. Benny seems to play better off the bench, so he’ll probably come in after we’re down to 10 men after our holding mid gets sent off and we’re down 2-0…

    sorry… after yesterday’s debacle, I’m having nightmare-like visions of Dos Santos running circles around our defense and a ref intimidated by the home crowd blowing a major call in the game…

  17. fcmuenchweiler: I thonk the “big annoucment” was that Houston will host next year’s All Star game. That’s big…if you are a Houston season ticket holder.

  18. For those who have Tivo’d the US v Spain game:

    Check out Benny’s one-two touches prior to dumping off to Donovan to set up Dempsey for the second goal. They’re so quick you might miss how good they really are…magical on the ball that game.

  19. Watch out Ives, last time you gave us an update on Benny people complained because it wasn’t “newsworthy”. I wonder if those dorks are still around?

  20. I am a big fan of Feilhaber. I’m glad to see he followed up on his assist with a goal. I expect more to come.

    He will definately get the call up for 8-12. I would be happy to see him start but think a super sub role is more likely.

  21. Bennaaaaaay! (Sorry Ben Olsen, but Feilhaber’s current form merits this nickname)

    I don’t see him starting, but certainly coming in as our no. 1 sub to add a spark en la Azteca de losing to the USA for the first time.

    Ives, can you please delete the posts that have NOTHING to do with the article you write? These people think they are sending out BREAKING news. But there is so much information on the internet it is a waste of time, and a waste on your server, for these people to post something half of us all ready know.


  22. Love the news on Benny. Would have still loved to see him stick it out with Hamburg SV as I’m sure he would’ve been in their starting 11 by now as so many midfielders moved on. Anyway, what’s done is done…and the cream eventually always rises to the top, which I’m certain is the case with him now.

    PS: Ives, any word on what this big “announcement” that Garber was supposed to make today at the press conference that went off air? I think the Bigsoccer board is having a meltdown over this topic…so if you could use your insiders to get to the bottom of it, I think you’d save several from heart-attacks over there. Thanks.

  23. hmm… so do we start him or rico clark… probably rico starts and benny plays super sub again

  24. I believe this is Benny’s first goal in Europe and indeed in his entire club career.

    He has two goals for the national team — one in a friendly vs China and the other game-winning bomb in the 07 Gold Cup final.

    But no goals for Hamburg, Derby County or Aarhus before now, as far as I can tell.

  25. Nice to see Benny back in form. That year with Derby was a serious mistake, but I don’t think we need to re-examine that. Benny’s moving forward, and if playing in Denmark helps Benny’s game, I don’t mind him staying there for a few years rather than jumping ship at the first sign of a nice offer. We saw how that turned out last time…

  26. Is it too early to start the clamoring for Benny to move to a better league?


    Benny is a no-brainer for Aug 12th as he will no doubt be the first sub off the bench in the 65th minute for either Jozy, Ching or Davies with Dempsey moving forward.


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